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White Lies There Goes Our Love Again

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White Lies There Goes Our Love Again

  • There Goes Our Love Again - White Lies
    "There goes our love again Forgive my heart Forgive my heart There goes our love again Elate my heart and take the time That's burning at the back of my mind Cause I'm broken and blind And holding up"
  • White Lies - Book Of Love
    "Your eyes the whites of your eyes they react to my lies almost caught Your lips speak to my lips they look out for my kiss almost fooled again White lies white lies white Your face next to my face love"
  • There Goes That Song Again - Frank Sinatra
    "There goes that song again, we use to call our serenade We fell in love when we heard it played Over and over and over, over again I still remember when I sang the words and they made you mine I'd steal"
  • Love And Little White Lies - Marc Almond
    "Every day I watch my mirror Getting a little older, wiser, sadder with the years Missed chances Forgotten romances Starting now to loosen with the tears I could fall in love Any time, any place, any where But"
  • White Lies - Girls Aloud
    "White lies One evening you came home an hour late You told me not to worry You been out with your friends I couldn't help but realise The truth was being compromised I could see it in your eyes You say"
  • There She Goes - Babyshambles
    "I, I do declare, I was surprised to see you stay Only to be betrayed By the one you gave all your love and trust to And tell me how could I let go? Since I caught a glimpse of your immense soul You were"
  • Sweet White Lies - Keepsake
    "Drowning in my pool of sorrows Can you imagine what I see? The wrath of all of these emotions That you place inside of me Memories fade away And pictures of a happy yesterday Are nothing more than sweet,"
  • There Goes My Babe - Neil Young
    "The end has come The sky has lost it's sun The harm is done He was the only one There goes my babe There goes what might have been There goes my babe In the cool morning rain And now my heart Lies empty"
  • There & Back Again - Marshall Crenshaw
    "(marshall crenshaw - glen burtnik) There and back again Didn't know what I was walkin' into But when the feeling hit, to follow it, Was all that I could do Now that I've thought it through Here alone"
  • White Lies - Paolo Nutini
    "There's a heart on the line, and it rests with your eyes Please don't fade and please don't cry, 'cause it's all white lies Take a chance watch it fall, grab too much and lose it all Now I've lost my disguise,"
  • White Lies - Frank Bakken
    "So many lies I've told White lies, white lies Tiny lies to make you feel good Never meant to make you sad So sad, so sad All I did was out of foolish pride I am fooling my self That's right I am fooling"
  • White lies - Jessy
    "White lies These mixed-up emotions too hard to controle We need to make a decision I know that it's hurting your body and soul Your heart is ripped out by excision I need to breath again I hope you'll"
  • There She Goes - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "There she goes with the pieces from my heart There she goes and now my teardrops start And 'ere I go once again Tru deese loonely 'eartaches and pain That's all remain all remain Now I know love is a guessin'"
  • There She Goes - Bob Marley
    "There she goes with the pieces from my heart There she goes and now my teardrops start And `ere I go once again Tru deese loonely `eartaches and pain That`s all remain all remain Now I know love is a guessin`"
  • White Lies - Jennifer Chung
    "I started thinking about yesterday, And all the plans that we had made Wanted so bad to talk to you But I knew what I had to do. I put down the phone and let it go 'Cause I knew that my voice would reveal"
  • White Lies - A Human And His Stds
    "Sometimes it seems like I can't get away, from these people and their lies. Its like their too fucking afraid, to honestly live their lives. Shit-talking to the left Shit-talking to the right Do-Si-Do"
  • White Lies - Kevin Tellie
    "I spit out the words that fell into my hand Tell everybody, yeah, tell them again Words out of your mouth they turn into white Don't believe what she said, don't believe what she said I spit out the words"
  • There She Goes - Ziggy Marley
    "Oh, the truth hurts now, more than the lie Tell you teh truth, now I'm blamed to be wrong I wear no disguise But I trod on through those memories That haunt me, that haunt me I trod on through those memories that"
  • White Lies - Bruce Springsteen
    "Your scrapbook's filled with pictures Of all your leading men Oh baby don't put my picture In there with them Oh don't make us some little girl's dream That can not ever really ever come true Baby don't"
  • There Goes Another Love Song - The Outlaws
    "Sometimes I feel like I'm getting kinda low Thoughts that I'm thinkin' are the reason So I try to remember without talkin' to myself Things that I said or maybe things that I felt about you Sittin' in"

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