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  • While - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Time will leave And I will follow You dug my hole while you said you love me What will we say What will we be then When we arrive where we never wanted I feel dead when I am close to you And hide from"
  • While Reprobate - Scaterd Few
    "Smite my affliction, Incantations Strip my members bare Kiss me my sin disease contaminate Benevolent apathy regurgitate God, damn our enemies annihilate Why hanging tree while I was reprobate? Martyrs"
  • While You Wait - Joe Pace
    "Verse 1: While you wait, you might have to stand in the rain. While you wait, there may be some heartache and pain. Chorus 1: While you're watiting for your promises to be fulfilled in your life, remember"
  • While I'm Waiting - John Waller
    "I'm waiting I'm waiting on You, Lord And I am hopeful I'm waiting on You, Lord Though it is painful But patiently, I will wait I will move ahead, bold and confident Takeing every step in obedience While"
  • Stay A While - Trish Thuy Trang
    "Please don't walk away (2x) I just wanna be (2x) Here right by your side (2x) Say you'll stay with me (2x) Just a little while (2x) Only you and me (2x) Please don't walk away (2x) Say you'll stay with"
  • For A While - RAMP
    "Close your eyes Free your reasons guide Take a breath of simple life Feel the air coming through your soul Dragging you into unknown For a while, just fly, just let it flow For a while, just slide, just"
  • While We're Young - Perry Como
    "< instrumental opening > Songs were made to sing, While we're young. Every day is Spring, While we're young. None can refuse, Time flies so fast! Too dear to lose, An' too sweet to last! Though"
  • While She's Young - Cliff Richard
    "From here to eternity where time cannot reach What is the lesson that life has to teach Don't try to find it for the answer will come In the message of love on the wings on the sun A heart that is searching"
  • Wait A While - Deep Purple
    "Wait before you go So you will know, what I am feeling as you leave I understand, your need for some time Some solitude Wait a while, before you go You should know by now, my heart belongs to you I know"
  • For A While - Banks Tony
    "Banks Tony A Curious Feeling For A While I feel it leading me Away to I don't know where. I might be back someday, But the people and things will change And no one will remember me then. Don't need no"
  • While You Sleep - Tracy Lawrence
    "I don't say I love you quite enough I know Sometimes I go for days I'm ashamed to say The world moves so fast and the words come so slow And I let those excuses get in my way While you sleep sometimes"
  • For A While - Nina Simone
    "Lost in day to day turned another way with a laugh, a kind hello some small talk with those I know I forget that I'm not over you for a while A wave an easy grin a smile to put them in with other lives"
  • While You Wait - Jigsaw
    "Waiting for you to call me Waiting for you to tell me you care Waiting for you to call me anywhere I don't care how you show it Baby, make me know it Don't stop (there's still time) Put it in a letter Call"
  • For A While - Frank Sinatra
    "(B.Guadio, J.Holmes) Lost in day to day, turn another way With a laugh, a kind hello, some small talk with those I know I forget that I'm not over you for a while A wave an easy grin, a smile to put"
  • While You're Waiting - Ron Sexsmith
    "Time goes slowly Time goes silently Drags its feet, no it never flies While you're waiting for the love to return to her eyes And words they fail you Words come awkwardly Leave your lips as they turn"
  • For A While - Lonewolf
    "There is a thing in this world that burns like a crimson fire that tells me " You are alive " and feeds my soul with desire I want to feel it for a while It comes and goes like melting snow, a dawning"
  • A Little While - Tim McGraw
    "Hot sun dancin' on the river We're sittin on the bank and watch the world go by Our feet in the water she pressed her lips to mine We were so long on love but short on time She could be a honeymoon sweet"
  • While I Play - Bee Gees
    "I cry tears of emotion to spread across the USA Ain't no sunshine cowboy in your pockets I'll make my own way , while I play Baby you forgot your living Someone covered up your eyes In my way at least"
  • Stay A While - Faith Evans
    "Living my life without you Something I don't wanna do So please don't walk away And leave me all alone Baby, stay for just a while 1 - why can't you stay with me For just a while 'cause if you leave You'll"
  • While We're Young - April March
    "Say it's time for love, It's time for thrill, And an adventure. Say you'll drive me away, Fast on the cliffs, And we'll be in danger. Tell me they'll be no fear As we walk to the edge, Stare at the void While"

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