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What should i do im fallen


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What should i do im fallen

  • What Should I Do - Fabolous
    "(feat. Lil' Mo) Does anyone care (anyone care) Please tell me Im alone and scared (alone and scared) Please help mee What should i do (what should i do) What should i do (what should i do) What should"
  • What Should I Do? - Kelly
    "He's done it again He's walked out on me He's left me here What should I do? He always does this Doesn't think about me Leaves me alone What should I do? Chorus: Every time I let him in Back to my life Then"
  • What Should I Do - Chingy
    "{Intro} Chingy, Track Stars dirty, well I got a caprice on 24's, i got a range rover with spinners. i got an impala with beat lets go. {Chrous (x2)} I do ride Bentleys and coupes, But I don't give away"
  • Fallen - Mya
    "Oh Yeah Huh Oh You complete me Like air and water boy I need thee And when I'm in your arms I feel free Fallen My heads up in the clouds in love I'm proud To you say it loud Like an accident it happend Out"
  • Fallen - Volbeat
    "Feel the sadness burning in my heart You left too early father So many things I should have said But in your mind you knew it well Holding on to what I gotta love But things still seem so dark and cold The"
  • Fallen - Blank & Jones
    "(feat. Delerium & Rani) Do you remember me I'm just a shadow now This is where I used to be Right here beside you Sometimes I call your name High on a summer breeze What I would give, To feel the sunlight"
  • Fallen - Keshia Chant
    "We was just walking,just smiling and talking Then add to my surprise, got lost in your eyes This time they were different, and I found what it meant After I leaned in, I helplessly fell in Help me"
  • Fallen - Mesh
    "Everyone's watching you Do you keep you're eyes down on the ground Everything's falling apart, Do the feelings just keep going round Talking is painful here, Will they always want you to appear Because"
  • Fallen - Nifkin
    "why can't you comprehend just take a look around why can't you see my side you just look at me and frown what i'd like to show you now is what you'll never see put me down and punish me call me a bad seed"
  • Fallen - Catamenia
    "I am gone into sky of broken dreams Never got myself to realize the pain I caused Bleeding with the thought knowing that I am the one with the lost soul... I've done things I'm not so proud of at all Forgive"
  • Fallen - Ensign
    "So much left unsaid It so hard to turn and walk away I never knew how little time we had The things I look for granted All I let slip away When I should have been holding on with everything So here I stand Before"
  • Should I - Rik Rok
    "Uuuuuh babay babay Uuuuuh babay babay (Chorus) Should I let her know Im really in love And that she's the one I been thinkin of Women of my dreams ain't no one above her, Should I tell her Should"
  • Should Do Boo - Aaliyah
    "v1 should do boo love you i should do want to get to know you my love waiting on you cause it get lonely here where im at chorus i should do where you get at telephone call from you would be nice nice"
  • Fallen - Delerium
    "Do you remember me,I'm just a shadow now.This is where I used to be,Right here beside you.Sometimes I call your name,High on a summer breeze.What I would give,To feel the sunlight on my face.What I would"
  • Should I - Do
    "Just you and me, lost inside of love Feeling ecstasy and we cannot get enough You move in closer now and it's driving me crazy Try to hide it somehow but I lose my self control Should I just let it go Should"
  • Should - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Be honest here We should be testified now What shall we do then And for what are we prefixed Leave a touch Down in our rust And we We tried it all Love should have been a revelation I think we did enough But"
  • What Did I Do - And Then I Turned Seven
    "I hear you call my name for the last time I try to tell myself that it'll all be fine But I cannot lie, i'd rather die then be alone Things just arent the way that they are suppose to be All I wanted"
  • What Should I Say - Dave Hollister
    "All the time we spent girl I thought it would mean more to you, but I guess it didn't mean that much to you, cause your telling me that you love me but you keep giving me such a hard time at home, sometimes"
  • I Should - Evergrey
    "Remind me of what you said life had made you do What did you do to make all you had fall trough What forces you to make the choices that you do? Are we to blame for all the failures that are you Or should"
  • Should I - Kiley Dean
    "Oh no, oh yea, oh Sometimes my world's not turning Wonder will my life Just fade away, away yea Situations grab my mind and I can't see myself escaping All the pain Should I go Far away? Should I"

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