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Web Site Blocked

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Web Site Blocked

  • SMASHED BLOCKED - John's Children
    "Please! I'm losing my mind Help me now before it's too late Try to bring me back Everythings spinning My eyes are tired I'm losing my way Where are you, where am I? Everything's spinning"
  • Blocked Up - Digger
    "It's so hard to swallow, all the lumps in my throat, on the tip of my tongue, and I still choke. If you squeeze me I might bleed just what I'm feeling. I feel so empty. Staring through a window, but a"
  • Web - The Roots
    "Uh huh uh And it weights a ton 'riq geez motherfuckers I'm a son of a gun Black master of any trade under the sun Talk sharp like a razor blade under the tongue clear my path and come get your captain"
  • God Blocked It - Kurt Carr
    "There were dangers awaiting me Destruction was sure to be But thank God for Angels That were shielding and protecting And looking out for me Thank You Lord The Devil had a plan to kill me, I know But"
  • Outta Site - Big Kenny
    "Puttin' on the ritz, love the way it fits Electronic town Six million dollar, silver studded collar Hydraulic sound Let it all let go tonight (let it go) Isn't this just outta site Puerto Rican"
  • Porn Site - Brenda Walsh
    "Can you show me Your Favorite porn site Your favorite Porn Site I wanna know what you are Dreaming about Dreaming about I wanna see what you don't wanna Show your mom I wanna go on your favorite Favorite"
  • On Site - Psapp
    "Who is on my side? No one here is getting out alive Don't fake if you don't have to Save it all for someone who loves you Who's on my side? Who's on my side? Who's on my side? Who's on my side? You,"
  • Reconstruction Site - The Weakerthans
    "Well, I'm lost I'm afraid Rope tying down a leaky boat To the roof of a car on a road in the dark and it's snowing If I'm more then it means less Last call for happiness I'm your dress near the back of"
  • Flower Web - Screaming Trees
    "Stare into the empty space here in front of us Storms crowd your daydream scene what will you find We're not alone when it's the two of us Sleep comes to haunt the hours passed behind When you put your"
  • Spider Web - Joan Osborne
    "I dreamed about Ray Charles last night And he could see just fine Dreamed about Ray Charles last night And he could see just fine, you know I asked him for a lullaby He said, "Honey, I don't sing no more" No"
  • Red Web - Orange Goblin
    "An open wound for disease The poison junk that you bleed A parasite to your broken skin Heretic urge in your brain To pump the hate through your veins And feed the lust of your necro sins It's a sign"
  • The Web - Fish
    "The rain auditions at my window, its symphony echoes in my womb My gaze scans the walls of this apartment to rectify the confines of my tomb I'm the cyclops in the tenement, I'm the soul without the cause, Crying"
  • Molly's Web - Seraphim Shock
    "Nothing's real says Molly Crawls in bed so cold And fake lessons from Professor Cigarettes for Mr. Hayes Through the tears and ribbons All those secrets kept inside Molly's web of sadness In her pale blue"
  • Tangled Web - Daily Planet
    "Words and Music by Regie Hamm and Jesse Butterworth Tick-tock the clock ticks to zero Right now the world needs a hero Maybe that's me but I've got voices in my head They're talking about revolution"
  • Spider's Web - Katie Melua
    "If a black man is racist, is it okay? When it's the white man's racism that made him that way, Because the bully's the victim they say, By some sense they're all the same. Because the line between,"
  • My Web - The Prodigy
    "(written by maxim) Distort your mind, call up children of all kinds Your intellect that inform my (? ), in my storm is where you're caught Reinstate your faith, your only faith is me they love to hate (maybe"
  • The Web - Neurosis
    "Leave me demons did I want you? Why do you need me? I can see you have so many. I know I'm a magnet but why must I feel your evil? You give me pain. My thoughts of blood reign. And it's falling to someone... You"
  • Witch's Web - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    "Told a lie about yourself It felt so good to decieve You pulled the wool over everyone Told them whatever they'd believe You missed the train and now you're gone To join the faceless everyone You're a"
  • The Web - Marillion
    "(Dick/Jelliman/Kelly/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas) The rain auditions at my window, its symphony echoes in my womb My gaze scans the walls of this apartment To rectify the confines of my tomb I'm the cyclops"
  • Wicked Web - Waterdeep
    "You told me you had money coming down the way "Can I borrow fifty bucks, man, just to get me through the day" You promised you were free this time of all of your old ways But I bought your story last"

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