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Wellfear - Sacred Silence

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Wellfear - Sacred Silence

  • Silence - Demether
    "Cold...winter, ice and snow Sound...weeping wind that blows Me...standing on the sacred ground Night...at the ancient graveyard Soul...looking for a saviour Eyes...searching for a girl from a distant time I"
  • Silence - Vinnie Paz
    "(Vinnie Paz) Yo, I mastered the flow, I know death more than Lazarus know, And me defeated is infrequent like Nazareth snow, Hold your earnings cuz I ask so your ashes can blow, Hold the burner in the"
  • Sacred Divinity - Agathodaimon
    "In peaceful silence she lies there and sleeps Dreaming of secrets conceiled in the deeps Of our long forgotten history. Those who are devoted to her know that she keeps In her pure soul the key To"
  • Sacred Attention - Sebadoh
    "With my head so low, the way I think could scrape the ground I will give them all control, I will crumble all around There's no need to say a word as logic burns right trough my head I could almost laugh"
  • Sacred Music - Trembling Blue Stars
    "Carry me away Sacred music Touch and unchain A wish to defy Gravity To slip away From the mundane Golden light From a window high A building for the longing Moved by the beauty But the need stays unattended No"
  • Sacred & Wild - Powerwolf
    "In the dark of the night we are demons in silence In the light of the moon we are the storm of the damned In the heat of the wild we are the bloodred horizon Stand anywhere we land In the call of the"
  • Sacred Fire - Heather Alexander
    "Hickory, birch and willow Oask, ash and thorn Holly, hazel, rowan Are the nine where the flame is born Those of you who gathere here Bear wounds that never healed Festered and forgotten Blood stained and"
  • Sacred War - Esqarial
    "Black or white, death or life, Satan - God Destruction, creation, right or wrong Grave or torch, fire and water, earth and air Heaven and hell, inmortality and death, silence and noise, darkness and"
  • On Sacred Ground - Edenbridge
    "Downstream the river The boat is moving on Passing fields of silence Long time gone A paragon of beauty A sacred, holy ground Gazing at in wonder Safe and sound Eternal bliss is reaching in The valleys"
  • The Sacred Vow - Hammerfall
    "Somewhere in the alley A shot inside the dark The gutters paved in blackened blood By the godless patriarch You hear the thunder howlin' You fear his glowing eyes A bang across the universe As the lightning"
  • My sacred path - Rotting Christ
    "Total darkness /I feel so empty Death and silence /is this remedy? Undying light/frightful laugh Unspoken might/unequal fight I was fast asleep/it was that night I felt into it so deep /then I saw the"
  • Buried Silence - Ice Ages
    "Away from all that light, apart from this strange life We're dancing now, immortal dance we share in twilight We cry as we fall down, we're staring at the sky We die tonight ... we take our rest in our"
  • Silence & I - Army Of The Pharaohs
  • Silence & I - Celph Titled
    "(feat. King Syze, Vinnie Paz) (The Allen Parson's Project:) "Two of a kind...Silence and I We'll find a way to work it out" (Intro: Vinnie Paz) Yeah...Pazmanian Devil Louis Dogs...hahahahahaha AOTP,"
  • Sacred & Wild (Powerwolf Cover) - Epica
    "In the dark of the night we are the demons in silence In the light of the moon we are the storm of the damned In the heat of the wild we are the bloodred horizon Stand anywhere we land In the call of"
  • Sacred - Tokio Hotel
    "I'm still awake for you We won't make it together We can't hide the truth I'm giving up for you now My final wish will guide you out Before the ocean breaks apart Underneath me Remember To me you'll"
  • Sacred - Britney Spears
    "Not a day goes by That I don't stop And thank the stars for you Each time I stare in your dark eyes I'm reminded that you were mine The world may pass us by But my love will always linger for you Angels"
  • Sacred - Amel Larrieux
    "Is there nothing sacred anymore When Celebrities are deified And we're still calling some countries third world And Crimes against little ones Are punished with little laws And Girls are taught"
  • Sacred - Moonspell
    "(Originally performed by Depeche Mode) Sacred Holy To put it in words To write it down That is walking on hallowed ground I'm a missionary So here is my confession It's an obsession I'm a firm believer And"
  • Sacred - Blind Guardian
    "The realm's bleeding It suffers Old and weak No further argued There is war at end (The system's weak) Engines running Then after all I sense the end is starting These lunatics deny the truth I know I"

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