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When i'm wihout you atb

  • Everything Is Wrong - Atb (Addicted To Music) - ATB
    "Show me your disguise My complicated soul My insulated cold and borrowed Show me where you'll hide When everything is bold When I can't even scold tomorrow CHORUS: I tried to say I'm sorry But everyone"
  • ATB - Ecstasy
    "Have you ever noticed, That Im not acting as I used to do before? Have you ever wondered, Why I always keep on coming back for more? What have you done to me, Ill never be the same I'll tell you for"
  • Living In A World Wihout You - The Rasmus
    "It's hard to believe that it came to this. You paralysed my body with a poison kiss. For 40 days and nights I was chained to your bed. You thought that was the end of the story. Something inside me called"
  • Let U Go (ATB Remix) - ATB
    "I've been to all the familiar places I've been running like a sentence never begun I've been looking for a way to let you know I got nothing left to fill the spaces I got nothing but a sentence coming"
  • When I'm - Hilltop Hoods
    "Hold everything dear in your hand in a moment it's gone everything that you love disappears hold everything close cause you may outlast it memory's all that remain of the way that it was watch it all"
  • When I'm With You - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) When I'm with you I never have a problem when I'm with you I'm really well-adjusted when I'm with you, with you, with you When I'm with you When I'm with you I lose a lot of sleep"
  • When I'm With You - Brodiepunk
    "It doesn't matter what we do Just as long as I'm with you I'd do the same thing everyday I've never felt like this before You keep me coming back for more And you know I'm here to stay I think about when"
  • When I'm With You - Orange And Lemons
    "When I'm with you girl My world turns upside down When I'm with you girl It makes me wanna cry out loud Oh, I love you so and I know You'll always be the one Be the one for me When I'm with you When"
  • When I'm Over You - Elvis Presley
    "When I'm over you there'll be darkness where my soul has been And no light will ever shine again when I'm o-over you When you're leavin' is over and there's not another tear to cry In the silence of that"
  • When I'm With You - Sheriff
    "I never needed love Like I need you And I never lived for nobody But I live for you Ooh babe Lost in love is what I feel When I'm with you Maybe it's the way you touch me With the warmth of the sun Maybe"
  • When I'm With You - Westlife
    "When I'm with you, when I'm with you When I'm with you you you you...when I'm with you Verse 1 What good's a memory Without you there with me The morning sun ain't the same without you here You are the"
  • When I'm With You - Faber Drive
    "Saw you walk in to the room Thought i'd try to talk to you Babe, am i ever glad you wanted me to Its been two years to the day half the time I've been away I know I'm not there enough but that's gonna"
  • When I'm With You - Laura Branigan
    "(Jack White/Mark Spiro/Harold Faltermeyer) I got this tension down in my bones Feel it come whenever you're near A new dimension that I can't control I don't know what's happening here 'Cause one night"
  • When I'm With You - Prussian Blue
    "You make me feel, Like I'm in the air. You make me feel, Like I'm very fair. Oh my head is spinning, Like I'm off the ground, Oh my head is spinning, I'm glad its you I found. Its up down, All around,"
  • When I'm With You - Kyla
    "I like what I see my friend All our moments and all of the time we spend The way that you make me feel When you know my heart wants something I know we could last till the bitter end But only if we'll"
  • When I'm With You - Why Store
    "When I'm with you I forget the winter When I'm with you, well, baby, I forget the pain Well, I know the loneliness can starve you blind And I know loneliness is just a matter of time Forgetting everything"
  • When I'm Missin' You... - A1
    "Sunday mornin', Time to say goodbye, But I'll be home real soon, Though I'm leavin', girl don't start to cry, I'll be thinkin of you, yeah It's a lonely ride on the midnight train, I'm countin' down the"
  • When I'm Missing You - 'N Sync
    "Sunday morning time to say goodbye But I'll be holding you soon Though I'm leavin', girl don't start to cry I'll be thinkin' of you .... yeah It's a lonely ride on the midnight train I'm countin' down"
  • When I'm Missing You - A1
    "(BEN) Sunday morning,time to say goodbye But I'll be home real soon Though I'm leaving Girl don't start to cry I'll be thinking of you, yeah.. (PAUL) It's a lonely ride on a midnight train I'm counting"
  • When I'm With You - Don Williams
    "If I could write about the way you make me feel I wonder what I'd write Cause of all the words there are to use That never say it right When I only have a minute and It'd take a thousand hours And some"

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