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When youre Dolores oriordan

  • Dolores - Skangur
    "Tell me when I'm wrongDoloresTrust me when I'm out of homeDoloresAll we need is love Take your time and hurry upTell me what you need DoloresAll this I will satisfyLet me feel your loveWhen I'm goneCause"
  • When Youre Gone - Avril Lavigne
    "I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cry And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie is made up on your side When you walk away I count the"
  • Just When Youre Leaving - Joanna Pacitti
    "im watching you turning away wish i could turn back the hands of time to yesterday i know i was wrong i made a mistake now the only one i love is going away (chorus) just when youre leaving just when"
  • When Youre A Tuesday Girl - Tuesdays
    "When your sky comes tumbling down It can turn around if you're in the right state of mind Life's a spinning ferris wheel All these things we feel inside our hearts They are for real Don't wait"
  • Dolores - RuPaul
    "Oh yeah Hey Yo no s Yo no s Yo no s The moon is bright tonight, Miami The highlights in your hair Your skin, it look just smooth as satin Everyone, they stare Is it in your eyes Or in your smile Makes"
  • Dolores - Frank Sinatra
    "Writer(s): Frank Loesser, Louis Alter How I love the kisses of Dolores Aye-aye-aye Dolores Not Marie or Emily or Doris Only my Dolores >From a balcony above me She whispers Love me and throws a rose Ah"
  • Dolores - Funny Van Dannen
    "Als ich aufwachte stand ein Gerippe im Raum und ich sagte: Hallo Skelett Es hauchte ich heie Dolores und es setzte sich zu mir aufs Bett Ich sah ihre goldene Armbanduhr und ich fragte sie: ist die echt? Sie"
  • Dolores - Freedy Johnston
    "Dolores was her middle name She read the book and everything Now I know how old I am Have you ever seen that film? Talking to a hotel mirror with my glasses off Now you know just what he's crying about Dolores"
  • Dolores - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) ready, one, two, a-one, two, three, four Dolores from the Silver Screen a bigger star than Charlie Sheen with quite a knack for being mean she is, yes she is, yes she is Dolores, you're a movie"
  • Dolores - Charles Aznavour
    "Sans doute je ne serais pas qui je suis Je ne serais pas o j'en suis Si je n'avais jamais connu Dolors Sans doute je n'aurais jamais russi Je n'habiterais pas Passy Si je n'avais jamais connu Dolors Sans"
  • Dolores - Vanguart
    "I know my words are sickwell, so do ibut come gather round n i'll tell a tale about a man that sold his eyesTo lose weight and to get cuteto reach a girl who's just like youto forget a girl he never hadThen"
  • Youre So Fine - Wilson Pickett
    "(Im Looking Rather Wasted, now that your gone, now that i know, your on your own..)X2 Have you Seen The Very Thing, Thats Making all the noise, so shimmering Do you Know? Youre not alone, cause every"
  • A-Youre Adorable - Jo Stafford
    "When Johnny Jones was serenading Mary He sure could quote a lot of poetry But he'd much rather tell 'er what he learned in his speller When they both attended PS 33 (A) you're adorable (B) you're"
  • Remember Youre Mine - Pat Boone
    "(Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe) (Remember, remember you're mine) Be-ee fai-thful, darlin' While you're away For when it's summer A heart can stray And though I'll miss you Have a wonderful time Just remember,"
  • Now Youre Gone - Black
    "Listen to the money while it talks, makes you feel used up and small. You're caught between its hands. Why did you try at all? I listened and remembered what he said- "What's good for me is good for you. "
  • Youre My Family - Doro Und Warlock
    "Everyone hurts, everyone bleeds With all this pain right underneath All we need is holding on We got the key To carry on 'Cause you are ''Chorus'' You're my family You're my destiny The only ones The"
  • Youre My Flavour - Lenny Kravitz
    "The way you love me Is like a needle in my vein When you're not around me You know it just don't feel the same And I've waited a long time Just to feel the way I do Just give me the reason And I will be"
  • Youre So Vain - Liza Minnelli
    "You walked in to the party Like you were walkin' onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was apricot You had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself gavotte And"
  • Youre Not Alone - ATB
    "You're not alone Open your mind In a way it's all A matter of time I will not worry for you You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see A face that you recognize You're"
  • Youre So Strong - Mental As Anything
    "I walk along right next to you You seem to know just what to do Your body tries to infiltrate Our privacy it's hard to wait Easy darling you can't ignore All of the reasons that I love you for The way"

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