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Wendy Starland - Home

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Wendy Starland - Home

  • Wendy - Racoon
    "Daybreak, another new day shines, the school dance is coming in She's giving dad the 'Please can I, Charlie is taking me' Charlie that worthless son of a gun. You better ask your mom' She said: '0 dad"
  • Wendy House - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "A child is born A life begins To take and hurt oh A precious gift When I'm alone It all hits home Don't it all just seem a little much When I'm alone It all hits home Don't it all just seem a little"
  • Wake Up Wendy! - South Park
    "Got this bug-eyed girl, cold hand on my knee.. Frozen teeth, chitter-chatter Dressed up like a Cemetary, Like a Cemetary.. Snow Bound all winter, blue lips on my cheek.. Little tongues prowling round And"
  • Wake Up Wendy - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin From the album Chef Aid Got this bug-eyed girl Cold hand on my knee Frozen teeth, chitter chatter She's dresed up like a cemetary, like a cemetary Snow-bound"
  • Wendy - Beach Boys
    "Wendy, Wendy what went wrong Oh so wrong We went together for so long I never thought a guy could cry 'Til you made it with another guy Oh Wendy, Wendy left me alone Hutr so bad Wendy, Wendy don't lose"
  • Wendy - The Beach Boys
    "Wendy, Wendy what went wrongOh so wrongWe went together for so longI never thought a guy could cry'Til you made it with another guyOh Wendy, Wendy left me aloneHurt so badWendy, Wendy don't lose your headLose"
  • Wendy - Attic Lights
    "Verse 1; If you say you love me and you're hurt with my reply, (Oooooooh ahhhhhhhh) It's because you're not the girl you were, And I'm not that kinda guy, Ten years is a long time when you're young, (Oooooooh"
  • Wendy - The Busters
    "I went out late to have some fun the pub was dark and empty beauty this place I didn't know so I got to know Wendy a smell like death teeth like a horse her bra was made in hell yelling voice hairy legs"
  • Wendy - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) Wendy's got a little boy Someone to keep in mind for the future She's got no husband who cares She can find a man Anytime she wants one Now don't you put her down She tried to do it right Sometimes"
  • Wake Up Wendy - Elton John - South Park
    "Got this bug-eyed girl Cold hand on my knee Frozen teeth chitter, chatter She's dressed up like a cemetary Like a cemetary Snowbound all winter Blue lips on my cheek Little tongues prattlin', rattlin' Talkin'"
  • Wendy Wonders - Eugene McGuinness
    "Wendy wonders why I've been so cold Wendy wonders why we take it slow These cobbled streets lead up to undersheets of gold Where fair sanity dictates young prince derobe Wendy wonders in lavender bedclothes Dusk"
  • Wendy Said - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Lost in the night, out on the streets And blown into the wind She was just heading for trouble When they got her downstairs Cut by the lights, strands of her hair Just tumble"
  • Tomorrow Wendy - System Syn
    "it is complete now two ends of time are neatly tied a one-way street shes walking to the end of the line and there she meets the faces she keeps in her heart and mind they say goodbye tomorrow Wendys"
  • Wendy Time - The Cure
    ""You look like you could do with a friend" she said "You look like you could use a hand Someone to make you smile" she said "Someone who can understand Share your trouble Comfort you Hold you close And"
  • Wendy Clear - Blink-182
    "Let's take the boat out on the bay Forget your job for just one day I wish it didn't have to be so bad It might be inappropriate, because Either way, our band gets dropped, oh yeah I wish it didn't"
  • Wendy Clear - Blink 182
    "Lets take the boat out on the bay Forget your job for just one day I wish it didnt have to be so bad It might be innapropriate because Either way our band get dropped I wish it didnt have to be so bad But"
  • Wendy Clear - Fake Problems
    "The grim reaper called you on the phone, he didn't have the guts to do it in person, but he had to do it. Yeah I really had to do it. There's no way I could have watched you go through that. And I'm"
  • Home - Kanye West
    "(Chorus) Go ahead roll it up and pass it round Cause lately's been a whole lot of bullshit going down A lot of soldiers aint make it through this year So lets just celebrate that we still here and"
  • Halfway Home - Bucklew Wendy
    "My love is sleeping in your doorway She can't wait until you come She'll strum the moonbeams Pace the mind-sky Kiss you sprawled across her dreams She's teasing herself into a smile Tracing your body on"
  • Wendy & The Lost Boy - Peter Hammill
    "Dear Wendy, I still believe the promises we swore upon when we were magic. This came to me as in a dream: my heart was in your hands. Wendy, do you believe in promises? The problem is the boy became a"

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