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Whiout you ashes remain

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Whiout you ashes remain

  • Ashes To Ashes - Kamelot
    "Ravished from our paradise A crack in the mirror I know who's to blame So full of life but paralyzed Etched on my iris But I try not to think of it all... We swore to God in Veritas And burned our skin"
  • Remain - Starfield
    "Defender of this heart You loved me from the start You never change Through the highs and lows As seasons come and go You never fail Day after day Your love will remain Faithful and true You are good You"
  • Remain - Pocket Change
    "Feeling so frustrated. Haven't felt so jaded. 22 and fading. At least I'm still relating. (Chorus:) Nothing here had changed and you can't make me happier than I was then. This life might me changing. At"
  • Remain - Jennifer Nettles
    "Hang around, I don't have to make this one so heavy Stick around, could I challenge or dare you to stay I just don't know what it is that makes me this wonderer All I know is I was put here to be in love"
  • Remain - Berman
    "sometimes i follow Your name, and even beg for more, too often then i crumble, down onto the floor, forgetting where i came from, can be so immature, forgetting all that's perfect, i turn and shut the"
  • Remain - Kill Your Idols
    "walking up another day to continue playing this game we play. I don't know who I am to you, and it's so hard for me to accept the truth. Seems like I'm playing the fool, 'cause everything you say, I do."
  • Remain - John Frusciante
    "I'm crowded when I'm gone I live here to seep thru this song Hey la I can't go on I'm lost I'll be there running on & off Hey la And when you reach that point You're a wall And when you bleed sight You"
  • Remain - Course Of Nature
    "I feel it coming from a far off place I need assistance with a change of pace In my heart now there's an empty space But you can change it Bring your heart my way I've been through this alone before I"
  • Ashes To Ashes - Ashes To Ashes
    "Do you remember a guy that's been In such an early song I've heard a rumour from ground control Oh no, don't say it's true They got a message from the action man I'm happy, hope you're happy too Ive loved"
  • Ashes - Tim McGraw
    "Ashes He's nothing but ashes No feelings have lasted No love remains Ashes That's all that our past is He's nothing but ashes From a cold old flame I saw your face when He waltzed in here But those old"
  • Ashes - Martina McBride
    "Ashes He's nothing but ashes No feelings have lasted No love remains Ashes That's all that our past is He's nothing but ashes From a cold old flame I saw your face when He waltzed in here But those old"
  • Ashes - Ambeon
    "Into the heat Swallowed into that hole Melted down Burned to ashes And the ashes flew in the wind Taken by breath As I breathe on Shadows in my head When I'm too high to think Give me my view Burned"
  • Ashes - Pepper
    "It's been so long; it's hard to breathe When the trust is gone, And you face of steel just melts away in the weather. You got a lot to weigh, so weigh it You got a lot to say, just say it. Aren't you"
  • Ashes - Celine Dion
    "what’s left to say? these prayers ain’t working anymore every word shot down in flames what’s left to do with these broken pieces on the floor? I, m losing my voice calling on you cause I’ve been shaking I’ve"
  • Ashes - In This Moment
    "As your eyes start to bleed, you realize it's too late And as your sky starts to fall, you realize you're standing alone The time has come for this to bleed The opening of what you've always known is growing"
  • Ashes - Five Finger Death Punch
    "You don't understand me, and you probably never will I got a tendency to self destruct, and a soft spot for the filth A hair trigger temperament, a switchblade for a tongue I'm a walking one-man genocide with"
  • Ashes - Danzig
    "And the burning of the embers Slowly down inside I will keep you warm this darkness As the ashes die I will call your soul in winter I will keep you mine I will call your soul and winter As the ashes"
  • Ashes - Embrace
    "I've waited, and given the chance again, I'd do it all the same, but either way I'm always outplayed, up on your down days I left it the right way, to start again Now watch me rise up and leave All"
  • Ashes - Pain Of Salvation
    "You claim I don't know you, but I know you well I read in those ash eyes we've been through hell I've walked with the weakest just to feel strong You've given your body just to belong Let's burn together Let's"
  • Ashes - KT Tunstall
    "I am a pain in your ass And I'm wondering how long it's gonna last Be my mirror, be my friend Be the workhouse of the energy I twist your arm to spin Every day, like a power station You know it isn't"

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