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Weathertunes Nothing Without You

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Weathertunes Nothing Without You

  • Nothing Without You - The Weeknd
    "I realized, I belong to you I feel the darkness when away from you, eh Don't stop your lovin', walk out on me Don't stop for nothin', you're what I bleed I learned to love you, the way you need 'Cause"
  • Nothing Without You - All About Eve
    "In every ounce of pleasure From now until forever I'm lost in you And reading through the pages Prophets and sages Living inside of you From innocence to blushes Treasuring the rushes Running away Then"
  • Nothing without you - IGI
    "In Every Ounce of PleasureFrom Now Until ForeverI'm Lost in YouAnd Reading Through the PagesProphets and SagesLiving Inside of YouFrom Innocence to BlushesTreasuring the RushesRunning AwayThen I AwaitAs"
  • Nothing Without You - Relient K
    "Let's talk about the way things were Let's talk about the way things should be I think I'm certain but I'm not so sure If I'll deliver what's excpected of me Let's make believe we're all okay Better yet,"
  • Nothing Without You - Ghost Dance
    "Ive seen it all before But now I know its true Theres nothing I can do Ive seen the faces falling If only they knew I did it all for you I dont know why I need you like I do Id let you go but now I know"
  • Nothing Without You - Karen Clark Sheard
    "I'm nothing without You. I'm nothing without You I realize I'm nothing without You. Heavenly Father, here I stand, I need You to guide me, please hold my hand; said, I'm nothing without You. Heavenly"
  • Nothing without you - Fleetwood Mac
    "No matter what goes wrong You'll never be alone, baby Just lay down beside me And let your love hide me, oh baby Seems that things Don't mean a thing When I I mean nothing without you And if you're ever"
  • Nothing Without You - Bebo Norman
    "Take these hands And lift them up For I have not the strength to praise You near enough See, I have nothing I have nothing without You And take my voice and pour it out Let it sing the songs of"
  • Nothing Without You - Bo Bice
    "We've been through this over for a thousand times Come on, come on, come on Tell me what's on your mind It doesn't matter baby what I say You never seemed to hear me anyway What's going to show It's never"
  • Nothing Without You - Jagged Edge
    "im feelin like a fighter cuz you make me hurt i know that things aint perfect but in my heart your worth it i hope you change your mind cuz im worthless like a football player put in overtime know that"
  • Nothing Without You - Smokie Norful
    "I have no sun, no moon, no stars, no clouds, no day or night. Nothing is right if I don't have you. I have no hills, no mountains, no valleys or plains, no plateaus; nothing goes if I don't have you. There"
  • Nothing Without You - Vienna Teng
    "It's the quiet night that breaks me I cannot stand the sight of this familiar place It's the quiet night that breaks me Like a dozen papercuts that only I can trace All my books are lying useless now All"
  • Nothing Without You - Pigeon John
    "(Verse 1) There's a war going on outside, no one is safe from Her silhouette when she blocks the sun And her hair when she wakes up, and it's not done And the laugh as she passes, it makes you numb That's"
  • Nothing Without You - Paul Colman
    "I gave my eyes to the media I gave my heart to the fame Walked into church like a pop star I murdered Abel Im the Cain I gave my word then I broke it Thought I was 10 ft 10 Quoted the Bible then revoked"
  • Nothing Without You - Swans
    "Open Your Mind Sensational, Metaphysical, Insatiable, Astronomical, Phenomenological, Ontological, Heterosexual, Astrological, Testimonial, Biophysical, Suicidal, Emotlonal, Sensval, Bismual, Questionable,"
  • We're Nothing Without you - Relient K
    "Let's talk about the way things were Let's talk about the way things should be I think I'm certain But I'm not so sure If I'll deliver what's expected of me Let's make believe we're all okay You better"
  • Nothing Without Love - Nate Ruess
    "I am nothing without love I’m but a ship stuck in the sand Some would say that I’m all alone But I am nothing without love I wanna hold her in my arms But she feeling low she feeling sad I would take"
  • Nothing without me - Belinda Carlisle
    "I guess I didn't hear your right Did you say that you were leaving me You really must be feeling bad To say those kinds of things to me I'm sorry that you feel that way Because I ... Thought that we really"
  • We're Nothing Without You - The Juliana Theory
    "You took away all my anger. We put away all your pride. Now you're gone, It's plain to see we're nothing. Now you're as the solitude of space is. Chorus: We took it all away from you. You'd like to think"
  • Without you, i'm nothing - Placebo
    "Strange infatuations seems to grace the evening tide, I'll take it by your side Such imagination seems to help the feeling slide, I'll take it by your side Instant correlation sucks and breeds a pack of"

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