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Western Disco feat. Lura - THE SUN

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Western Disco feat. Lura - THE SUN

  • The Sun (Feat. Lura) - Western Disco
    "Lost somewhere in the morning One in a million lights All that I know about everything Rising in your eyes Like the sky the sun in my eyes Blinded by the fires of the summer Sun away son of the light Sun"
  • Follow The Sun (Western Disco Radio Edit) (Ft. Xavier Rudd) - Time Square
    "Follow, follow the sun and which way the wind blows when this day is done Breathe, breathe in the air Set your intentions Dream with care Tomorrow is a new day for everyone Brand new moon, brand new sun Follow,"
  • Western Promise - Ultravox
    "Hai! Oh mystical East, on old postcards, Your childhood dreams and energies. Your temples' gardens, old world charm, An ancient culture, torn and scarred. This is my Western promise. Oh mystical East,"
  • Western Skies - Blue Rodeo
    "Well I'd rather be walking through the tall pine trees high up above Lake Louise And I'd rather be chasing after shooting stars than waiting for this dumb 503 TTC I'd like to see the sun set behind Saddle"
  • Western Ground - Samael
    "September's sun welcomes you home You've followed the road leading to new Rome Sky is open wide like father's arms Ship's sinking in your mother's tears Dreaming of fortune as many before Having it all"
  • Western Star - Frank Black
    "Sun she burns mean and big I think I'll go to cafe noir Big screen turns me on I'm gonna be your western star How hard can it be? I get my freon bingo inside your cool soft sarong Rolling on the moquette"
  • Western Grace - Hot Water Music
    "complications followed us on thin lines we tried to push forward but we're still behind hard times as we watched it unfold the roads were long we still trudged on the sun was strong but we held on"
  • The Western Decay - Atari Teenage Riot
    "All you've realised is that the time is running out... All you've realised is that the time is running out! If you testify that throw your fist up! Throw your fist up! Throw your fist up! The revolution"
  • Western Union Desperate - Mary Lou Lord
    "I felt a little uneasy on easy street out of place and incomplete call it guilt call it what you will kissed goodbye the summer skies hollywood and malibu tides through thick and thin you got a good friend"
  • Headlight Disco - The Click Five
    "I've been knocking so, come to your front door well your tv's on so, I know you're home for sure I've got a new set of wheels, we can go for a ride why're you waiting the night has just begun I'm gonna"
  • On the western skyline - Bruce Hornsby
    "About this time of evening, out by the bay They turn the roadlights on the bridge A diesel rolls in silhouette, eastbound Lovers glad the sun has set I'm staring into the twilight Wishing I could find"
  • Headlight Disco - Click Five
    "I've been knockin so come to your front door. well your tv's on so i know your home for sure. i got a new set of wheels we can go for a ride. why you waiting the night has just begun? im gonna make you"
  • Disco Friends - Just Jack
    "Shes got a whole lot of disco friends, Shes got a whole lot of disco friends, Disco ladies and gentlemen, Eating their faces from the inside out, Freaky dancing til the late am, Music slipping down the"
  • Disco (Remix) - Slum Village
    "(feat. Ms. Jade, Raja) Mere sath hai tu he Raja Tu mere bajo me tu aja Jub tumse dekha Hey dil diya Uh, c'mon we bout to disco Yeah, c'mon do it y'all, disco Uh, we gotta disco Uh,"
  • Daily Disco - Yello
    "Your dancing drives me crazy I wanna see it all night long Dj could be playing Always this one song Your dancing drives me crazy Your dancing drives me mad Please sue don't be so lazy If you don't dance"
  • Disco Frog - Sesame Street
    "In the evening when the sun goes down Folks all hurry to the edge of town At the bayou bank they stand and wait In the clear air Soon the water ripples catch their eye And the ladies hush and breathe"
  • Cookie Disco - Sesame Street
    "He's shaggy, he's blue And he knows how to chew - COOKIE! Can you dig it? You think you can munch, Brother, you're out to lunch Compared with - COOKIE! Did someone say "Lunch?" You can give him the"
  • Disco - The Adicts
    "hey pete! what do you want hey pete! can't here you monkey,your music is too loud don't you wanna go don't you wanna go hel mel! what you talking about hey mel! what? don't you wanna go go where don't"
  • Disco - The Music
    "Have you ever looked Across the midight sky The stars roll down The ocean floods To where the red sky first began Have you ever And everybody better get up and listen 'Caus we got something to"
  • Wild as the western wind - REO Speedwagon
    "Outlaw running from the law but he'sGot nowhere to run toBig law he broke it and ran fasterThan the lightning boltChasing down the golden sun, running awayFrom the blueHe ran with no direction in mind,"

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