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  • Any - The Connells
    "Be yourself Be yourself so you won't fade out Keep yourself Keep yourself so you won't change at all Anyone in a crowd sees you fail to leave a definte scar Don't you hold back now See yourself See yourself"
  • Any - Irish Celebration
    "Be yourselfBe yourself so you wont fade outKeep yourselfKeep yourself so you wont change at allAnyone in a crowdSees you fail to leave a definte scarDont you hold back nowSee yourselfSee yourself as one"
  • Any Given Sunday - Any Given Sunday Soundtrack
    "Any Given Sunday Soundtrack Miscellaneous Any Given Sunday Song: Common & Jamie Foxx & Guru Guru: Though the times are getting wicked I'm older I got a chip on my shoulder True players always maintaing,"
  • Any Road, Any Cost - Point Of Grace
    "Verse 1: Leavin the safe and familiar with thier hearts set on a heavenly prize. There were some who layed down thier nets and some who lay down thier lives Not sure where they were going but they did"
  • Any time, any place - Janet Jackson
    "In the thunderin' rain you stare into my eyes i can feel your hands moving up my thighs skirt around my waist wall against my face i can feel your lips i don't wanna stop just because people walkin'"
  • Any Time - Dean Martin
    "Any time youre feeling lonely. Any time Youre feeling blue. Any time you feel downhearted. That will proof. Your love for me is true. Any time youre thinking about me. Thats the time Ill think about"
  • Any Reason - Tanita Tikaram
    "My babe lets the moonshine My babe likes to sail When you need a reason Baby's reason My babe wants a show stopper To come on board and dance When there's reason Any reason Baby's reason I can drive for"
  • Any downers - Frank Zappa
    "And all around At the side of the grave Stood Charlie's friends Who could not save This stupid girl From the way she behaved But among the mourners And the frowners A cry were heard...(aaaargh!) ANY DOWNERS?"
  • Any Colour - Cutting Crew
    "MacMichael/Eede I dream, dream of a lonely girl Who sleeps, lost in her lonely world Any sunset I'd give to you Any colour that you like, all for you She wakes wrapped in her naked room The air filled"
  • Any Love - Massive Attack
    "You go out every night as a single But you don't really know what to do You see someone you'd just like to mingle And you imagine she's waiting for you Any love Any love that you feel is for real And"
  • Any Road - Randy Bachman
    "If your life is going nowhere And youre movin pretty fast Any you just cant face the future Cuz you never faced your past And nothin really matters If it did you wouldnt care If you dont know where youre"
  • Any day - Day 26
    "And it's a cold, cold night.Rain is falling.It's been that way quite a few days now.Fresh off the road.And I'm feeling this might be the day.Man, who knows?I might finally see your face baby, yeah.Pre-Chorus:And"
  • Any Woman - Terri Clark
    "(Tom Shapiro/Terri Clark/Chris Waters) Every time you ask her out she turns you down You've seen a tear roll down her cheek When she thinks no one's around You don't know what's going on But you know there's"
  • Any longer - Papermoon
    "Sitting here a cigaretteIs waisting my time nowMy hands are tired my head achesI drank too much drank too much wine nowPeople say just take your timeI wish they only knew more about meI'm not the one they"
  • Any Day - Over It
    "I lost you in my desert mind I dried up in the sun when you were water, my oasis, I could not kill the thirst in time catch me, if you think you can promise you wont look back If we rinse it away, all"
  • Any Guy - Melanie
    "I was bored I would not compromise Wanted more So I looked in your eyes But it could have been any guy's It could have been any guy's eyes But your eyes were there And they started to stare But don't think"
  • Any Love - Chaka Khan
    "You go out every night as a single But you don't really know what to do You see someone that you'd like to mingle And imagine that she is waiting for you Chorus: Any love that you feel Is real Any time"
  • Any Love - Rufus
    "You go out every night as a single But you don't really know what to do You see someone that you'd like to mingle And imagine that she is waiting for you Chorus: Any love that you feel Is real Any time"
  • Any road - George Harrison
    "Oh I've been travelling on a boat and a plane In a car on a bike in a bus and a train Travelling there and travelling here Everywhere in every gear But oh Lord we pay the price with a Spin of a wheel -"
  • Any chance - Blutengel
    "You don't want to live this wayI see it in your eyesI hurt you every dayI see it in your eyesYou just want to be lovedI feel it everytimeYou don't know what to doSo you run away from me What can we do"

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