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Wet fingers Rick with me

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Wet fingers Rick with me

  • Wet! Wet! Wet! - Princess Superstar
    "Pray I yell fore before I play Before I foray let me explain, all day all ways Foreplay? Hmmm... I can make your cock go higher than the hair on Kid 'n Play How I'm gonna feel when ya next to me I'm feelin"
  • Wet - Barbra Streisand
    "Wet is rain Rain is clean and new New is the morning And morning dew Wet is a kiss that touches you Wet is sea Sea is mysterious blue Blue is for sadness And sad is for crying Tears are wet too Would you"
  • Wet - Ruthie Henshall
    "Wet is rain Rain is clean and new New is the morning and morning dew Wet is a kiss that touches you Wet is sea Sea is mysterious blue Blue is for sadness and sad is for crying Tears are wet too Would"
  • Wet - Nicole Scherzinger
    "I feel like everybody's standing around me watching me now I feel like whatever I do tonight would be the talk of the town They wanna know how I'm gonna move my body When the beat goes 'Cause something"
  • Fingers - Anthea
    "With your fingers touching me I feel tender And the same thing you promised me It was early decmber You go your way And I go mine And you say your sorry And I say I'm fine It's allright I make my?? and"
  • Rick Trevino - Rick Trevino
    "There's a long stretch of black top, underneath a cloudless sky, There's my truck washed and gassed up, it's itchin' for a ride. If this had been 6 months ago, I know what I'd have done. Girl, I'm runnin'"
  • Wet me - Ray J
    "Kinda know what you wantYou constanly seek me(yeah)Tounging up and down on you (yeah...yeah...yeah)It's time to pop your kneesIt's hot up in this peaceIm thirsty as can beYour body's got that juice (ye..ye..yeah,"
  • Rick Rack - Gerry Rafferty
    "Rick rack, rickety rack See the train go along the track When I grow up I want to be an engine driver But if I can't be that I'll be a deep sea diver. My father says that I must always work on the land And"
  • Rick What - Ricky J
    "They don't even know whats goin on {laughs} Ricky J baby Thats right Majess ya'll Yo, its the flavour Thats right Ricky J baby Ricky J baby He's tryin' to get this thing First you started from dreams"
  • Rick James - Murs & Slug
    "( Murs ) There's a party goin on, in my mind, that is But really it's my crew and these three white kids One brother, one sister, some other mister I wonder what they'd do if I walk right up and kissed"
  • Millions (ft. Rick Ross) - Pusha T
    "You know what happens when G.O.O.D. Music and MMG get together right? We get that money Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions, Millions in the ceiling Millions,"
  • Wet Nightmare - The Cramps
    "tomorrow will be glommy with a chance of morning frogs but this just happened to me while i was sawin' logs i seen a striptease torture and blackbirds flyin' backwards and a pagan rout in a hellhole in"
  • Wet Wipes - Cam'ron
    "Killa, Killa, Killa, DipSet Bitch, DipSet Bitch, DipSet Bitch D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-damn Them niggaz pumpin dimes, trunk pumpin mine I really make cake, you could call me Duncan Hines Had a drunken"
  • Got Wet - Leak Bros
    "(Cage) I got a monkey on my back with two gats Bipolar and a headless angel laying dead on my shoulder The hairs in my lungs are my dying kids That don't eat, until I put the leak to my lips I'm spiraling"
  • Wet Sand - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "My shadow side, so amplified Keeps coming back dissatisfied Elementary, son, but it's so... My love affair with everywhere was innocent Why do you care? Someone start the car, time to go... You're the"
  • Wet Blanket - Metric
    "Falling for the creep the body leech here he comes Vicious hypnosis, a clenched fist saying it's wrong to want more than a folk song underneath the shaker knit he's a brick wall she keep falling for the"
  • Wet Dreamz - Yukmouth
    "-=Yukmouth Talking=- (Girl) Man, hey you ever had a mother fuckin' wet dream man? That shit is crazy man (Dreams of fuckin' an industry bitch) Fuckin' dreams man Fuckin' these industry bitches man (Dreams"
  • Wet Dreamz - J. Cole
    "Wasn't nothin' like that Man, it wasn't nothin' like that first time She was in my math class Long hair, brown skin with the fat ass Sat beside me, used to laugh, had mad jokes The teacher always got mad"
  • Wet & Rusting - Menomena
    "I made you a present, You'll never expect it. And when you unravel, The secret will travel home. It's hard to take risks With a pessimist. I hope that this shakin', will help us awaken. Sep'rated by"
  • Feet Wet - Stephen Speaks
    "standing at the water's edge, i feel a trembling fear as the waves crash 'round my ankles feel the thunder in my ear i see the change is coming, the wind is at my back but doubt overtakes me and my"

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