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What siny for me

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What siny for me

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What siny for me
  • Funker Vogt Sins
    "They all emerged one by one Hoping for freddom but there is none See the men in uniform They send you out to fight the storm Look up in the charcoal sky Want to see the sun before you die So please tell"
  • Fractured Sins
    "Every time you speak my name my ears will ring drive me insane - all I ever wanted, it's all you ever gave to me. Every time you reach out to me, embrace me the love you cannot see - emptiness - you feed"
  • A Death For Every Sin For My Sins
    "In a time where hope is lost, I have sworn myself, never follow the lost souls. Walking this shattered world, prophecizing a bitter end. I won't bow down to them or their god. All your righteous words. They"
  • A Canorous Quintent For my sins
    "in a time where hope is lost,i have sworn myself, never follow the lost souls.walking this shattered world, prophecizing a bitter end.i won't bow down to them or their god.all your righteous words.they"
  • Jess Mills For My Sins
    "Words fail me. Night falls, i’m a heart beat from breaking. I see his face in all of its details, and Every time I close my eyes its waiting. Oh, I know, i’ve lived faithlessly I’m just preying right now"
  • Sanctuary Die For My Sins
    "You're living in a lie, your tears, repentance fills your eyes Your life is not what it seems to be For you breed agony Your tortured mind will cry out, take my soul Die for me, die for my sins for I've"
  • Kataklysm For All Our Sins
    "Killer blow to the sphere of light Even I can't dry these tears in my eyes They say I sin for all mankind When I act upon...What I feel inside Forgiveness. For all weak minds Forgiveness. For the blind"
  • Acheron Seven Deadly Sins
    "Lucifer give me pride for all I do Mammon makes my greed as powerful as you Asmodeus grant me sexual gratification Satan let my anger show it's great sensation Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Beelzebub"
  • Roots Manuva Sinny sin sins
    "(Roots Manuva) Sin sinners, I got to talk to you about your sins Sins on street corners, Sins in your shops Sinny Sin Sins in your streets of yours Sins in your eyes, sins gonna make you cry Oh Lord, can"
  • Madder Mortem These Mortal Sins
    "Oh, it's really alluring These mortal sins of the flesh I never toy with amusement And I have no time for repent Down over my head Silence, nothing unpleasant has been said Define me and touch me and"
  • After Forever Sins Of Idealism
    "(Child) Hello father, hello mother; there is so much I don't get Please don't be mad at me; I will try harder, I'll really do the best I can (Mother) That's not enough You're the cause of my domestic captivity (Child)"
  • Flogging Molly Seven deadly sins
    "Sail away where no ball and chainCan keep us from the roarin' wavesTogether undevided but forever we'll be freeSo sail away aboard our rigThe moon is full and so are weWe're seven drunken piratesWe're"
  • Lennon My Sins
    "Verse: Love affairs with ghosts Always end in shame Breaking bread with demons Just to see his face A silenced alibi Protected by your words Heal your darken eyes With their lives PreChorus:"
  • Myrath Seven sins
    "Man of all my dreams please detain my tears and stop all my emotions Slot and gluttony your two favourite sins to kill all my sensations Man of all my fears, let me drop my tears and regain all my devotion"
  • Band De Soleil Sins Of All My Years
    "Band De Soleil Redemption Dream Sins Of All My Years My brother dies and left me My Mother moved away and I been gone now for so long How long I cannot say and I am left to wonder What I'm doing here Guess"
  • Tom Waits Sins Of My Father
    "God said don't give me your tin horn prayers Don't buy roses off the street down there Took it all and took the dirt road home Dreamin' of Jenny with the light brown hair Night is fallin' like a bloody"
  • Flogging Molly The Seven Deadly Sins
    "Sail away where no ball and chain Can keep us from the roarin' waves Together undivided but forever we'll be free So sail away aboard our rig The moon is full and so are we We're seven drunken pirates"
  • Group Home 4 Give My Sins
    "(Nutcracker) I'm lossing my mind yo I'm outta control Heal your mind take your time fill our soul This life I live, do you know how it is? Rough and tough, fucked up for the kids Is there hope? sometimes"
  • Acid Black Cherry Sins
    "I believe it. Please tell me. Jesus Christ. Why was I born? Why do I live? Well, don't I have a guilty? 1.Pride 2. Gluttony 3. Envy 4. Greed 5. Sloth 6. Lust 7. Lastly Wrath The seven deadly sins that"
  • Traveling Wilburys 7 Deadly Sins
    "7 deadly sins That's how the world begins Watch out when you step in For 7 deadly sins 7 deadly sins That's when the son begins (7 deadly sins) (Sin number one) was when you left me (Sin number two) you"

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