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When We Were Lovers

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When We Were Lovers

  • Once Were Lovers - Luther Vandross
    "We shared a life, we shared a heart But what we united seems to be breaking apart Its a haunting pain, goes right to the core Now were dividing whats mine from whats yours Ill keep the same old things"
  • Once were lovers - Vandross Luther
    "We shared a life, we shared a heartBut what we united seems to be breaking apartIt-s a haunting pain, goes right to the coreNow we-re dividing what-s mine from what-s yoursI-ll keep the same old things"
  • Lovers - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Mickey Newbury) Once they were lovers but now they're not friends She's found another--he says it's the end To think they once tore down the wall for a door But now they don't speak anymore So he walks"
  • Lovers - Cliff Richard
    "Once they were lovers but now they're not friends She's found another and he says it's the end To think they once tore down a wall for a door But now they don't speak anymore So he walks the streets,"
  • We Were Lovers - Bloc Party
    "We meet inside the caf The air is thick like hospital Choked by the gold on your finger We were lovers Bury the thoughts that resurface Those hands were mine And now our love has been forgotten Like"
  • Lovers That Never Were - Elvis Costello
    "(McCartney/MacManus) I have always needed somebody, girl But I close the doors to keep out the world But for you I would be here all alone Locked in a photograph All of the clocks have run down Lover"
  • When We Were Younger - Magnum
    "I think of the people that I used to know Lovers I can recall, where are they now? I wonder if anyone still feels the same? I do remember it all, just yesterday And all those sunny days always around Falling"
  • The Lovers That Never Were - Paul McCartney
    "I Have Always Needed Somebody Girl, But I Close The Doors To Keep Out The World. But For You, I Would Be Here All Alone, Locked In A Photograph. All Of The Clocks Have Run Down. Lover Beware. We'll Be"
  • The Lovers We Were - Michael Ball
    "(Brian Spence) I can't believe We're talking again Moving in nearer Touching your hand Pulling you close again Holding you tight All those regrets Those missing nights I can't say I haven't loved Some"
  • If We Were Lovers - Gloria Estefan
    "One day soon It's gonna happen just by chance You and I Will just succumb to this romance On that day My love will find you And you'll discover What a wonder life can be And you will know How much i love"
  • I Thought We Were Lovers - Agnes Pihlava
    "It was only yesterday I lived to make believe As everything 'bout you and me felt as good as it can be Now I can see that you've come to say goodbye Got my pride, ain't gonna ask you why I thought"
  • Lovers - Abba
    "(B-side to 'Chiquitita', January 1979) I've always hated my room, it's so gloomy and dreary Always the dark, for the windows just face the back yard So I can't understand how it's happened, how everything's"
  • True Lovers - Babyface
    "Written by babyface, l.a. reid, daryl simmons (1991) Performed by jermaine jackson Spoken: You know girl, all my life I've been looking for someone like you And you know true love Is so hard to find Since"
  • When We Were The New Boys - Rod Stewart
    "With laughing eyes I do recall Every face that crammed this hall And in this room our hats were hung And words were written and songs were sung And we held our glasses high And we dared to reach for the"
  • Old Lovers - Richard Ruane
    "Lovers once were here Now are past and gone Sometimes easy leaving Sometimes raw and wrong All those lows and peaks Hide and seeks Never really leave you They're never really gone But I can still remember The"
  • Two lovers - Julio Iglesias
    "I thought that I was strong I thought that I was wise I never let my heart control my mind I thought I had it all I felt my life complete And love became a word I left behind And then I saw you there My"
  • Lovers Cross - Jim Croce
    "Guess that it was bound to happen Was just a matter of time But now I've come to my decision And it's a-one of the painful kind 'Cause now it seems that you wanted a martyr Just a regular guy wouldn't"
  • Lovers' Ghetto - Angie Stone
    "Through the thirty years and all the years between You never turned on me And it opened my eyes to see That you were the one for me And the value in you is beyond what money can buy Your kiss is so refreshing"
  • When We Were Young - Adele
    "When we were young (When we were young) /4x Let me photograph you in this light in case it is the last time So we might be exactly like we were before we realised We're sad of getting old it made us"
  • When We Were Young - Leverage
    "There's a message in a bottle Lying on the shore of seas of time Signed and sealed by both of us together When we were young Each sunset brought a new horizon Beyond the boundaries of all dreams None"

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