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What the f

  • F - Monkey Flip
    "I'm lying here in my bed Thinking of happier times Watching the tube and hearing songs that make me want to shine Fish heads fish heads lovely and prime Fish heads fish heads covered in slime I got something"
  • F - Train - Moist
    "Travelled on the f train down the People press and crowd They start to fade like footprints worn away Only stop and still I'm waiting Thousand faces look the same everyone A thousand different names They"
  • F train - David Usher
    "(Just one sec) (Lavalamps are good) Traveled on the f train down The people press and crowd They start to fade like footprints worn away Only stop and still I'm waiting A thousand faces look the same everyone"
  • F-Words - Deepspace 5
    "I sung a song of Freedom way before the sixties Shackled in my chains quickly, search for Freedom Stick these music notes to the sky for my peoples to see em So they might just lead em from the night to"
  • Love (F) - Atlantic Popes
    "The hours flown away were filled with fun and joy It's been what you could call a perfect day Voices on the radio: sit down and relax for a while They say Silent lights are driving on the window pane"
  • Exhibit F - Boogie Down Productions
    "When you realize you have this army, or one concept, one thought, one movement, one action; you have what is called a revolution. But the more we stay seperated, and the more we don't understand the concept"
  • F*** You - Die Trying
    "My emotions run high Can you counterweight and make you feel? Can you hear my voice come down, down, down? Can you take that away and do what I say? Fuck you This doesn't matter Don't say this doesn't"
  • Axel F - Apartment 26
    "with strong intent I set the goal now spin the wheel, let the dice roll I just try to be aware! arms stretchin out to take it all now spin the wheel and answer the call. I just try to be aware. I'm so"
  • Santa F - Bon Jovi
    "On the streets where you live girls talk about their social lives They're made of lipstick plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes All your life, all your life, all you've asked is whens your"
  • F*** Faces - Scarface
    "(feat. Too Short, Tela & Devin) {Scarface} Man I met this chick so fine So bad She made me sick some time I just had to fuck this bitch one time I met her in the galleria shopping, buying Gifts for"
  • F-D - Fugazi
    "Son of a gun and knife and bomb Son of a bitch earned every stitch Son of a father's son yes I know I'm one Now it's time to pull the switch Touch with your eyes drool with my eyes Touch with your"
  • F-Stop - Sullivan
    "Walk into flames that you start with yourself So get help while you can to pull meat from bones Burn down your home Create a diversion to buy yourself time To give thanks to the ones who are all alone You're"
  • F you - Da Brat
    "Uh uh uh I know don't exactly what's wrong with your nigga's neck It's ain't my fault if he looking You 'spose to keep his ass in check cause Every time I come near All he do is stare And I can see it"
  • The F Word - Cannibal Ox
    "It's like, I care about you, I think about you all the time it's like, we friends and shit? which means we treat each other right you'll be there for me when you gonna be there for me Verse 1: (Vast Aire"
  • The F Word - Babybird
    "Wanna get low Wanna get high Glue's in the bag like the clouds in the sky Sticks to the cider, sticks to your lips Wanna get the spiders off my hips Try and make out when you don't get kissed You wanna"
  • The F World - Bad Astronaut
    "Something always gives It's the matter of the time you waste And here I am out of your focus it comes down to you The direction that you choose The choices in our lives And you choose to live in spite Far"
  • Eve F/ The Lox - Double R What - Eve
    "(Intro) Jadakiss: What up what up what up, yea! Styles: Eve let's do it again! Hahaha... (Verse 1: Styles) Yea it's the ghost Jada and Eve I squeeze my shit, I don't wave it and leave Y'all motherf**kin'"
  • F - Nuclear Assault
    "Searching, for a ne way you're looking for a way out of this mess you've let build up around you Believe what you see, Believe what you hear It's time, to take charge of your on fife and start making decisions,"
  • F - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "Instrumental (Beethoven once more relents when he realizes what he would lose. Fate then takes him to an alley outside a neighborhood tavern. It is years later and both Beethoven and Theresa are considerably"
  • F - Ali Project
    "Fuyu no michi ni saita hana Futari aruita koro wa Kidzukazu ni Toorisugite ita deshou Why are you leaving Yobitomete kureru hito mo naku What will I live for Dakishimeru Tooi yasashisa yo Gokarashi ga"

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