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What do men

  • Men - Herbert Gr
    "Men will open their arms men assure security men will cry in their beer if you don't treat them tenderly so vulnerable, here are the men whatever in the world would the world become without them? men do"
  • Hey Men - Men Without Hats
    "Hey! Somebody told me to live is a lie But I know better got a woman inside Tells me things that I should understand 'Cause I know better even though I'm a man So many things go in so many ways Every"
  • Evil That Men Do - Lil' Keke
    "(*talking*) Yeah, I don't owe you niggaz shit man Y'all got a real nigga fucked up I'ma let you niggaz have it, one time check it (Hook) When you live with the rats, you kill all the roaches They wanna"
  • Evil that men do - Lil Keke
    "Yeah, I don't owe you niggaz shit manY'all got a real nigga fucked upI'ma let you niggaz have it, one time check it When you live with the rats, you kill all the roachesThey wanna stop me, but they plan"
  • Evil That Men Do - Queen Latifah
    "(feat. KRS-One) You asked, I came, so behold the Queen Let's add a little sense to the scene I'm living positive, not out here knocked up But the lines are so dangerous, I ought to be locked up This"
  • What is it about men - Amy Winehouse
    "Understand once he was a family manso surely I would never, ever go through it first handEmulate all the shit my mother hatedI can't help but demonstrate my Freudian fateMy alibi for taking your guyhistory"
  • What It Is About Men - Amy Winehouse
    "Understand once he was a family man so surely I would never, ever go through it first hand Emulate all the shit my mother hated I can't help but demostrate my Freudian fate My alibi for taking your"
  • Ready Men - Big Black
    "We got some unions All I got are these molls And I want to use them What do you say, boss? Your boss, my boss You are my job I am a gun thug You are my job You've got your principles I've got bills to"
  • Desperate Men - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    "Verse One You Don't Want To Push A Desperate Man, Ain't No Tellin' What He Might Do You Don't Want To Corner A Passionate Heart It May Run Right Over Top Of You Passionate Desperation Is A Volatile Combination There's"
  • Married Men - Bette Midler
    "The world is full of married men with wives who never understand. They're looking for someone to share the excitement of a love affair. And just as soon as they find you they'll wine you and dine you. Fly"
  • Men Change - Amy Dalley
    "He was a bad boy And I was a good girl He needed me to smooth out the edges He'd get his drink on and flirt with the ladies After two years of his crap I quit begging I'm a magnet for a fixer-upper man If"
  • Independent Men - Sporty Thievz
    "Yo question tell me what you know about me Got the dice game nothing less than a G Got my own ride and got my own bread Even with the Chick Strap wearin on your head Question, ask me how i feel about chicks Best"
  • The Evil That Men Do - Ras Kass
    "Intro Psssshh, I guess niggaz don't realize a good thing til it's gone You know what I'm sayin man? Runnin around in these streets trickin, shit's hard man You know? But sometimes man fools be bringin"
  • It's Raining Men - Young Divas
    "Humidity is rising Barometers getting low Acording to all sources the streets the place to go Cause tonight for the first time Just about half past ten For the first time in history Its gonna start raining"
  • It's Raining Men - Aretha Franklin
    "Hi, hi, we're your Weather Girls, ah, huh And have we got news for you, you better listen Get ready, all you lonely girls And leave those umbrellas at home, alright Humidity is rising Barometer's getting"
  • Women Vs. Men - David Byrne
    "She had psychic defenses He had animal dreams They moved closer together He said "Lets make a deal" Does not the law forbid it? It's a treacherous act We all must suffer We all must do our part No one"
  • It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
    "Hi (Hi!) We're your Weather Girls (Ah-huh) And have we got news for you (You better listen) Get ready, all you lonely girls And leave those umbrellas at home. (Alright!) Humidity is rising (mmm rising) Barometer's"
  • Men In Black - Will Smith
    "Here come the Men in Black It's the M.I.B.'s, uhh, here come the M.I.B.'s Here come the Men in Black They won't let you remember Nah nah nah The good guys dress in black remember that Just in case we"
  • I Hate Men - Cole Porter
    "I hate men. I can't abide them even now and then. Then ever marry one of them, I'd rest a maiden rather, For husbands are a boring lot that only give you bother. Of course, I'm awful glad that mother had"
  • The Men Below - Latin Quarter
    "Album, tour, albumen - you're still picking at the shell And you know you should be glad of the living But it seems like a living hell sometimes And on this playing stage you play so hard But so much harder"

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