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White house s��on

  • White House Blues - Indigo Girls
    "Author: Indigo Girls Album title: Nomads.Indians.Saints World Falls ----- ----- (Amy Ray) I'm coming home with a stone, strapped onto my back I'm coming home with a burning hope turning all my blues to"
  • S.O.S. (prod. White House) - PORK PORES PORKINSON (Trzeci Wymiar)
    "P.O.R.K.I.N.S.O.N., gdy jadę na tych bębnach wzywają S.O.S., ziom P.O.R.K.I.N.S.O.N., gdy jadę na tych bębnach /2x Pompuje (?) pompą Stąd foto (?) Trasę wyznacza Tom Tom Płyniemy pod prąd Zostawiam to"
  • White House (Do Your Own Time) - Bride
    "He wore a 4-piece he's doin' all day He had put on Front Street: plenty to say Started with a Bullet: started buggin' out Now he's Red Tag: Confine to a cell. There was a blanket party There was a lock"
  • Zepsuty (prod. White House, cuty: Dj Taek) - Paluch
    "Wyraźnie widzę co się dzisiaj dzieje z ludźmi Cały świat wisi w próżni, moda na bycie próżnym Styl życia luźny jak zwieracze łatwej dziury Bez zobowiązań, aż do zamknięcia urny Nigdy nie stanę obok was"
  • White House Blues - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "McKinley hollered , McKinley squalled Doc said "McKinley I can't find the cause You're bound to die, you're bound to die" Doc told the horse, he'd throw down his rein He said to the horse you gotta outrun"
  • White House Blues - Bill Monroe
    "McKinley hollered , McKinley squalled Doc said McKinley I can't find the cause You're bound to die, you're bound to die Doc told the horse, he'd throw down his rein He said to the horse you gotta outrun"
  • Red House - Great White
    "(Hendrix) There's a red house over yonder, that's where my baby stays. Lord, there's a red house over yonder, Lord, that's where my baby stays. I ain't been home to see my baby in ninety-nine and one half"
  • House On Fire - The Boomtown Rats
    "I heard Tarzan outside playing on the Jungle Blues I know 'cos I saw him shimmer in a Kenyan pool Coming on in the vines with his leopard-skin lioncloth cool Bony Watusi fingers Beating on the bark of"
  • Paper House - Helena
    "I live in a paper house sweet white little and silent vines growing up the sides circling the windows and if you get a chance sometime would you come visit my bedroom and sleep with me in a bed of furs"
  • Pink House - Astrud Gilberto
    "I wann'a pink house at the shore I wann'a love that lasts forever more I wann'a cat and a dog, and a fireplace too I want the music playing at a barbecue I wann'a house full of friends and a jacuzzi for"
  • Haunted House - Mckenna Grace
    "You walk out the door Then you want back in The second that it's cold outside And you see I've got something to give And I'd give it to you 100 times over Till you screwed me over Just like the last time Sayin'"
  • Our House - Eminem
    "= eminem as eminem = eminem as his mom Here's the story... Of a little boy Growing up in a suburban home Tryin to cope with everyday life He lives in a little house That was built in the middle of the"
  • House Carpenter - Bob Dylan
    "Well met, well met, my own true love Well met, well met, cried she I've just returned from the salt, salt sea And it's all for the love of thee I could have married a King's daughter there She would have"
  • House Nigga - Boogie Down Productions
    "Let me see, let me see How should I start If I say stop the violence, I won't chart Maybe I should write some songs like Mozart 'Cause many people don't believe rap is an art Wake up, shake up, hypocrite"
  • ...Ważne jak kończysz (prod.LA, White House) - Trzeci Wymiar
    "Wychował go stutysięcznik - w takich znasz każdy krawężnik Władze pchają sumy w teczki, ludzie tną voodoo laleczki Jedni czują się bezpieczni, drudzy kręgosłupy lędźwi Życie jest jak brudny ręcznik, Z"
  • House And The Rising Sun - House Of Pain
    "I rock the ill shit Ya know I kill shit And then I build shit Get off my dills nik 'Cause I don't play that My style goes way back I kick my shit one time, dude, **** the playback I go off my head You"
  • White Trash - Nuts Can Surf
    "white trash, livin' next door, they don't clean up, they throw beer cans on the floor. their not very smart, an they stink, they like to wash there hair in my sink. they got 16 cats on their front porch, they"
  • White Lady White Powder - Elton John
    "Dust settles on a thin cloud Sends a fog drifting to a worn out crowd I've had my face in a mirror for twenty four hours Staring at a line of white powder High-priced madness pays the tab I've scraped"
  • Black & White - R.A. The Rugged Man
    "(feat. Timbo King) Do you resent the fact that people Make a special deal out of you Perhaps becoming a white champion in a black dominated sport? (Yo, I fuck up anybody, shit don't matter, white, black,"
  • Into White - Cat Stevens
    "I built my house from barley rice Green pepper walls and water ice Tables of paper wood, windows of light And everything emptying into white. A simple garden, with acres of sky A Brown-haired dogmouse If"

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