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Weezer Brightening Day

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Weezer Brightening Day

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Weezer Brightening Day
  • Weezer Brightening Day
    "My best friends are gone, fallen way beyond And they left me here with no one by my side How can I get by? With no one to try and pick me back up when I fall down My support has left me and I'm bareft of"
  • Weezer Glorious Day
    "Gonna make my move Gonna make it stay Gonna make it last Nevermind the past Living for today Hey, hey You know what you want me to say Right, right Fight, fight We can start a glorious day Gonna take"
  • Piebald No One Else(Tribute To Weezer)
    "My girl's got a big mouth, which means she babbles alot. She laughs at most everything, whether its funny or not. And if you see her, tell her its over now. I want a girl who will laugh for no one else. When"
  • Weezer Haunt You Every Day
    "I don't feel the joy I don't feel the pain You were just a toy I am just insane Walking on my own Leaving you behind You were crying out That you need to speak your mind Ohhh So alone in love So alone"
  • Weezer The world has turned
    "The world has turned and left me here Just where I was before you appeared And in your place, an empty space Has filled the void behind my face I just made love with your sweet memory One thousand times"
  • Weezer Broken Arrows
    "Every hour every day since youve gone far away its a rough canopy of dreams and broken arrows and broken arrows baby dont you know,know get in the car just before we go we go we go every hour every day though"
  • Weezer Take On Me
    "Talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today isn't my day to find you Shying away I'll be coming for your love, ok? take on me /4x I’ll be gone in a day or 2 se needless to"
  • Weezer Dukes Of Hazzard
    "Just two good old boys (everyone now, c'mon), never meaning no harm Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law Since the day they was born (what were they doing man?) Straightening the curves,"
  • Weezer 1000 Years
    "Starry sky, oh starry sky Tell me if you can Why do all you favorites fall? Is this in you plan? Every hour of every day She'll await for you She'll await a thousand years To save herself for you Bible"
  • Weezer Reason To Worry
    "Never ending, never to begin again not something you can lose but something you can find another day goes into another day you've got something to do you've got something to find I've got no reason to"
  • Weezer Mansion Of Cardboard
    "Overcoat Old wool cap Leather gloves Hide the fat In a world made of tears He is safe from his fears On his own He's on his own on his own He likes it that way Thoughts arise Fear is doubt Bearing"
  • Weezer Don't Let Go
    "Ooo oh oh Ooo oh oh Any time that you want I'll be here in your arms Silently holding on To the girl with the charms But if there comes a day You should turn your heart away I'll be down on my knees Begging"
  • Weezer How Long?
    "2+2, Me and you, Strollin' down the avenue, I never knew that this was meant to be..... And all those times we looked into each other's eyes, I did it again, I did it again, I did it for you! Holding"
  • Weezer The Story Is Wrong
    "Don't you think that the story is wrong The introduction goes on too long You have to sing, but you don't know a song But it's not so bad It's not the same thing everyday And it's a clear and beautiful"
  • Weezer Goddess Of Love
    "Until the day and my Goddess away For you under planet and feed you a pomagranite And the snakes, wish to rape The lady will be faking love From a firey pit And when the night's moon Lights up a bright"
  • Weezer The World Has Left Me
    "The world has turned and left me here. Just where I was before you appeared. And in your place, an empty space. Has filled the void behind my face. I just made love with your sweet memory. One thousand"
  • Weezer The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
    "The world has turned and left me here Just where I was before you appeared And in your place an empty space Has filled the void behind my face I just made love with your sweet memory One thousand times"
  • Weezer Mykel And Carli
    "Back at Wilson High I had two best friends They lived down the block Where Eagle Court bends One, she cared for my bones Fed me ice cream cones One, she cared for my happiness Wouldn't leave me alone Back"
  • Weezer I just threw out the love of my dreams
    "I'm so tall, can't get over me I'm so low, can't get under me I must be all these things, M for I just threw out the love of my dreams He's in my eyes, he's in my ears He's in my blood, he is in my tears I"
  • Weezer Bobby No Morals
    "I thought that he was cool. I thought that he was strong and then one day he proved me wrong. He said he felt one way, but acted like another, he just wanted to fit in. Bobby no morals (bobby no morals"

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