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What color

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What color

  • Color - Prince
    "Performed by the steeles Composed by prince Color me black if u color me just like u Color me angry if u color me less than I do (whoa, what's your color? ) Yeah, what's your color? (whoa, what's your"
  • Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd
    "We'd like to introduce us Were Color Me Badd the funky new band And our dope producer. Dr Freeze With Mark Bryan Kevin and Sam We're down with Warner Brothers and You'll hear on Giant records Our music"
  • In Color - Jamey Johnson
    "I said, Grandpa what's this picture here It's all black and white and ain't real clear Is that you there, he said, yeah I was eleven Times were tough back in thirty-five That's me and Uncle Joe just tryin'"
  • Color blind - Ice Cube
    "Here's another day at the stoplight I'm lookin in my mirror so I can see who can see me South Central is puttin Ice Cube to the test With four brothas in the SS I can't go around and can't back up So I"
  • Full Color - P.O.D.
    "I cry why O' why did my mommy have to die? Too many questions, no answers confuses my mind Like what did I do, what did she do, who's to blame No one understands what I'm going through So how can I trust"
  • True Color - Dog Eat Dog
    "Gave you all that I had I let you come and go as you please, never once did I ask for anything in return, except to have what was coming to me. You broke a friendship that was based on trust and tried"
  • Color Blind - Face First
    "I'm falling asleep here in my bed. I close my eyes and just see red or is it green or is it blue? I don't know should I just 'fess up and try to block out the light that's running through my head? I'll"
  • Clear Color - Limp
    "Which one do you want to be like and do you want to be liked by one of them What's wrong with the way you are now and is it hard to be the way you are I know I've been through this before and so"
  • Color Blind - Michael W. Smith
    "There's not a world of difference Out in the world tonight Between this world of people Red, yellow, black and white But instead of riding a rainbow of love We still are fighting with prejudice gloves"
  • What Color is Death - Acid Bath
    "Sedated and lazy cold skies full of blue The sun burns forever it reminds me of you On your dead shore the sand is warm She hides her tears and quickly lets it die I will make it thru even without you My"
  • What Color Is Blue - My Hotel Year
    "keep it all a little softer save it all up for them it's a virus of the simple it's a virus of the simple sounding nature to keep you from show me the world that's in your eyes put it all together save"
  • Color Me Blue - Donnie Iris
    "Color me yellow, For being afraid Whoa yeah Goodbye blue skies, Color them gray Whoa..... Color me green, Cuz I don't now what to do Color me red, Cuz you know I'm a fool And for lovin' you too much, Color"
  • Color My World - Backstreet Boys
    "Ohh, no Everybody needs affection Looking for a deep connection So put a little bit of love in my life today Everybody needs some shelter Spend a little time together Come into my arms Let them tell you"
  • Dreaming In Color - Black Lab
    "Kiss me once, just once Do you think it's love or something close? Do you recall? You say I was sleeping But I know what I saw Chorus There were nights I swear we flew Dreaming in color I was dreaming"
  • Color And Kind - Howlin' Wolf
    "Oh you just my color, oh you just my kind Oh you just my color, oh you just my kind Lord, you keep me worried babe, oh, messed up in mind Well, I got up last night, reachin' upside the wall I got up last"
  • Dream In Color - Bianca Ryan
    "Ooh, hoo...yeah Mmm, hmm Tired of living life in black and white There's so much in between Like a rainbow in the sky Crying to be seen When I open my eyes to find inspiration I search for the best I"
  • Color By Numbers - Jim Johnston
    "Words and Music: Jim Johnston Not so long ago, we all were happy, and what we didn't know, it didn't hurt me. I've got you by my side, man I'm lucky, I know somehow we'll get by, But something has changed."
  • The color green - Black Label Society
    "I recall when you once said ?? And all that lies ahead. I take it your tongue, It just got twisted, Or maybe it got tired, Or maybe your memory waved goodbye. When your so-called friends forget your name"
  • The Color Green - Zakk Wylde
    "I recall when you once said "There's truth in both of us And all that lies ahead." I take it your tongue, It just got twisted, Or maybe it got tired, Or maybe your memory waved goodbye. When your so-called"
  • The Color Hate - Souljahz
    "CHORUS: We all talk, we all walk, we all do the things we want We're so powerful we say, so why can't we stop the hate So come on, tell me how to get to the place where all the color lines fade away"

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