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What do yo mean

  • Yo - Jewel
    "* jewel and atz together A little yodeling song For my man yo And I know that yo don't know That I wrote this song a late one night He'd heard me yodeling down at hobo gin's And we were hanging out at"
  • What Do You Mean? - Walk Off The Earth
    "What do you mean? When you nod your head yes But you wanna say no What do you mean? When you don't want me to move But you tell me to go What do you mean? Said we're running out of time, what are you mean? Better"
  • What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
    "Pod koniec sierpnia 2015 roku (dokładnie 28) w sieci ma pojawić się nowy utwór Justina Biebera zatytułowany "What Do You Mean". Artysta zapowiedział go na swoim Instagramie."
  • What do you mean - Norton
    "Early morning and as I rise you won't even open your eyes You used to love this time together Now you won't even say goodbye With the passin' time I've watched you change My love for you still remains"
  • Mean Mug - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Project Pat) mean mug niggas lookin ana hid from a smile but inside blood cookin got a problem wit my style wit tha click wit tha klan lames I don't understand if you feel dat ya real fuck a song grab"
  • What You Do - Chrisette Michele feat Ne-yo
    "Hey hey Say it with your actions Saying those words to me Doesnt mean anything I dont wanna hear em Baby you can keep those three You might as well not even speak Many different times before You were almost"
  • Yo! - Obie Trice
    "Yo, Obie Trice, yo I'm with backdoor productions, no discussion, O Trice be the sound that's rushin your eardrums Pump it up if you feeling em, this is hip hop pure adrenaline I'm a winner, I step on the"
  • What Cha Mean - Fiend
    "(Fiend) What up out there kenfo This be Fiend coming at like this here here I brought a couple of my people with me Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel A couple of No Limit soldiers to help me out with"
  • Yo Yo - Osmonds
    "Woah, oh, ho, just like a yo-yo Woah, oh, ho, just like a yo-yo Well, it's hard for me to see How you got such a hold on me First I'm up and then Im down Then my heart goes around and around Well, I'll"
  • Yo yo - Shawn Desman
    "Baby played me like a YoYo All this time is was she mackin' me YoYo! YoYo! Random! UOMO! YoYo! YoYo! My Girl said she gonna to chill tonight That's cool because I worked up an appetite Called up my boys"
  • Don't Mean Nuthin' - Sheek Louch
    "Jadakiss: Yeah Sheek: Uh Huh, D Block Jadakiss: D Block, You with me Louch? Sheek: You know it my nigga Jadakiss: Yeah I know Sheek: Yeah Jadakiss: You know why we do this right? Sheek: Why's that dog? Jadakiss:"
  • Do You Know What I Mean? - Lee Michaels
    "Been forty days since I don't know when I just saw her with my best friend Do you know what I mean? Do you know, know what I mean? I just saw her yesterday I just saw her, asked her to stay Do you know"
    "Ref .Co masz na myśli? oh oh oh Kiwasz głową na ‘’tak’’ lecz powiedzieć chcesz ‘’nie’’ Co masz na myśli? hey yeah Wcale nie chcesz bym szła Ale mówisz mi ‘’idź’’ Co masz na myśli ? ooo Co masz na myśli? Czasu"
  • I Mean (I Don't Mean It) - R. Kelly
    "Yeah, like I was saying I ain't, ya know what I'm not tryin' to say things to hurt you You know what I'm saying I don't wanna hurt you, baby Just sometimes you do things That push me to say things I don't"
  • I Mean (I Don't Mean It) - R.Kelly
    "Yeah, like I was saying I ain't, ya know what I'm not tryin' to say things to hurt you You know what I'm saying I don't wanna hurt you, baby Just sometimes you do things That push me to say things I don't"
  • Do yo shuffle - Soulja Boy
    "Man Ya'll Heard Bout That New Dance Solja Boy Got Out? The Shit Is Fly. I Was At A Party The Other Night He Came Inside Doing His Dance Everybody Was Like Man,Do Yo Shuffle Do Do Yo Shuffle, Do Do"
  • What Do We Mean To Each Other - Sergio Mendes
    "I'd rather know if you had turned the page If you go faster than I do Suddenly it's not so clear just what I am to you Am I friend, am I lover, do we still need each other When you touch me, when you touch"
  • What Do You Mean When You Say - Eternal
    "Well I've cried all my tears I've had enough time playing fool It's the way that you walk through my life Makes me wonder if I'm wasting my time Got a picture of you by my bedside Tells a story of times"
  • Do What You Do - Pink (P!nk)
    "verse 1: some people like the summer when it's hot some people like the winter cold some people speak their minds when they wanna and some other people ain't so bold whatever it is that u do u should do"
  • Mean What I Mean (ft. Leikeli47 & Dreezy) - AlunaGeorge
    "I shouldn’t have to explain It’s so simple But I’m doing you a favor Seems you’re lost in your brain No signal! So I lay it on the table Not this tme I’m no playing I know you’re seen the signs Don’t"

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