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Why I fell in love

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Why I fell in love

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Why I fell in love
  • Mario Vasquez I Fell
    "have you ever loved someone and your lost now that there gone in the middle of the pain you do your best to move on think about it day and night and try and patch things up and once you get back its not"
  • School Of Fish Fell
    "Well the girl in the front row is leaving She's leaving because it's twelve fifteen I wish she would stay the whole evening Just wish she would stay and see what I mean And I can't find the girl in the"
  • Wolfgang Darkness Fell
    "And so she woke up from a dream That was beautiful and starry and oh so wild It was all still clear in her eyes And though her mind was foggy and blank She wondered why her life coudn't be as lovely It"
  • Alain Clark Fell in love
    "Well I've been to many places I spent most of my days travelling round I took a lot of chances I had romances all over town It was almost my religion you don't fall in love you just kiss and say goodbye I"
  • After Classes Fell In Love
    "I can't still remember the time I danced with that girl I think I would have done everything for her she's so beautiful she was my whole world I think I always thought about her after I with a red rose I"
  • Queens I Fell In Love
    "When you're down feel in love Don't give up enjoy the show People come people go In this game of life you know I wanna start it over I hope to be with you again someday I wanna start it over Nothing"
  • Carlene Carter I Fell In Love
    "(Carlene Carter/Howie Epstein/Benmont Tench/Perry Lamek) Hey, I hit town without a clue Minding my business like I always do Just my luck I ran smack into you And I never could've known it would be like"
  • Susan Tedeschi I Fell In Love
    "The first time I saw him I melted on the floor Never had I seen a man like this before I fell in love Oh, I fell in love The next thing I knew I fell in love with you The first time we went out He took"
  • Brady Seals I Fell
    "I didn't believe in love at first sight 'til you walked in that night When my eyes met yours it took no time at all 'Cause right then and there i knew I fell in love with you There was nothing i could"
  • Rockell I fell in love
    "Ah ah ah ah ah(4x) I fell in love gave you my heart You turned your back and walked out on me I once was blind but now i see And I'm so glad you set me free I fell in love gave you my heart You turned"
  • Pet Shop Boys The Night I Fell In Love
    "I was backstage couldn't believe my luck was in I saw him approach wearing a most approachable grin When he said hello I was surprised he spoke so politely I said I'd liked his show Well he just smiled I"
  • Bronski Beat I Fell Love
    "Searching for some company feel the rhythm dance with me. Them beat boy blues seem out of place Now they want the party pace party pace. Dance dance on the floor; dance dance feel some more Dance dance feel"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Last night i fell in love again
    "Last night I fell in love again and I didn't think I could I thought by now I was probably over that for good With too much on my mind, too many things to do Then last night I fell in love again with you"
  • Tokens Tonight i fell in love
    "(Refrain) Dum, doobie dum, woo - oo, doobie, doobie Dum, doobie dum, woo - oo, doobie, doobie Dum, doobie dum, woo - oo tonight I fell in love, woo - oo Tonight, tonight I fell in love, I want the stars"
  • Ween I Fell In Love Today
    "I got nothing to lose I saw the sun in may I've got something to hold on to I fell in love today I saw the break at dawn I saw a child in play I saw the spring in the winter time I fell in love today I"
  • The Queers Today I Fell In Love
    "Hanging on the telephone I'm glad that we're all alone Felling kind of cool today Listening to what you say Rainbows in my head Green red and blue Saying I'm in love with you I don't care what people seem"
  • Amerie feat. Cam'Ron Why Don't We Fall in Love (Roc-A-Fella Remix)
    "Amerie feat. Cam'Ron Miscellaneous Why Don't We Fall in Love (Roc-A-Fella Remix) Amerie feat. Cam'Ron Why Don't We Fall in Love (Roc-A-Fella Remix) Killa Cam man you what it is, Dipset So many things"
  • Anthony Hamilton Last Night I Fell In Love With You
    "Last night I fell in love Alright, alright, yea, yea It takes control of me When I see love in your eyes Your like a spring time breeze You send chills through me A natural high, it's just the way You've"
  • Bruce Springsteen FRANKIE FELL IN LOVE
    "Good morning, good morning, the church mouse is snoring News is out all over town, Frankie fell in love Wake up boys, wake up, you drunken choir boys shake it up Our Juliet says her Romeo's been found,"
  • Virgin Steele When Dusk Fell
    "The Sins are bare and War resounds... Blood runs like Gold The Days grow long, The Death of Hours now I can't fight no more... To run like Stone through the Streets alone His Eyes follow now... "I WILL"

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