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What Game Shall We Play Today (Chick Corea)

  • What Game Shall We Play Today - Chick Corea
    "Look around you my people If you look then you will see How to love, life is paradise all together What game shall we play today? Man just wants to be happy Cast off things that shouldn't be Set him free,"
  • Play The Game - The Game
    "(Intro) You niggas is soldiers man Fuckin' toy soldiers Yeah get in line cadet Aten Hut! Yayo you punk ass bitch. I know you cant wait to get off house arrest nigga. So you can run the fuck outta New"
  • Celebrity Chick - Disturbing Tha Peace
    "Disturbing the peace Okay We don't die we multiply: There's a strength in numbers baby, so I brought some of my family members here today to talk to y'all about celebrity chicks So Ching-a-ling, why don't"
  • Main Chick - Kid Ink
    "I told her "fuck that nigga" Mustard on the beat ho I don't know your name, but you've heard my name I know why you came... Tryna get that name, but you've heard my name Girl I know you wanna be my"
  • Irresistible chick - Eve
    "Now I'ma do this thing like it ain't done before Never leave the game stranded, I had to give more I'ma give you what you want, what you waitin' for? Make the music that the people can't ignore A lotta"
  • Play - LeToya
    "Intro:Work that flip, grind boy1st Verse:Hey baby, how you doingBeen a long timeI know you've been grindingCause you gotta shineSo boy what's up, you been on my mindTake a chick out, let her know what"
  • A Game We Shouldn't Play - Helloween
    "Do you believe in fate or chances Design or coincidences Would you say that all the people Live their life for good and evil Some have reached the end of patience Start to play with God's creation They"
  • We All Play The Game - Magnum
    "Now you've found yourself, can you tell me how you feel? Well, you look so well, everything seems new and real Can you rise above all the worldly cares you had? All the foolish thoughts, have they really"
  • This Little Game We Play - 702
    "(you baby you ready to let the games begin, huh, cause im ready check it on your mark get set hit it) Girl I want you to stay so we can play this little game we play, you go hide, and I will seek Let"
  • Chick Magnet - Paul Wall
    "(feat. Danie Marie) Ay say pretty girl, what it do? (Wussup) You got a minute? If not you can borrow one of mine, I got two I'm just sayin', I'm tryin' to see what's up with it I'm just sayin' tho'"
  • Boss chick - Mac
    "featuring Mia X So a check this Would you die for me? Kinda question is that? just asking a question Would you die for me? Yeah nigga Aight I got a boss bitch and that's why I talk shit She walk with"
  • Play This Game - Utopia
    "I could be jealous and grasping with greed I could pretend that I want something I don't need These are the things that go through my head But then, I could be an angel disguised as a man I could"
  • Play the game - Blazin' Squad
    "Play the game, We're like the blazin flame, you know we're gonna break it up, rip it up, you know we're gonna blaze it up, so whats our name? You and I, play me at my own game, so lame, white branch?"
  • Is That Your Chick - Memphis Bleek
    "R-o-c Memph bleek Jigga man Missy, twista sho' nuff Yeah, yo Don't get mad at me I don't love 'em I fuck 'em I don't chase 'em I duck 'em I replace 'em with another one You had to see she keep calling"
  • Is that your chick - Mamphis Bleek & Jay-Z & Missy Elliott & Twista
    "Jay: R-O-C Memph Bleek Jigga man Missy, Twista sho' nuff Yeah, yo Don't get mad at me I don't love 'em I fuck 'em I don't chase 'em I duck 'em I replace 'em with another one You had to see she keep calling"
  • We Play - Bizzy Bone
    "Yall aint ready foe this shit. Yall know what it is'haha (Please believe it) Yeah you know what it is nigga, fuck these niggas who do not believe, in what tha fuck tha 7th sign will do. You muthafukkas."
  • What Did We Learn Today - Sloppy Meateaters
    "I sit alone looking in the mirror I wish to god I was Craig Kilborn I wanna I wanna look like him I wanna I wanna sass like him Cuz everybody knows he gets all the girls and everybody knows he has the"
  • Playa Wit Game - Master P
    "Master P: '73 Caddie with the top dropped Gold thangs as he spined up out the parking lot Who he was? I couldn't see But I knew one day that would be me Had more game than the average bro' And he was smooth"
  • None Shall Pass - Aesop Rock
    "Flash that buttery gold, jittery zeitgeist Wither by the watering hole, water patrol What are we, to heart huckabee, art fuckery suddenly? Not enough young in his lung for the water wing Colorfully vulgar"
  • All Shall Perish - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "*Into* Yeah a.o.T.P., come on! Underground legends, yeah Yeah! Army of the mother fuckin' Pharoahs! And what I'm saying, independent Warriors taking over the game And I'm sayin' it time for y'all to lay"

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