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Why do i hate myself today

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Why do i hate myself today

  • Today I Met Myself - Example
    "I get the petrol don't forget to buy a couple of sweets Sometimes I like to treat myself if only once a week Open the door, get in the car, sit in the driver's seat Peer into the rearview mirror and I'm"
  • Hate Me Today - Blue October
    "I have to block out thoughts of you, so I don't lose my head They crawl in like a cockroach leaving babies in my bed Dropping little reels of tape to remind me that I'm alone Playing movies in my head"
  • I hate myself for losing you - Kelly Clarkson
    "I woke up today Woke up wide awake In an empty bed Staring at an empty room I have myself to blame For the state I'm in today And now, dyin' doesn't seem so cruel And oh, I don't know what to say And I"
  • I Hate Myself - Jean Shepard
    "I hate myself for making you cry forgive me darling for days gone by I hate myself for breaking your heart I've been so lonesome since we've been apart Why won't you take me back again I was wrong I realize Can"
  • I Hate Myself - Hugh X. Lewis
    "(I hate my dreams) for missing you (I hate my lips) for kissing you (I hate my arms) for holding you and I hate myself for loving you When you walked out on me it should have ended then But I keep coming"
  • I Hate Myself - Dead Milkmen
    "I Hate Myself (The Dead Milkmen) Performed By Dead Milkmen Smokin' Banana Peels I hate myself - hate myself And you - I hate you I hate myself - hate myself And you - I hate you Roses are red and Violets"
  • I hate myself - 88 Fingers Louie
    "Walking down a crowded street I stop to get something to eat And I hope I see no one I know Out of the blue I see my ex I think she's looking for some sex But heh here I don't want to go Some people ask"
  • Today - Musiq Soulchild
    "People always on a search tryna find that one (one) But it's funny how they may not recognize it when it finally comes (think it's) think it's at the mall (or it's) or it's sippin' at the bar All these"
  • Found Myself Today - A Change Of Pace
    "I will admit, I tend to be a little selfish But only when it comes to Something that I couldn't miss The hardest part is trying To know what I really want (Woah, oh, oh, oh, woah, oh, oh) So I'll apologize"
  • I found myself today - A Change Of Pace
    "I will admitI tend to be a little selfishBut only when it comes toSomething that i couldn't missThe hardest part is tryingTo know what I really want(Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh)So I'll apologize aheadFor"
  • I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "Midnight, gettin' uptight. Where are you? You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to two I know I'm hangin' but I'm still wantin' you. Hey, Jack, It's a fact they're talkin' in town. I turn my back and"
  • Me, Myself & I - FlipBoy
    "(Intro) From the streets of montreal y'all, I present to you, a new rapper, He goes by name of FlipBoy, He sick, he ill, he got killah rhymes, Well you get the picture, now listen to him, (Verse"
  • Why Do You Hate Me? - Marmozets
    "Why Do You Hate Me? Take my money! Take my heart and soul! Break, my boundaries and take like robbery, taken, taken everything Take my sickness! Take my lips and pins! You have planned is there anything"
  • I hate myself for loving you - Joan Jett
    "Midnight, gettin uptightWhere are you?You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to 2.I know I'm hangin but I'm still wantin youHey, Jack- it's a fact they're talkin in townI turn my back and you're messin"
  • Hate Myself - Taproot
    "I am seeing tunnel vision in a world thats dark and cold, I cannot believe how much I've changed since the days of old, I know it's temporary but I need to focus straight, I cannot believe I lost control"
  • Why Why Why - The Lightning Seeds
    "The usual dreams, the usual schemes Same lost feelings, same bad day dreams Only unreal and delirious, Out of breath and out of luck when I wake up slowly by the fears within me Waiting for today to"
  • Why - Limp Bizkit
    "It might take too long to turn the lights back on I guess I lay awake, I guess I'll lay here and pray Could you pour me one more drink? A glass of gasoline Help me burn my pain, light me up in the rain My"
  • Why - The Moffatts
    "turn on the news today what else do i see something going on some where else it means the world to me shots going off right on my tv and i can't help myslef to think this could be me why do we have to"
  • Why You Hate - The Game
    "(Chorus Marsha Of FLoetry) To everybody who knows my story To all those who came before me My time is now, i'm gonna do it all over again Ain't nothin' new, but the changed I'm still gonna do it my way I"
  • Why - Superior
    "I can't fall asleep. My visions make me cry I ask myself. Why am I here Left in despair - no light And there's no change Why do we love Right at the start and then - We end in hate Why do we have Way"

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