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What he say boy

  • He Say She Say - Lupe Fiasco
    "(feat. Gemini, Sarah Green) I can't, I won't, I can't, I won't Let you leave I don't know what you want You want more from me? She said to him "I want you to be a father He's your little boy and you"
  • What He Say - Ministry
    "i've seen many countries argue about human lives but one thing that stays the same is the clubs are always full at night pick out any far-out place like kenya or swaziland doesn't matter what the place they'll"
  • Say What - Method Man
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, P. Diddy) Yeah! This-this-this-this This is an exclusive (let's go) Mr. Meth, you're so Def, you put them other M.C.'s out to rest (that's right) And they test (uh-huh), but they"
  • What he does - Lil Wayne
    "YeaBut she always sayBut she luv my styleYea N if i stay out lateIm commin home richThinkin bout that pussyOn the grind got me home sickThem dolla signs on my mind got me on thisIf i dont hustle then wat"
  • What He Does - Lil Wayne
    "Yea But she always say But she luv my style Yea N if i stay out late Im commin home rich Thinkin bout that pussy On the grind got me home sick Them dolla signs on my mind got me on this If i dont hustle"
  • Boy Gets What He Wants - Versus The Mirror
    "It's hard to make these letters look as beautiful as you a word too soft, too frail to be uttered or be placed in your dreams my blood was an untrusty ink tonight with lips and hands that will never"
  • Boy - Little Mix
    ": Do you remember what he said? : I do. He told you he'd never : ever hurt you Oh, here we go again Another : breakup, make up. When you gonna : wake up? : I'm gon' be the one to call him out "
  • Boy - Ian Hunter
    "Genocidal tendencies are silly to extreme After all you're still quite small you don't know where you've been You was only swearing yesterday Oh you want to win the world away But now you got nothing to"
  • Boy - Bayside
    "He can't make sense of this He's just too normal This place is too scary He's so scared that he'll miss It keeps him in hiding And restless and wanting What if for one minute He's given a chance And he"
  • He Say She Say - Atozzio
    "We back at it again Fussin because of your friends Talkin to all of them Tryna catch [? ] Cause they heard about my past Out of the chicks that I've had How many of them are bad It's either kinda funny Cause"
  • He Say, She Say - No Question
    "Verse 1: What's going on You're questioning everything I do And everywhere I've been You're peeping me off the hook Like I am some kind of crook Out to take your love away Bag it up and go astray"
  • He Say, She Say - Keith Sweat
    "(T-Boz) Yeah, yeah, yeah (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) Yeah, yeah, yeah Tell me why is it that You have no trust in me When I go out at night You're always paging me You just wanna believe That I've been messing"
  • Super Agent...He Is What He Is - Public Enemy
    "Sold / black gold One strong buck To the Milwaukee Bucks For a million bucks Just get em off the street So he don't get bucked Super agent to rescue So he won't get fucked Ya run nigger run To the auction"
  • Say - Greydon Square
    "What's a master who can't admit truth? I find it kind of ironic that you call your show \"The Way of the Master\" Ya'll want to attack little ol' me? Little ol' Greydon Square, huh? Okay, check it. You"
  • He - Glen Campbell
    "He can turn the ties and calm the angry sea He alone besides who writes a symphony He lights every star that makes a darkness bright He keeps watch all through each long and lonely night He still finds"
  • He - Tammy Wynette
    "He can turn the tides and calm the angry sea; He alone decides who writes a symphony; He lights every star that makes the darkness bright; He keeps watch all through each long and lonely night; He still"
  • He - Righteous Brothers
    "There's a lotta things I want, a lotta things that I'd like to be But girl I don't foresee a rags to riches story for me There's just one little dream I've got to make come true There's just one round"
  • He Got What He Wanted - Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    "When I wake up in the morning, there's no sun. there ain't no sunshine. "time heals the hurt" they say. ah! don't talk worn out, worn out words. I touched the sky to feed all my hunger Hing I could wait"
  • Say What? - Tung Twista
    "(Say what, say what, say what - what?) (4x) (VERSE 1) I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what?) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what?) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick"
  • Say what - Twista
    "(Say what, say what, say what - what?) [4x] I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what?) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what?) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what?) wack"

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