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When no talk enymore

  • Talk - Why Don't We
    "It's not just me, no, you feel it too You know and I know, we lost the lotto It's like our love cut the line in two We're on different sides though, lost in the echo Our lips are moving, they're makin'"
  • Talk - Nicole Scherzinger
    "(But You Just Can't Step) Talk to me boyLook I wanna have a word with you Why'd ya decide to cheat ya came sinking under ma feet and it ain't fair I thought you were there I thought you cared you wished"
  • When we talk - Jan Traczyk
    "We don’t need sex At least, not yet We found else .. Spark of happiness You know that we haveWe don’t need sex At least, not yet We found else .. Spark of happiness You know that we have Some kind of substitute When"
  • Talk Talk - Talk Talk
    "Well did I tell you before When I was up Anxiety was bringing me down I'm tired of listening to you Talking in rhymes Twisting round to make me think You're straight down the line All you do to me is talk"
  • No More Talk - T.I.
    "I'm either running for my life or I'm just waiting to die I'm the supplier of the fire if you're chasing a high It's never, when or why, it's the way that he die Did he stand like a man till the day that"
  • When I Talk To You - Mandy Moore
    "Remember me Feels like forever Since the days When we were friends I don't understand All these changes I'm still the same No need to pretend Where'd it go..? Do you know..? Maybe it just doesn't matter 'Cause"
  • When You Talk About Love - Patti LaBelle
    "I'd like to give you a test, So darlin' prepare yourself, When I say Love please explain, What picture pop in your brain, 'Cause when you talk about love (love, love, love), When you think about love (love,"
  • No Time For Talk - Christopher Cross
    "Well, I read it in town in the melancholy news The front page story is our love is through The hand of time is cold, I can't stand to hear the truth Somehow I won't believe it till I've heard it from you There's"
  • What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) - dEUS
    "What we talk about, When we talk about love Talk about a shot from the hip And the sky above Talk about the glow on the lip What the moon's made of Talk about things you can't see When you talk about"
  • Body Talk - Ratt
    "I don't like feelin' Mixed up in the city Showdown Slow down You're not foolin' me You live your life, I'll live mine Underground Body talk I see your body talk You make my body talk When you're next"
  • We'll Talk - Odds
    "A tear walked down from my fingertip Like a ladybug sidetracked from a favorite trip We never got to the touching feeling Cause the skins to sensitive when the wounds are healing Like ice cream, to close"
  • Talk Dirty - John Entwistle
    "You talk about the weather Sun's out - it's gonna rain It's gonna pour down. Take a drive - no car Take walk - let's stay home And fool around. You talk about religion Moses - Jezebel Go to church -"
  • Talk Talkin' - Joe Perry
    "Talk talkin' bout my kinda woman Talk talkin' bout my kinda woman Talk talkin' bout my kinda woman Talk talkin' bout my kinda woman Ahhhh, she's somethin' to see When it comes to lovin' she's wild and"
  • Talk Dirty - Rafał i Krzysztof Jonkiszowie
    "I?m the flight that you get on, international First class seat on my lap girl Riding comfortable, cause I know what the girl them need New york to Haiti, I got lipstick stamps for my passport You make"
  • Body Talk - Foxes
    "Days like these I just want you back I can't breathe I can't even speak No La la la la la la la Gotta rise Gotta fight Cause it's something I wanted Oh, he's got to go I can see in the light It's not"
  • Don't Talk - Vanessa Hudgens
    "Like A shooting star Your headed by me You touched my heart But won't set me free. Oh boy You've got to be patient with me Oh Boy I wanna get to know you much better Let's start it out being friends for"
  • Donkey Talk - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) Donkey talk I can hear the donkey talk Words chained out in a line Loads of reason not much rhyme Finger drumming beats behind Donkey talk most of the time The"
  • Small Talk - Niall Horan
    "She's been lookin' at me all night I'm terrified, I know why, baby She's got the wrong crazy Oh, I see the moon in her eyes I'm paralyzed, she's not my baby She's got the wrong crazy Like wolves, we"
  • Real Talk - Dave Hollister
    "Real talk I'm a attracted to you Wanna do something to you Wanna feel your body all over mine Tell me what your feeling Can we make this happen We can get this crackin' in no time But there's one condition Before"
  • Small talk - Saving Aimee
    "So yeah you're into taking all the credit in your preppy clothes We don't get a single word you bought us out that's how it goes Would you like a ticket to our next support show? I'll throw in this song"

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