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Weel the forme

  • Behind the weel - Depeche Mode
    "My little girlDrive anywhereDo what you wantI don't careTonightI'm in the hands of fateI hand myselfOver on a plateNowOh little girlThere are times when I feelI'd rathern ot beThe one behind the wheelComePull"
  • Form - Catch 22
    "You will have the faith And you will have the power And you all shall kneel down before me I am the new god Touch my hand and I shall save your soul This is the church of blood And the baptism by fire ["
  • Lowest Form - Bile
    "You are my life, my phantom god. You've got all I desire. You're not me, that's the strongest point of you. Abnormal lust, infects my blood. You are all I admire. I am the lowest form of you. Piss all"
  • Precious form - Sailor
    "There ain't no nothing in this whole world To be seen or to be born To keep me happy night and day Like the shape of your precious form There ain't no nothing in this whole world To keep my body warm Like"
  • Amorphous Forms - Lesion
    "When the heat lifts up from the asphalt Everything seems faded and strange You can't distinguish the faces, those faces Who take shapes of amorphous forms. They look like monsters, those Monsters that"
  • A Forma - Claudinho E Buchecha
    "(MC Buchecha) A gente vai e volta Atrs do que ou foi Se no conseguir, revolta Com a perda dos dois O f chora quando v seu dolo chorar E se decepciona, na necessidade de am-lo Eu sei que muitos dolos Se"
  • Form & File - Archers Of Loaf
    "Crossing some creek or small river somewhere in north, northwest boder of germany, something like that. uhm, yeah, I think it's _____ there something to the right, right, right, yeah. yeah, I don Ow, man."
  • Good Form - Relative Ash
    "I'm leaking but for you I'll close my holes self stitching fuck it hurts toilet finds is why shush signs mute us out I'm not at peace cuz I let her drown but it keeps me warm I spilt in you I know"
  • Uroboric Forms - Cynic
    "Learning, discerning, how to arrange Thinking the haze will just not clear Viewing, computing, our minds will stage A vehicle inside we feel the eagle nature Everchanging river flows high and low Panoramic"
  • Target Form - Cool Hand Luke
    "we are little kids making grown-up decisions that will last for twice as long as our feeble vision laughing at the undertow we define our youth and soon our dreams will change and become American time"
  • Release form - Hyde
    "There's something more i feel the void don't go away please don't leave me learn to proceed this makes me strong eyes will not stop bleeding i see clearly now i know what i must do leave behind the poison"
  • The Purest Form - Grey Skies Fallen
    "Piercing frequencies strike hard the tranquil heart. The gold of hope, drifting so far apart. Beyond my reach, ripping so terribly. Into the skin, the flesh of humanity. Tear at the wounds, uncover the"
  • Twisted Into Form - Forbidden
    "Ideals pounded, what's wrong is right Churches founded, with heaven in sight Do unto them as they tell you to! How can the children believe this is true? Burn our thoughts, they can change our minds Hear"
  • True To Form - Hybrid
    "It's a little too easy to live and learn But those breaks are scarce So take some time out to look back and see how you fared The right is always the wrong and the short's always the long The hardest"
  • Sixth Form Girls - Saxon
    "Sixth form can't get out at night (*) They keep them in, it's an awful sin Should set them free and let them roam The lights inside their dormitory When they go black you sneak away The plans are set"
  • Blood and Form - Mount Kimbie
    "We've been blessed, And I've been cursed, But you can watch them pass at the same rate, You'll undress, Cus I've been hurt, And I'm sure we're more alike these days, True to blood and form, These mistakes"
  • In Human Form - Death
    "People of the earth beware It is here in human form An atrocity laced with greed Filled with evil intentions Ready to attack Look to the air for stories to choose Who will be your next victim Profitting"
  • Forms of Imprisonment - Universal Hall Pass
    "Stable fortress What makes the boundless stand on a pin? For saturnine blue torches downed in size Subterranean forests Move outwards by design Consider A diamond's view of time Can see more ways We're"
  • Form of intellect - Gang Starr
    "(Guru) Tell me, do you have a clue of what to do Can you groove to this smooth tune, you must presume it's important, for you to follow this creation And hey Son, life is more than having fun So run and"
  • Form Of Intellect - GangStarr
    "(dj premier cuts "intelligent but not yet equivalent" --> krs-one) (guru) Tell me, do you have a clue of what to do Can you groove to this smooth tune, you must presume It's important, for you to follow"

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