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Wen you life me

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Wen you life me

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Wen you life me
  • Roll Deep Wen Im Ere
    "(SCTRACTHY) *chorus* rest in the game, it was bate who was gonna be ere? (eeee heeee) roll deep is the name n were up for awards all year (eeee heeee) wen u get here, haterz wanna end your career but"
  • Golden Life Life
    "Have you had enough of changeshave you had enough of changinglike a bird you have flownthrough the shadows of yours forsaken hopesyou broke tree come to me tryingthrough the mansionof the watch me nowsyou"
  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Life
    "Another page of history Another failed and hopeless year Of wasted life and wasted time Long ago you sang a tune Of running from a painful youth And now it's dry, you're wondering why Talk to me, reveal"
  • Line Life Line life
    "1: In each situation, I can count on somebody. Never I become not. So, they let's allow me, count on you. In each situation. At any time, you are from I. And for it you I thank. Please, about it ,"
  • The American Life That's Life
    ""HEY! HEY!" Try living just a little bit "HEY! HEY!" And sing just for the hell of it Just pull your heart up off the ground Yelling out three cheers We're sounding silence to warn everyone around And"
  • Arid Life
    "Hey kid, hasn't love bit you lately? Well maybe, still yet to come to fulfil and erase, yeah raise. And circumstances dancing around my head It's the way to your soul that holds me alive Life, life We"
  • K-Ci & JoJo Life
    "(Intro) Just like a birdie, (umm) I just wanna fly free. (so High so High) And own a piece of land, (umm) somewhere, (somewhere, somewhere, somewhere) somewhere, off in the country. (Oh, Listen) (Verse"
  • Nelson Life
    "Life Will go on without me Take it and you'll see it doesn't matter Life I know what your game is You take it and trade it for another Life Before you're over I want something to show for all my trouble Time"
  • Ricky Nelson Life
    "Life, go on without me Take it and you'll see It doesn't matter Life, I know what your game is You take it and trade it For another Life, before you're over I want something to show for All my trouble Time,"
  • Scott Krippayne Life
    "Ever since You stepped into my life You are wonderful to me Every time I open up my eyes Your beauty is all I see More then I could ever comprehend (chorus) I'll always be amazed at You and who You are I"
  • Jo Damita Life
    "Got a story to tell bout Jesus Christ How he came to earth To set you free from all your sins When this is over You can live again (CHORUS) I've come that you might have life more abundantly I've come"
  • Coolio Life
    "Intro: yo, I'm gonna talk to you about life for a minute (coolio) Verse 1: I'm going to a chain 'cause it ain't the same I remain no geak, life's just to play the game trying to brake this chain off my"
  • E-Type Life
    "I've got life One more time I leave behind just burning bridges it's a crime I am here there must be somewhere I can breathe now take me there it's time to see I wanna make you breathe That life can be"
  • Lloyd Life
    "I know what you're used toAnd I can show you something that's better (see girl I know)He used to abuse youHe only used to get on my levelI can change your life, if you let meI can do it, I know just what"
  • Seven Wiser Life
    "Tie my hands and torture me Until I find the meaning of my life The light that I see can you take me there To the meaning of my life 1 2 3 4 This is how fast time goes by I can't seem to find the meaning"
  • Marlena Shaw Life
    "Je rve de vie de boss, o pas de bus Rien que dans la caisse, des basses Que lon puisse tous, fuir la poisse Quand elle passe, a pse lourd, Trop de pisse, sur les murs plein de crasse, Une odeur de mort"
  • CeCe Winans Life
    "Sometimes I feel I can't make it In this world on my own So hard to see my direction But you gave me something to help me be strong (chorus) You gave me joy yes you did, yes you did, yes you did You are"
  • Fool's Garden Life
    "Could I find it out there If I could fall asleep now Would you stay and ease my pain ? Could you see me running ? And Would you come to my dreams ? Would you hold me just a while ? Just a while and give"
  • Kelly Family Life
    "Singing: Life, its like walking on a road. You can fall, you can grow. O o o hm not Papas girl, oh no .He just didnt want me, and i just didnt want the rest today.Singing: Life, its like walking on a road."
  • The Kelly Family Life
    "Singing life Is like walking on the road You can fall, you can grow Oh oh oh Well now I ask him what to do He just stood up on me I just stood up, walked the rest today Singing life... (2x) Oh mother"

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