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Westlife No Place That Far


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Westlife No Place That Far

  • No Place That Far - Westlife
    "I can't imagine any greater fear Than waking up without you here And though the sun would still shine on My whole world would all be gone But not for long If I had to run If I had to crawl If I had to"
  • No Place That Far - Sara Evans
    "I can't imagine any greater fear Than waking up without you here And though the sun would still shine on My whole world would all be gone But not for long... (Chorus) If I had to run If I had to crawl If"
  • Westlife- What Makes A Man - Westlife
    "This isn't goodbye, even as I watch you leave, this isn't goodbye I swear I won't cry, even as tears fill my eyes, I swear I won't cry Any other girl, I'd let you walk away Any other girl, I'm sure I'd"
  • No Place So Far - Erin O'Donnell
    "It's 2 am, the ticking in the hall is keeping time The clock is counting down to morning's light Too many times I've crossed the line And put my faith aside And the regret I feel won't let me sleep tonight And"
  • No Hiding Place - Elvis Costello
    "In the not very distant future When everything will be free There wont be any cute secrets Let alone any novelty You can say anything you want to In your fetching cloak of anonymity Are you feeling out"
  • Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    "Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There's a chance and I've got to take it And I don't mind a bruise, yeah yeah Baby I've got nothing to lose It's only a crazy"
  • Far - Diesel
  • Far - Udora
    "Cut my heartDrowned my fearsTorn that pageI just know I'm goneBlind to the touch of your eyesI meant to save the reasonWhen I had to say goodbye'Cause I followed the leading role of the deceivedI hoped"
  • No No - Westlife
    "no no no no Once, we had it all for the taking, love was just me and you, You better think twice, about the plans that you're making, of splitting one word in two, Put your mind in doubt, did you ever"
  • No Place Like Us - The Cheetah Girls
    "I could be recognized from a distance Yeah, I could be the biggest name on the screen Singing and dancing forever Signing my name for whoever Yeah, it's all in my reach Yeah If I give it all that I got I"
  • No place like home - Blu Cantrell
    "I've met a lot of different people And I have seen my share of things So much I have come across, while traveling (yea) But nothing can compare to what I have come to know and love That's what made me"
  • No Place Like Home - Mesh
    "If you say it right Say, "There's no place like home" You'll be back there alone In your room I'm walking a line I just want to say that you've been on my mind We don't talk all the time Still, I don't"
  • No Place Like Home - Rude Buddha
    "I'm living outta suitcase, i packed my bags and ran just as far away, as i can, yeah, now a days, i don't feel the same about myself and the man, i know i am someone help me find a piece of mind cause"
  • No Place Like You - Small Brown Bike
    "sitting on a cold wall i can feel the wind penetrate this thin blue coat. just enough to give me comfort that i so very need just enough to keep my mind warm. i breathe. i want to scream. i want to bleed"
  • No Place for Disgrace - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "Far to the east ruled the Samurai, mystic warrior class, Honorable brave, bark armoured man, donning hideous mask. 700 years of reigning Japan, the masters of attack, Dominators of the isle of dragons,"
  • No place like London - Johnny Depp and Jamie Campbell Bower
    "I have sailed the world, beheld its wonders from the dardinelles, to the mountains of Peru, But there's no place like London! No, there's no place like London... (spoken) Mr. Todd? You are young... Life"
  • Too Far - Tiamat
    "I've been through all of this a million times before Seems all my demons got me knocking on hell's door I know it's too late to regret what I have done But I still love you like the morning loves the sun Too"
  • Far Away - Kindred
    "I'm tired of broken street glass Not getting no ass Unless the babies sleep, but even then seems like we're trying to creep Tired of paying taxes, sending emails and faxes Tired of crooked cops, tired"
  • Far Away - Electrasy
    "I went outside today And I thought I must be crazy Everyone I see Are doing things that make no sense to me Drowning in this world Of shopping .coms, fast food pop songs Tell me have you heard? There's"
  • Too Far - Loretta Lynn
    "(Marty Robbins) I gave you everything I thought I'd wear your ring someday on my finger In love so blind I stepped to cross the line now just memories of you linger Just like a child I wished upon a star"

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