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Why do i live why do i die

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Why do i live why do i die

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Why do i live why do i die
  • Kirk Franklin Why
    "I pledge allegiance to the (tell me what we gon' do) I used to know you but (you don't call like you used to) If you still love me can I (give me a chance just to say how I feel, it may hurt you but"
  • Z-RO Why?
    "Why, do they worry me Because the game, ain't what it use to be Where did all the G's go, uh-huh I be beeping niggaz with cell phones So why the fuck, the call back take so long If I depended on my"
  • The Roots Why
    "What's Goin On?) WHY?? (6 x's) Sky's the limit so you know I'm gonna rise and shine I gotta do my thing, I'm kinda getting a little tired of all that's hidden That's the reason I'm a speak my mind, keep"
  • Mr. 3-2 Why
    "(3-2) Most of my life I slung drugs, with G's and thugs always quick to bust niggaz know what it was I must come up in a major way time tickin boys dyin'out here everyday they say go get it and leave the"
  • Sticky Fingaz Why
    "(feat. Still Livin, X1) Aight nigga hold it down baby, one love Aiyyo, yo Bruce - ohhh shit! Aiyyo nigga Yo I know this ain't that nigga Kirk Yo Bruce - yo Bruce, that that nigga Kirk? Look look, look"
  • Billy Crawford Why
    "Ooohh.. whoa.. Why I thought I had everything It's killing me to know that this had changed, oh babe I never hurt inside until I've seen you cry I ask myself why do I do the things I do When my heart"
  • Dolly Parton Why, Why, Why
    "(Dolly Parton) Why why why did you say goodbye Why did you walk out on me Cry cry cry I feel like I could die Why did you go and leave me lonely What did I do What did I say To make you just walk out"
  • Babyface Why
    "Written by babyface (1995) Performed by 3t Why does monday come before tuesday Why do summers start in june Why do winters come too soon Why do people fall in love When they're always breaking up Oh why Why"
  • 3T Why
    "Chorus: Why does Monday come before tuesday? Why do summers start in June? Why do winters come too soon? Why do people fall in love When they're always breaking up? Oh why? Why do we love if love will"
  • Norma Jean Why
    "Why why why can't you understand That golden wedding band you wear on your left hand means that you're mine Why why why can't I make you see though you still think you're free Your heart belongs to me"
  • Sweet Savage Why
    "????????? In the middle Sing a song going down On the other side of town Tonight Hmm, tonight ????????? In the middle I can't help believing Everything's gonna be All right Now that you're leaving All"
  • Limp Bizkit Why
    "It might take too long to turn the lights back on I guess I lay awake, I guess I'll lay here and pray Could you pour me one more drink? A glass of gasoline Help me burn my pain, light me up in the rain My"
  • Vanessa Petruo Why
    "listen to me I've been kissed by Mrs. Luck I would say I have a lot I got more than others have but why do I feel so sad I guess I, I have to learn what we give is what we earn if I give just what you"
  • My Black Sky Why ?
    "i ask the question why ? i cant accept that decision but you said "goodbye" i would die just to make you see you're wrong you look at this guy but you dont care if i'm gone (chorus): why did you say "i"
  • Sophie Zelmani Why
    "I don't think about it anymore so why do you I don't remember much but I'm sure that we were through I'm looking for your eyes to search for what they might disguise so why do you I've got no problem so"
  • Newcleus Why
    "Why do we live this life of frustration? Why cant this world unite as one nation? We could do it too , if we wanted to and live as brothers All wed have to do is to love.. Why do we have to fight one"
  • Eldritch Why
    "I feel that there is something wicked deep in my mind I feel that there is something hatred that drives me insane I feel that my soul is polluted and ready to die I realize that no one could help"
  • Mis-Teeq Why
    "We've always been so close together Doing things that only best friends do Always there for one another Through the bad times and the good The other night you held me close Need to know did We just cross"
  • Mis Teeq Why
    "Just tell me why, whyIt's the remixYou'll seeTell me whyWe've always been so close togetherDoing things that only best friends doAlways there for one anotherThrough the bad times and the goodThe other"
  • Nordeman Nichole Why
    "We rode into town the other day Just me and my Daddy He said I'd finally reached that age And I could ride next to him on a horse That of course was not quite as wide We heard a crowd of people shouting"

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