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Who Is Sorry Now - Connie Francis

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Who Is Sorry Now - Connie Francis

  • Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis - Connie Francis
    "Who's sorry now Who's sorry now Who's heart is aching for breaking each vow Who's sad and blue Who's crying too Just like I cried over you Right to the end Just like a friend I tried to warn you somehow You"
  • Francis T. - Cryptic Carnage
    "shadow like london's vice is creeping through the night protected ? by night and fog covered ? in defiance of law and order from new england came a quack to find his victims devilish ? sly in his mind no"
  • Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis
    "Your other love Says she will be Yours faithfully But she'll deceive you She'll leave you And break your hea-art I offer you Love that is true Darling, you'll find This love of mine Is deeper and stronger"
  • Sage Francis - Make Shift Patroit - Sage Francis
    "Makeshift Patriot The Flag Shop Is Out Of Stock Hang Myself...Half Mast Makeshift Patriot The Flag Shop is Out of Stock I hang myself...via live telecast Coming live from my own funeral...the beautiful"
  • Francis' Lonely Nights - Janove Ottesen
    "Francis left for the countryside He'd been living in the city for years And to him it didn't matter where As long as there was no one there And the woman that he left in tears is no longer his Then, he"
  • Sorry - Ashlee Simpson
    "I threw away my phone I thought that you should know I'd throw away my home If I had somewhere to go Anything to stop The circle in my brain Anything is better than you Making me feel lame 28 days to"
  • Sorry - Guns N' Roses
    "You like to hurt me, you know that you do You like to think in some way that it's me and not you ''(you know it isn't true)'' You like to have me jump and be good, but I don't want to do it You don't know"
  • Sorry - Nothing But Thieves
    "You might kill me with desire Wind me tighter than a wire It’s something that you do to me I run away like mercury And I know you think it’s rough When you’re tryna patch us up And I say honey what is"
  • Sorry - Sebadoh
    "No, I mean it, I'm really sorry; here I'll say it again I want you to know it, but the more I say it The less it means in the end Working for respect's like climbing a mountain And I think I'm losing my"
  • Sorry - Soldiers Of Jah Army
    "Baby I'm sorry For whatever it was I always did; The way it went down and it always is; The way that I am makes it all my fault? You know if I could change who I am right now I wouldn't do it no, no... And"
  • Sorry - Zion I
    "Sometimes it's hard to say I'm sorry yo yo, eh, my raps written in a whirlwind, so if my tail spin just point at me and ill begin where the twirl ends its difficult to open up, wounds that never shut and"
  • I'm sorry now - Dawson's Creek
    "I'm Sorry Now Performed by Jude Welcome to my world, won't you please have a seat There's no need to worry. . . I'm the only one to meet I just wanted to express myself to you Undiluted and with nobody"
  • I'm Sorry Now - Jude
    "Welcome to my world, won't you please find a seat There's no need to worry... I'm the only one to meet I just wanted to express myself to you Undiluted and with nobody else to confuse See I was Marvin"
  • I'm Sorry Now - Brodie
    "Time has gone by, and people they change. Somehow, I always thought that We'd stay the same two kids Who fell in love on that Autumn night... Turns out I wasn't right. I look into your eyes... it's not"
  • Sorry Is A Sorry Word - The Temptations
    "Remember me the one who heard your cries And reached out and dried your eyes Remember me the one who found you and wrapped all my love around you When you were all alone and your dreams were all gone When"
  • Connie O - Frankie Valli
    "O Connie, O Connie, I miss you so. Where have you gone to? O Connie O My Connie O Connie O My darling, my darling, What changed your mind? My heart is broken, I'm hurting so, My Connie O. Wasn't it yesterday"
  • Sorry Now - Mustard Plug
    "This song is over you think it's just begun It's the start where it all went wrong Won't be the band aid for your affliction Every time it rains you think I'm a raincoat And you say I said I wasn't gunna"
  • When Francis Speaks - Artefact
    "Run, my child And leave your toys, behind. They will come, for you So leave the things, which are on your mind. Tears are running down my cheeks, When Francis speaks, to me. Anger burns inside of me, But"
  • Saying Im Sorry Now - Billie Piper
    "(This is B y'know First class y'know this is B here uh uh uh yeh) Nobody knows this but me All i could see was someone Who didnt love me for me How could i have been so dumb? I tried to act like i knew You"
  • Saying I'm Sorry Now - Billie
    "This is B First class you knokw This is B here oh oh oh yeah ... Nobody knows this but me All I could see was someone Who didn't love me for me How could I have been so dumb I tried to act like I knew You"

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