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Whitesnake - Don't fade away

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Whitesnake - Don't fade away

  • Don't Fade Away - Whitesnake
    "As I stand at the crossroad, I see the sun sinking low... With my cross of indecision, I cant tell which way to go... Now I have seen the seven wonders And I have sailed the seven seas, Ive walked"
  • Fade - Don't Look Down
    "Just another day Far away from being myself Can't explain my situation But I think I'm someone else Sick of all your stories The lying has affected me When I look in the mirror Nothing looks back at"
  • Don't Fade Away - Milla Jovovich
    "Hello sunshine Please don't fade away See our genius Warp what we created No, don't fade away Stepping over Shadows from your smile Losing Myself In these waves of light No, don't fade away, No, don't"
  • Don't Fade Away - David Coverdale
    "As I stand at the crossroad, I see the sun sinking low... With my cross of indecision, I can't tell which way to go... Now I have seen the seven wonders And I have sailed the seven seas, I've walked and"
  • Don't Fade Away - Peter Frampton
    "Frampton Almo Music Corp/Nuages Artists Music, LTD. EMI U Catalog Inc. (ASCAP) Mine she's blind she's all I need to be at ease Love light burnt so bright lady you're a fantasy I play on her emotions There's"
  • Don't Fade Away - Dead Can Dance
    "Don't fade away My brown-eyed girl Come walk with me I'll fill your heart with joy And we'll dance through our isolation Seeking solace in the wisdom we bestow Turning thoughts to the here and everafter Consuming"
  • Don't Fade Away - Satanic Surfers
    "Although we've had our differences of opinion through the years I can't deny what I am feeling in here There are feelings I can hide within me and feelings that I can't conceal Like the ones that are bringing"
  • Fade away - Christian Walz
    "Hey, I could be the dust I could be the dust Never care to wipe away and I, I could be the rain I could be the rain on your summer holiday Now it's easy there's a big parade I told my demon go now celebrate Go"
  • Fade Away - Oasis
    "When I was young I thought I had my own key I knew exactly what I wanted to be Now I'm sure You've boarded up every door Lived in a bubble Days were never ending Was not concerned About what life was"
  • Fade Away - Scratchingpost
    "You make things worth it So good so far Stay a little longer cause you can't You cant leave me out But you drove away from me again, Hit the road surrounded by your friends, And here's me alone and cursing"
  • Fade Away - Pain
    "Press my face in the dirt see how long I can hold my breath pour some salt in my wounds I am just someone who doesn't fit in your world how can I smile with your gun to my head how can I reach out when"
  • Fade away - Chumbawamba
    "(I Don't Want To)Some set their hearts on a rocking chairThe better to sleep out the daysBut I'm looking for a reason to kick and screamI don't want to fade awayFade away, fade awayI don't want to fade"
  • Fade away - 12 Stones
    "I need you to feel exactly like I do insideBut I feel so alone againI try to find a better lifeSomewhere far away from hereBut I need you to believe in meBut I won't be afraidJust because you don't need"
  • Fade Away - Sloan
    "Trace patterns to see If we're just rewriting history The die it was cast long ago A carbon copy we could have been Buried under files that won't be seen The die it was cast long ago Everybody seems content"
  • Fade away - Udora
    "Distance kills my prideIt makes me numb insideBlood won't run throughout my veinsMy love slowly diesAs I forget these tiesAnd what was pure is filled with stainsIm running round the world aloneIm losing"
  • Fade Away - Godhead
    "When everything is gone and no one's left to carry on Look through the ashes of what was to be I wear the badge of the dispossessed and the label that don't belong I feel the stab in the dark and all"
  • Fade Away - Eurythmics
    "Everything you are you've been once before Everything you hear you've heard it once or more Everything you see you've seen it all before Everything you dream leads to that open door Don't wait so long Turn"
  • Fade Away - Funeral Dress
  • Fade Away - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well now you say you've found another man who does things to you that I can't And that no matter what I do it's all over now between me and you girl But I can't believe what you say No I can't believe"
  • Fade Away - Hughes Turner Project
    "I'll be there when the darkness falls Everywhere when the shadows call Hear the wind how it cries your name Don't you worry there's no one to blame Why, oh why can't I be free Only emptiness inside of"

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