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When every things come crashing down

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When every things come crashing down

  • Crashing - unloco
    "Every time that I bleed it's my affection Every time that I come clean it's my humiliation And everything that I say, I say to save myself Everything that I say makes My world come crashing down Every"
  • Crashing Down - Mat Kearney
    "These back steps are steeper to the ground The brightest stars are falling down I'm walking the edge, walking the tightest rope We can be frank, reality rips on through, rolling like a hurricane I'm over"
  • Crashing Down - Dead Poetic
    "Dont fool the crowd with all your sentiments in vain. We are alive again. We will survive again. Dont turn your back to every move you ever made. We are alive again. We will survive again. And all these"
  • Crashing Down - EMMI
    "I am diving up this mountain I am climbing to the bottom of this sea I'm wearing shades when it is midnight I'm walking backwards and my eyes, they are closed And now that all four walls come crashing"
  • Crashing Down - Full Blown Chaos
    "Everyday I pull tighter Bring you closer to the fire Choke the life from your eyes As I inhale your dying breath Who need enemies with friends like you Your lies cut like broken glass Another day you"
  • Crashing Down - Paperboys
    "Oh, I can't believe it's finally here after all this time The people, they are finally waiting in line They can feel that freedom, it's running through their hands As they mark the "X" in favour that"
  • Crashing Down - Del Amitri
    "Well it might not be so important to you now When the night is young and everyone's around And the music flows Through your doped up Disney mind. But you'll be crying like a baby when it comes And"
  • Crashing Down - Heather Dale
    "You must be getting pretty tired Of the man who once inspired you Going back on what he asked you to believe All the promises of power From his glittering ivory tower Where's the height that he once told"
  • Crashing Down - American Steel
    "passion overcomes reason again drunk clarity amid such desperation running around the wharf with you seven blankets and we're still freezing half to death somehow i'm still managing this smile in my life i"
  • When The Walls Come Crashing Down - A Global Threat
    "A Global Threat Miscellaneous When The Walls Come Crashing Down there's a veteran who's rotting on the side of the street he came home from war and couldn't make ends meet crashing down your"
  • Crashing - Gravity Kills
    "Mouth open tongue that I taste No lover can kill you this way Like poison I feel it drip down Take over - insanity makes no sound That's all I'm getting. It's all but fitting You turn my meaning inside"
  • Crashing the Ambulance - Kinky Machine
    "Heading for a break down Or may be a pile up ?? They always wanna cut me up I know just where I'm heading for I've been there many times before In the silence of the night Come the sirens of the flashing"
  • Crashing Around You - Machine Head
    "I am your nightmares, true scares That dream when you can't stop from falling Can't fight, can't run Can't stop the person you've become I am your heartbreaks, mistakes That place inside your hate I am"
  • Comes Crashing - Dogwood
    "It's picking time Time for me to leave and walk away from us My feet are tired Too tired to carry both of us through this again On into nothing Out in the open I say goodbye in faith I'll wait Surrender"
  • Crashing Down - The Saturdays
    "Yeah I talked it out with a friend of mine Looks like I'm gonna loose your love this time She said I've cheated on you for too long And don't I realise I ain't that strong Bridge But now the nights are"
  • Crashing Down - Sugarcult
    "I've got something up my sleeve that I don't wanna show you 'Cause everytime I bleed, I make a fool of me I've got shaky little fingers, that hold on to your grip You've got wrapped around my world So"
  • Crashing Down - Common Children
    "This damaged world can change you Break you open Spill you to the ground It leaves you stranded Empty handed Hits you when you're down Try and hold it back When you're standing there with nothing They're"
  • Crashing Down - Trail Of Tears
    "Crashing down from divine disgrace Hanging on with a bitter restraint They never seemed to care that your hope was lost once more They never seemed to care that your mind was turned to stone Let your"
  • Crashing Down - Psychopunch
    "Don't think I ever wanna see your face again I curse the day when I first heard your name First time you saw me I was crawling on the floor You picked me up & you took care of me for sure But I don't"
  • Rain Comes Crashing Down - Night Ranger
    "So you say you've written letters And you've mailed them to yourself And through the politics of compromise You've left them lying upon your shelf At the risk of seeming crazy I've set off to find your"

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