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Whoo i'm letting go

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Whoo i'm letting go

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Whoo i'm letting go
  • Big Tent Revival I'm Letting Go
    "I am a man Who hides his feeling but I don't think I can keep from revealing all the things inside of me Are all out of control so Lord I'm letting go of I'm letting go, Lord I'm letting go I'm letting"
  • Francesca Battistelli I'm Letting Go
    "My heart beats, standing on the edge But my feet have finally left the ledge Like an acrobat There's no turning back Chorus I'm letting go Of the life I planned for me And my dreams Losing control Of"
  • 4 Lyn Whoo!
    "yo! i park my ride on the left side, im feeling kind a-ight cuz i know that my stupid ass is gonna get drunk tonight a quick view to the backyard, my boys are all there so high 5s everywhere. a well known"
  • George Canyon Letting Go
    "Lonely sound of distant thunder Stirs my restless sleep And the dream that i was lost in Slips away Of a young son and his mama So innocent back then Would she even reckognise her boy today (Chorus:) Cause"
  • Jeremy Camp Letting go
    "Gripping on so tight with the security I have inside Knowing what is right holding onto my pride Letting go of the things I hold so dear Letting go of all my pain and all my fears Letting go of the things"
  • Antiskeptic Letting Go
    "Antiskeptic Miscellaneous Letting Go And he dreams Another atmosphere Evaporated fear A place inside that he dreams and knows too well Letting Go A new Reality The light reflecting in Revealing lock and"
  • Kristine W. Letting Go
    "Letting go's not easy It takes some time If I could change your heart the way you change your mind How am I supposed to live without your love Tell me now Letting go's not easy It breaks your heart And"
  • Nikki Leonti Letting Go
    "Fire all around My face to the ground Crying for a voice to be heard Are you gonna make a way Do I really hear You saying to me Come lay it all down CHORUS: Now I'm letting go Giving it back to"
  • You're Pretty Letting Go
    "Alone, I sit and cower Sad days They all amount I don't think that you'll understand Just hear me out Let me Let me be Do you believe that time will wait for you? Can you tell me there's something I can"
  • Andre Matos Letting Go
    "A brand new day at last is born the first wave breaks on the shore The sun's shining bright Across the centuries of pain My heart is rising again Did you hear all my cries? I'm on the edge to turn away I"
  • Brooke Hogan Letting Go
    "(I try) (I try) (I try) I think I'm gonna take it slow And tell you the things that are on my mind Then you can drop me off at home for the last time I only wanted you to know that I always had the best"
  • Digital Ruin Letting Go
    "Everyday there's something new to bring me down Worlds collide, no answers to be found But don't get me wrong, it's not you I blame I just never learned to live without the pain Somehow I've lasted"
  • Godhead Letting Go
    "Creeping up again Lost myself and it's too late Killing time again Waiting for my only fate Trapped within the cage That I've built With my own hands Can't release the rage Shattered life and broken plans If"
  • Take Cover Letting Go
    "I'm alive but I worry myself to death, most of the time. I'm a hard wire circuit breaking. If I don't change my frantic ways, this room will meltdown on me or explode into thousands of pieces. You"
  • Squeeze Letting Go
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) She plaits her hair, I bite my nails We balance love on the scales I wind the clock and go to bed Our love is hanging on a thread She gets undressed, I undress too The draft"
  • Brodie Letting Go
    "You call my name but I can't hear I tuned you out a while ago It wasn't easy but now I'm free And you can't hurt me anymore Well I can't say I haven't thought it over The thought has surely crossed my"
  • Brodiepunk Letting Go
    "You call my name but I can't hear I tuned you out a while ago It wasn't easy but now I'm free And you can't hurt me anymore Well I can't say I haven't thought it over The thought has surely crossed"
  • Ill Nino Letting Go
    "I still hear my voice It's calling in my head But if I had only one choice I'd leave it left unsaid Unsaid I try to reach you but my senses got so blurry And I, try to teach you but my words come out"
  • MxPx Letting Go
    "I've got a voice and I'm gonna use it I've had a change of mind I know things now that I didn't know before I've got the upper hand and I don't want to abuse it But soon I just might find I'm locked outside My"
  • Jessie Daniels Letting Me Go
    "I still think of you when the nights are cold when I'm all alone I still feel you here I'm still learning how to live with the distance but my hearts resistance forever reminds I Can't let go of you"

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