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Whrere are you now female version song

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Whrere are you now female version song

  • So Sick (Female Version) - Ne-Yo
    "i gotta change the station that i have cause all i hear is you it jus keeps reminding me of all the thingz we used to do and i know that i should turn off the radio but it's the only place i hear your"
  • Wait (The Whisper Song) - Female Version - Kelis
    "Hey how you doing lil daddy let me whisper in ya in ear I like how you sippin' on that belvediere got a sexy ass body and ya tongue look soft just the right type of shit to get me off and I ain't playin"
  • Anyway(Female Version) - Dynamite Hack
    "you gotta be kidding me i'm through with you boy anyway i'll wait for you i always do it's dumb but i want to anyway so here we are stuck in hell same old game, we know it well i don't mind anyway spark"
  • Female Players - Too Short
    "(woman) Only fuck with these silly-ass boys for fun (woman) Get 'em all alone, and a thug is hung Screamin aiyy-yah, aiyy-yah (woman) Only fuck with these silly-ass boys for fun (woman) Get 'em all alone,"
  • Female Mechanic Now On Duty - Sonic Youth
    "I wanna shut you down Love yr. sight and sound I wanna spin you round, till yr. underground I wanna strip you down Till you feel the round I wanna feel your shine I wanna waste some time I wanna paint"
  • Teenage Female - Matthew Sweet
    "She sent me a letter just the other day She said this is a record that I like to play Yeah, this is a sound that I'm sure I enjoy Sadly, though, I am without a boy Now if I am jealous I hope it doesn't"
  • European Female - The Stranglers
    "knew she was a feline She moved with ease and grace Her green eyes they held mystery No emotion on her face She speaks her lips are kissing The air around her face I don't always understand her But I love"
  • Female Species - EPMD
    "Peace to hoes.. Jeff stewart's in the motherf**kin house Peace to cool v Peace to d mac, t smooth, todd lightland The girls look so good.. The girls look so good.. Somethin to pump in your ride when you're"
  • The Phantom Of The Opera (Female Solo Version) - Phantom Of The Opera
    "He's in the Opera House I know he's there He's with me on the stage He's everywhere and do I sing again For now I find The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside my mind In sleep he sang to me In dreams"
  • Can U C The Pride In The Panther (Female Version) - Mos Def
    "This song is dedicated to the mothers and the children of the revolution From Tupac, to Afeni Shakur and many many more This is for you One love, one life Can you see.. the pride of the panther As she"
  • The European female - The Stranglers
    "I knew she was a felineShe moved with ease and graceHer green eyes they held mysteryNo emotion on her faceShe speaks her lips are kissingThe air around her faceI don't always understand herBut I love her"
  • Female Punching Bag - Working Title
    "What I said that night has to sink in sometime, I was counting on you to call me back. Why do I keep hearing your voice on the other side? You won't remember what I sound like in two weeks time. I'm a"
  • Single black female - Lil Kim
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, and it dont stop Yeah, yeah, and it dont stop Yeah, and it dont stop B.I.G., rock-rock on Uh huh, and it dont stop Yeah, yeah, and it dont stop Yeah, and it dont stop Queen"
  • That Certain Female - Charlie Feathers
    "Well Ah huh-uh-uh-huh, oooow! Yeah! Well Ima justa single fella With a lot on my mind And Ima lookin for me a woman But shes mighty hard tafind OhI asked my country cousin Check the hottest spots in"
  • Everlasting Song (English version) - FictionJunction ASUKA
    "Into the light, I will take you up there To your homeland of evergreen.. Every moment of life, is a quest for the love Leave it now in mystery.. Come for the song of eternity You are my everlasting SONG I"
  • Where Are You Now? - Galactic Cowboys
    "We spent that time in the park We laughed until it was dark and ending the day I used to walk with you home We used to talk on the phone with nothing to say And where are you now, long time no see I wonder"
  • Where Are You Now - Avion
    "Two years,eight months and four days Since I've known love For what it's worth I'm finding it hard to believe That I'll find love Upon this earth Destiny calls on a life As colors dim and fade So simple"
  • Your Song (1996 Version) - Elton John
    "It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside I'm not one of those, who can easily hide I don't have much money, but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live. If I was a sculptor, but"
  • A Woman's Song (Hstga Version) - The Style Council
    "Hush little baby don't you cry Momma's gonna buy you a nursery rhyme And if that don't send you to sleep Momma's gonna have to find the key All of our worries are not our choice Someone sees to that, I"
  • Power of the female - Cherish
    "All the fellasWanna tell yaWe comin' throughAnd anything you can do We can do tooWe wanna let ya'll knowWe ain't gonna stopAnd that we're hereWe're headed for the topHaven't you heardNew timeNew dayAnd"

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