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When You Love Somebody - Abraham Mateo

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When You Love Somebody - Abraham Mateo

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When You Love Somebody - Abraham Mateo
  • Abraham Mateo When You Love Somebody
    "When you love somebody When you love somebody Girl I want your body Right beside my body"
  • Pitbull, Stereotypes Jungle (ft. E-40, Abraham Mateo)
    "I want all the ladies out there go ahead and uh shake what your mama gave ya! talk to ‘em like oho girl I want you to shake /4x what your mama gave ya! oho sexy thang don’t be scared to act like an"
  • Leela James When You Love Somebody
    "What is a woman to do with a man who treats her unkindly when she does all she can I cried so many nights, how we fuss and fight the make ups (the make ups) and the break ups (the break ups) I loved"
  • Joana Zimmer When you love somebody
    "Heres my story. Theres now question that I'm in a state of misery for the place my. Hearts at. I stayed resistant. Tried to keep my cool. Buthis playing by the book wont seem to do.When you love somebody."
  • Alicia Keys When You Really Love Somebody
    "I'm a woman Lord knows it's hard I need a real man to give me what I need Sweet attention, love and tenderness When it's real it's unconditional I'm telling y'all Cause a man just ain't a man if"
  • Tonic Somebody
    "I need to be around you I want to fall into your eyes I love to feel you close to me But there's no peace of mind I live to hear you laughing I long to feel your hands fall down Along the side of me A"
  • Reba McEntire Somebody
    "(Dave Berg/Sam Tate/Annie Tate) At a diner down on Broadway they make small talk When she brings his eggs and fills his coffee cup He jokes about his love life And tells her he's 'bout ready to give up That's"
  • Heaven 17 Somebody
    "You've got to face the fact That in the world today They try and take away the blue skies And all the children that play But it's a curious fact In every hour in every place That when the right time arrives"
  • Mary Mary Somebody
    "Everybody has bad days When they feel like no one cares Call your friends in the middle of the night And they just can't be there I know someone who's available And He'll answer every time you call He"
  • Phil Keaggy Abraham
    "Look at the stars, Abraham And believe I Am. Can you count stars, Abraham Or the grains of sand? I see why the tide keeps rolling I see why the tide keeps rolling in And building up the Sand Tree. You've"
  • Keelaghan James Abraham
    "I had a dream the other night when all the world was still That I walked out with Abraham below a fortess on a hill We looked across the Saint Charles River to the heights that bear his Name And talked"
  • Emmylou Harris Abraham, Martin And John
    "(Richard Holler) I am a backseat driver from America They drive to the left on Falls Road And the man at the wheels name is Shamus We pass a the child on a corner he knows And Shamus says "now what chance"
  • The Chainsmokers, Drew Love Somebody
    "in the town full of fancy cars and crowded bars and supermodels looks exactly the way it did inside my head when I dreamed about it all the things I could live without I need it now cause they’re all around"
  • Frank Sinatra When Somebody Loves You
    "(S. Cahn, J. Van Heusen) When somebody loves you, you feel it in your heart When somebody loves you, you know it from the start Every kiss becomes more than a kiss Each look, each touch they mean so"
  • Bryan Ferry When Somebody Thinks
    "(Woods and Dunn) When somebody thinks you're wonderful What a difference in your day Seems as though your troubles disappear Like a feather in your way When somebody thinks you're wonderful Tells you"
  • Alan Jackson When Somebody Loves You
    "When your heart is all alone every second Seems so long When it's just you, you can't see through Those ol' clouds that rain so blue But when somebody loves you There's nothing you can't do When somebody"
  • Mandisa Love Somebody
    "(feat. tobymac & Diverse City) I need a minute, can we get some time? We both know we don't see eye to eye I know it's hard on us when we disagree But don't you think that you and me could take a chance? And"
  • Ace Hood Love Somebody
    "(feat. Jeremih) I could have all the money in the world But it wouldn't mean nothin', nothin', nothin' And I could have all the fame in the world But it wouldn't mean nothin', nothin', nothin' If you"
  • Tom Eeckhout Love Somebody
    "Refrain: I love somebody, But she doesn't love me, She doesn't want me (2 x) Strophe 1: When I walk trough the street I'm thinking of you I can't get you out of my head Cause I love you I love"
  • Phat Chance Love Somebody
    "There I go again, You caught me Tripping over my two feet But You say that's okay You pick me up And let me try all over again And You catch me in Your loving arms And You forgive me when I ask You It's"

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