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When the stars collaid end

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When the stars collaid end

  • Stars - Madina Lake
    "We walk past a dead end street Atop the hill so we can be alone. Under the moon it's beautiful. The stars clear the black of night when Im with you. And nervously I take your hands and promise you"
  • Stars - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha mado no soto hikaru no wa biru no akari itsuka mita yozora no hoshi ni niteru sukoshi niteru omoichigai shite nakereba kodomo no koro hitorikiri papa"
  • Where Do The Stars End - Kevin Ayers
    "Floating on moonlight With my head on your knee; But, once again, babe I'm thinking about me. And, though we're feeling close And touching, too; You have to admit, babe, You're thinking about you. And,"
  • When stars collide - Iced Earth
    "(Born is he)Look unto the days of warningA night that the sky is burningWhen stars collidePure mathematical perfectionAncient pain feeds resurrectionWhen stars collideForged in flames, sacred fireBorn"
  • Theme From The Stars - Stars
    "The stars are out tonight And you can see them quite clearly if your timing's right They cast a special light The stars will sink at dawn And we'll be left in the cold light of the coming morn And then"
  • When the sun and stars - Valley's Eve
    "At the edge of timeIn the boundless universeA fire is burningIt will swallow youCome to me, an inner voiceThe veiw of an angel looking in the distanceYou have seen itThe alchemy of the divine habits on"
  • Stars - Switchfoot
    "Maybe I've been the problem, Maybe I'm the one to blame, But even when I turn it off and blame myself The outcome feels the same. I've been thinking Maybe I've been partly cloudy, Maybe I'm the chance"
  • Stars - Smoking Popes
    "Your dreams of love would come true If you'd only dream that I'm in love with you Look up at the stars tonight And guess which one I wished upon If I were a lucky guy I don't think I'd know what to do I"
  • Stars - Kylie Minogue
    "You're asking yourself, what's real? What to do with these feelings That you have inside, surreal Yeah yeah yeah yeah When you look deep into the pockets of the universe... '''You never know what you'll"
  • Stars - Demi Lovato
    "Walkin' in, we causin' a frenzy Walkin' in, we causin' a Knock 'em all out, beat 'em like ... Walkin' in, we causin' a frenzy Walkin' in, we causin' a Knock 'em all out, beat 'em like ... We don't give"
  • Stars - Blackfoot
    "The time has come for me to say Things I should've said, oh, yesterday Some people I knew thought they had it made Forgot their friends when they hit the stage And they didn't seem to care Oh, Their eyes"
  • Stars - Alison Krauss
    "Stood out in the rain. Let it soak me down, Before I called you... I called you. You did not see me there, Hidden by the dark, Beneath your window, But I saw you. When putting on a face for the mirror"
  • Stars - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "Stood out in the rain, let it soak me down Before I called you, I called you You did not see me there, hidden by the dark Beneath your window but I saw you When putting on a face for the mirror on the"
  • Stars - Alejandro Fuentes
    "One stolen look cross the room an illusive smile, but soon baby soon. One minute for every hour but time hasn't been on our side on our side. Still holding on been waiting so long for that indelible time. When"
  • Stars - Acel Bisa
    "I am here asking why It didn't happen the way I planned it I can't understand why But I have to face it so I could fly In the night when stars are not bright It's so quiet... I kneel as we communicate I"
  • Stars - Mark Owen
    "Gonna build a rocket Anytime you want it Paint it pretty colors Gonna light it up and take us to the moon That’s what I’m gonna do That’s what I’m gonna Save up all the paper Gonna need later Maybe take"
  • Stars - Firevision
    "Chorus x 3 I can see the stars of the future in front of our eyes and I don't feel the pain no more It's easy to believe in tomorrow when you're here with me and all we got is the feeling so pure I"
  • Stars - Epic Hero
    "Everybody has an opinion Nobody has the disease Scratching just to break through the surface They're not happy til somebody bleeds It's incredible how you survive Stretching out as far as the ocean"
  • Stars - Barbies Cradle
    "If i could see you next monday it'd be alright I'll just hold on to the memory of tonight And i could smile at 3am When i close my eyes and I pretend That you're here And you're listening And you care"
  • Stars - Nina Simone
    "Nina Simone Stars (Janis Ian) I was never one for singing what I really feel Except tonight I'm bringing everything I know that's real Stars, they come and go, they come fast or slow They go"

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