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Weather happy pills

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Weather happy pills

  • Happy Pills - Candlebox
    "Sometimes you wake to see yourself Take happier pills to keep you well And sometimes you talk to hear yourself Screaming out loud Never ever heard a word you said Can't you see yourself? Can't you understand? There's"
  • Happy Pills - Murs
    "(feat. Aesop Rock) (Aesop Rock) MURS, you should go get us some food (MURS) Alright, this is the best I can do. . . what do you want? (Aesop Rock) Aesop's getting hungry (MURS) Well what do you want? (Aesop"
  • Happy Pills - Norah Jones
    "Trying to pick up the pace, Trying to make it so I never see your face again. Time to throw this away want to make sure that you never waste my time again. How does it feel? Oh how does it feel to be"
  • Pills - Sherman Allan
    "+Pills There are pills that make you happy. There are pills that make you blue. There are pills to kill your streptococci. There are pills to cure your cockeye too. There are folks whose pills have made"
  • Pills - Charlotte Martin
    "Pills Pills that make you think that you are happy Pills that make you think that you are sad Pills that make you love most anybody Pills that make you altogether mad Pills that make you feel a little"
  • White pills - Valery Gore
    "He takes pills, five of them a dayGoes to work with a happy faceSee Joan, dancing in the aisles all greenOh that girl, so obscene andTick-tock, in his mind just never stopsWhat do you want what do you"
  • Weather Channel - Sheryl Crow
    "Sunny morning You can hear it Siren's warning There is weather on both sides And I know it's coming Just like before There's a black dog That scratches my door He's been growling my name saying You better"
  • Weather People - Cage
    "I met shorty at the mall Her bra holdin two d-cups of jello My socks yellow from leaky - Hello! What a bag would do to you When the doobiest move me to a piece of property Forget what I just put the groupie"
  • Cardigan Weather - Meg & Dia
    "I saw you with her dear You tried to hide away She left through the back door You always had your secret ways I acted so serene I was so drowsy then My fault I'm so careless I gave you one too many pills My"
  • Pills - St. Vincent
    "I spent a year suspended in air my mind on the gap my head in the stains from healers to dealers and then back again from guru to voodoo and voodoo to zen pills to wake pills to sleep pills, pills, pills"
  • Pills - Colony 5
    "As a singer or a song Trying to change my mind Trying to push me over One way or another To release me or to smother It's hard to remember what I want To love me or don't bother It's hard to remember what"
  • Pills - Gary Jules
    "I've taken all my pills but I'm still not sleepy tried to trick myself into thinking that I'm not awake that it's only a dream put that cigarette out don't ask me no questions salome dancing on"
  • Pills - Archive
    "These days, Theyre taking me down, Breakout, With pills in my hand, Freak out, I move with the crowd, You think its only you, It really kills me too, You really got me going now, Its taking me"
  • Pills - Primer 55
    "I think it's time to fade away from all the shit inside my head I go instead, to a beautiful place you know I'll find it. I've tried so hard to stay away far away from all these days that never change and"
  • Pills - The Perishers
    "I hope my smile can distract you I hope my fists can fight for two So it never has to show And youll never know I hope my love can blind you I hope my arms can bind you So youll never have to see What"
  • Pills... - Eminem
    "Well, I do pop pills I keep my tube socks filled And pop the same shit that got Tupac killed Spit game to these hos Like a soap opera episode Then punch a bitch in the nose Until her whole face explodes There's"
  • Pills - Client
    "Pain, anguish, disaster, distraughtdemented, tormented, i can't live without you.euphoric, elated, intoxicate, stimulateyou're my relapse from reality i can't sleep without youI'm using you for my own"
  • Pills - Primal Scream
    "I'm gonna tell the truth, The truth about you, Truth about you You never been true You ain't nothin You got nothing to say Shine a light on you You fade away Fade away I'm gonna tell the truth,"
  • Pills - Blackfield
    "There's a pill for every hour These days you don't have to feel Tiptoeing all your fears and make them disappear There's a pill for every hour These days you don't have to feel tiptoeing all your fears"
  • Weather - Clifford T. Ward
    "Here's Bill Giles with the weather Good old Bill Everything's changed The new technology More accurate Sophisticated presentation New jargon. Celsius for Centigrade Nice captions Everything's"

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