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Weezer Longtime Sunshine

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Weezer Longtime Sunshine

  • Longtime Sunshine - Weezer
    "sometimes i wanna pack it all up, get on a bus and move to vermont or maine, or any of those states back east that i remember sometimes i wanna go back to school to an east coast college with some history i'd"
  • Longtime Sunshine - Rivers Cuomo
    "Sometimes I want to pack it all up Get on a bus and move to Vermont Or Maine or any of those states back east That I remember... Sometimes I wanna go back to school An east coast college with some history I'd"
  • Longtime - EMF
    "You come, you go I see you, it snows I see you, its fine Let it happen slowly You come, you go You've got a life, and that's fine But you're here, and you're mine I haven't seen you in a long time Gonna"
  • Longtime - Salmonella Dub
    "Last time that I saw you down in the city, we were too busy to move making our own direction. But we'll never forget our connection Always stick to your roots with you Whenever you are down remember your"
  • No One Else(Tribute To Weezer) - Piebald
    "My girl's got a big mouth, which means she babbles alot. She laughs at most everything, whether its funny or not. And if you see her, tell her its over now. I want a girl who will laugh for no one else. When"
  • Sunshine - Old Man River
    "We've been waiting for so long for the sunshine for the sunshine We've been waiting for so long for the sunshine to get back Tell me where is the sunshine We've been living for so long without sunshine"
  • Sunshine - The Partridge Family
    "I've got the sunshine in my hands You've got the sunshine in your hands We've got the sunshine in our hands Now let it shine all over this land You've got to love, love one another Whoa Shine, shine on"
  • Sunshine - Umboza
    "*Sunshine (x3) The sunshine will follow wherever you are* Bambalao (x2) Bambalao (x7) When you're next to me When you're next to me You're all I wanna see Sunshine It's where I want to be It's where"
  • Sunshine - Dance Nation
    "Ohohohohohohoh Come on, feel fine Keep on, lets ?ride on sun tonight? Come on, sunshine Keep on, lets dance and feel alright Keep on, ?lets ride on sun tonight? Come on, sunshine Turn it up, build a foundation Boys"
  • Sunshine - The Archies
    "Hey, little girl Stand right there Sun is shining in your hair Hey, little girl Don't you move Hey, my heart and l approve Whoa, whoa, whoa You're my sunshine Don't you know I love you, love you Shine"
  • Sunshine - Alexander O'Neal
    "Cloudy was the day when Sunshine came into my life And made it brighter She touched me with her warmness as the light shines from her smile She makes me happy I could never keep myself away ~cause when"
  • Sunshine - Andreas Johnson
    "We look a trip, on a train somewhere in between the mountain and the valley she said, come to me I sing for you a song, remember me before I'm gone I will set you free I will set you free child So she"
  • Sunshine - Jesse McCartney
    "Uh oh uh oh Oh uh oh uh oh Uh oh uh oh Sunshine Uh oh uh oh Oh uh oh uh oh Uh oh uh oh Sunshine Gonna take my time n walk up on your sexy little lady Tryin to get me started Work that body Hurt me when"
  • Sunshine - Anders Johansson
    "How do I begin to stop loving you? How do I go on by letting go? How do I pretend I know what to do When deep inside I know that I don't? My heart is weak, too tired to sleep I'm incomplete like a day"
  • Sunshine - Jojo
    "Mmm hmm Ohh Ohh oh oh You'll always be my sunshine Sunshine You'll always be my sunshine No one compares to you Don't you go, don't you go nowhere (No) You make all my dreams come true (They're"
  • Sunshine - Scott Walker
    "Sunshine - You may find my window, but you won't find me Sunshine- I've got my frind, the darkness, here tonight to hide me Sunshine- As far as I'm concerned, I'm where I want to be Sunshine- As far as"
  • Sunshine - Peter Hammill
    "Oh, suddenly things begin to come clear in my mind as I look into the land laid bare by your eyes; E-S/M attractions are working behind my thought, I can't help my feelings, the way that my emotions are"
  • Sunshine - Aerosmith
    "I sold my soul for a One night stand I followed Alice into Wonderland I ate the mushroom and I Danced with the queen Yeah, we danced in between All the lines I followed daylight right Into the dark Took"
  • Sunshine - Coko
    "chorus sunshine,sunshine brighten up my day i love you always sunshine, sunshine never go away stay right here with me verse 1 baby when you're around me you just can't do no wrong everyway is the right"
  • Sunshine - Montevideo
    "I'll never be the same again 'cause my world has changed again I have no rules left to break Since I left your pillow Time's raining on my face Stormy clouds in my head Let's go on holiday with all our"

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