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What dat huz

  • A what dat - Sizzla
    "Intro:Hail to the High owner of Iration and his Imperial MajestyEmperor Haile Selassie II'm from a place where there's only loveWhere the sun comes home every morningBe upright black people and love Jah"
  • Dat's What Dat Is - Paul Wall
    "(feat. Bun B, H.A.W.K., Killer Mike) Killer kill from the Ville, Killer Mike In the motherfucking building nigga Y'all already know, Killa kill putting it down New South Movement, mo'fucker New South"
  • Who Dat - JT Money
    "Jack jack.. YEAH! Put em up! Put em up! Yo yo.. JT Money! Throw em up! Throw em up! JT Money! Aiy ya ya ya ya ya ya (Joe Nutty who dat?) Aiy ya ya ya ya ya ya (Who dat? Huh?) Who dat who dat who"
  • Dat Bitch - Redman
    "(feat. Missy Elliott) Yo.. (Fuck that nigga, look at her toes) Yo! (You know you like toes nigga) Bitches be talkin too much out here (God DAMN mami, you the one!) .. Dat bitch, dat bitch (Nigga that's"
  • Who Dat - Tank
    "Who dat? Oh um hum Who dat? Oh want to know right now oh How would you like it if I told you I had a new chick, and didn't need you no more cause she where sick with it? What if I was all in her crib"
  • Blow Dat - Royce Da 5'9"
    "Nottz, let's take 'em back Yes.. yes.. yes. Yes.. the Smith 'n, the Wesson Extended clip in the vest of whoever testin Rollin to the party with the shottie with the body Made the lead put the slugs with"
  • Blow Dat - Royce Da 5'9
    "(Royce Da 5'9") Nottz, let's take 'em back Yes.. yes.. yes. Yes.. the Smith 'n, the Wesson Extended clip in the vest of whoever testin Rollin to the party with the shottie with the body Made the lead"
  • Bout Dat - Master P
    "(feat. Silkk the Shocker) Niggas hear this I want niggas to mug niggas Like, what you lookin at? Bounce wit me, bounce wit me, bounce When my real niggas come; flip a ounce wit me, ounce wit me Bounce"
  • Stop Dat - Dizzee Rascal
    "Stop dat Start dat Get dat, wah?!? Been der done dat had dat, wah?!? He's got a Nokia, take dat, wah?!? Rude mouth, loud mouth watch dat, wah?!? Pretty girl, buff girl Doggy, dat, wah!?! Dizzee Rascal's"
  • Fuck Dat - Onyx
    "Yo! Turn that shit up, word up! Afficial Nasty Niggas...Fuck Dat! Ya niggas is dead-ass! Know what I'm sayin'? We're payin' my niggaz ' All City 'n shit! Word up! Yo Mega, Fuck Dat! Rip that Brooklyn"
  • Hold Dat - Cassidy
    "got the 9 in the stash, stash, got the glock on my waist,waist, got the ak in the car, no matter who you are, no matter who you are yeah dogg, check, check, back up, back up, got the m-15 in the stash,"
  • Dat Bitch - Plies
    "Just hit me a lick finna blow a check Got stacks on me goons on deck Finna slide thru tha strip club and make a mess Iono won't that hoe I want dat bitch I got a stack in every pocket, pistol on waist,"
  • Like dat - Lil Wayne
    "(feat Dj Drama) Ay WayneI know this bullshit that I'm hearing ain't true rightYa feel meThese niggaz out here picking bullshit over money niggaBut you know what fuck a niggaWe gone keep grinding this shoe"
  • Gimmie Dat - Chris Brown
    "Storch (oh) S. Dot (Yea) Ooh Ohh. The dynamic duo. Wow womp womp womp.....it's what your body sayin'. Chris Brown is in the building. young boy just turned 16 And I got 64's and hot bikes that"
  • Dat Dere - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Hey mama, what's that there? And what's that doing there? Hey mama, up here! Mama, hey look at that over there! And what's that doing there? And where're they going there? And mummy can I have that big"
  • Gimme Dat - Kj-52
    "Director: Well hello everybody Welcome to MDA, that's Mountain Dew Anonymous For those that have abuse problems with Mountain Dew We have a new member today, his name's KJ-52 KJ introduce yourself KJ-52: My"
  • Rock Dat - Prodigy Of Mobb Deep
    "(Prodigy) Yo, what you doin right now?... F**k Man... Niggas don't know what pain is man... I got 200 needle pokes in my arm nigga... Who be the source of this rap shit, us the bosses PuertoRock style,"
  • Dat girl - Usher
    "I been from shorty to shorty From the nice girls to naughty ones Coming up short straning my throat Trying tell them just what I want Then I saw youuuuuuuuu and I new you wasent Playing no hey hey I I"
  • Shake dat - Cappadonna
    "When we come pass the grass and land in dirty water These thoughts of fire, hot like sex Never fall off in the projects Original Don, rockin the world Catch in the palm, hold on to me Real rap shit,"
  • What Happen To Dat Boy - Cassidy
    "its cassidy i push them pies, and i, kiss da girls and make them cry i, stay on da block i dont play on da block, i got yay by da k on da block, im out here everyday on da block, puttin white in da coffee"

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