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When love is getting cold

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When love is getting cold

  • Love is cold - Culture Club
    "You were never no good (x4) oh no... you say that love is wrong 'cause I know that love is strong when you get it from some they say that love is just thrown away did they ever love you my way you were"
  • Giving is getting - Olsen Twins
    "There's a lot to like about Christmas,like spending time with friends.Baking things and trimming trees,and getting lots of presents.But the best thing about Christmas,is the feeling that you get,when you"
  • When The Night Is Cold - Army Of Lovers
    "I want to break out I want to break out from this trap I'm in I want to shake out I want to shake out all this talk of sin But when the night is cold Protect my heart and soul Keeping our mystery alive I"
  • Cold - Sonata Arctica
    "Standing with my back against the wall Standing with back against the wall... it's cold Cold... Day, night, fades to dawn Now the fire breathing dragon I have nursed by my side is turning cold One night,"
  • Cold - Heaven Shall Burn
    "I don't know when it came. This cold, it fills my soul. I still feel a fire, but I dosn't. Warm anymore. Where is all energy, we once got from love? Paralyze througths, our hands are frozen. Empty"
  • Cold - Tears For Fears
    "The coldest shoulder cast in metalFrozen to the boneTo rely on hook, line and sinkerWhat a sinkerSinking like a stoneYou'd be better off aloneShe saw me on the television underneath the sunThought that"
  • Cold Beverage - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Yo- could I get a cold beverage I need some leverage It's sunny outside Some lemonade would be nice Or a sprite through the drive through At B.K. Yo I'll buy girl a drink But girls got to pay On the front"
  • Getting There - Tom Wehrle
    "There are days I feed this fever Like a dead man on my bed 'til I can't divine the truth that I was seeking from the questions in my head And there are days when grace compels me To uncover my disease There"
  • Getting Money - E.S.G.
    "Yes we are, yes we are Ooh, we getting money - 3x Man, I done came a long way Now all my people getting money, like the song say Now what you know bout sleeping on old sheets, and wasn't no silk I was"
  • Getting Stronger - Adeaze
    "listen to me im feeling afraid of something in my life that is wrong and i need you to tell me that im ok dont worry because i am strong i know it gets hard sometimes but remember that im only human and"
  • Getting Better - Bob Schneider
    "Well I'm driving downtown in my big red cadilac sipping on ice wine, mixing it with similac feeling the amazing flow of centuries in the afterglow setting my stereo for nothing but the big beats windows"
  • Getting Closer - Ali Tatyana
    "Ali Tatyana Miscellaneous Getting Closer When it comes down to me and you theres no demand to what we do met no one like you its been a while when I say its been a while this you best believe it child, I"
  • Getting Closer - Tatyana Ali
    "(feat. Kel Spencer) [1: Sample ad-lib] Let's make it funky Real funky for you Ooh, ooh, oh [1] When it comes down to me and you There's no limit to what we're doing Met no one like you, it's been"
  • Getting It - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga) DJ Clue Desert Strom Yea Flipmode Busta Rhymes Rah Digga The Inauguration (New Busta Rhymes!!!) Yea, yea ha ha ha yea (Feat Rah Digga) What Give it to me All my nggaz Where"
  • Cold beberage - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Yo- could I get a cold beverageI need some leverageIt's sunny outsideSome lemonade would be niceOr a sprite through the drive throughAt B.K. Yo I'll buy girl a drinkBut girls got to payOn the front porch"
  • This Is Why I'm Cold - Twista
    "This is why I'm cold This is why I'm cold This is why, this is why This is why I'm cold This is why I'm cold This is why I'm cold This is why, this is why This is why I'm cold I'm cold cuz I'm"
  • Love Is A Cold Wind - Roy Orbison
    "(Black/Bourke) Love is a cold wind When it blows away from you As you watch it go, it hurts to know There's nothing you can do You're all alone again And love is a cold wind Love is a rain storm But"
  • Cold Outside - Jin
    "They say only the good die young, and with that said It dont get no better then me, its coming from my head I represented for yall when i came thru the market Bout to come in who i am, i became a target And"
  • Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old - Les Savy Fav
    "We were young and we were wicked. We dove headfirst into the thicket. When we came out we bled like sieves And we told tales no one believed. I want to know, How did it get so cold? Heavens to Betsy, Won't"
  • The Ice Is Getting Thinner - Death Cab For Cutie
    "We're not the same, dear As we used to be The seasons have changed And so have we There was little we could say And even less that we could do To stop the ice from getting thinner Under me and you We"

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