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Why dont you why just go on

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Why dont you why just go on

  • Why - Ginuwine
    "Why not me Is that I'm too ghetto for you Why not me Girl theres nothing I won't cop for you Why not me Im here to give you all you dreams Im dedicated No time wasting Ill fulfill your every need It aint"
  • Why? - Heartless Crew
    "oooooooooo (woman) im sittin here.... cryin (bridge) lookin back i never thought that things would be this messed up i never dreamed that you and me would be breaking up i cant believe i've lived to"
  • Why, Why, Why - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) Why why why did you say goodbye Why did you walk out on me Cry cry cry I feel like I could die Why did you go and leave me lonely What did I do What did I say To make you just walk out"
  • Why? - Rooney
    "I've only driven a hundred miles since you're gone And I've only given my energy away When I meet a newbie I slowly crack and spill the past I realize this is phony But there is so much love since you've"
  • Why - Babyface
    "Written by babyface (1995) Performed by 3t Why does monday come before tuesday Why do summers start in june Why do winters come too soon Why do people fall in love When they're always breaking up Oh why Why"
  • Why - Jo Damita
    "(CHORUS) Why did you do it Why did you give your love to someone else When they don't love you Why did you do itWhy do you do it Why do you put your trust in someone elseWhen they don't love you Why do"
  • Why - Stacey Earle
    "One shinin' bright The other hung the moon Just like night and day One must leave the room Oh why, tell me why First, second, third Sounds just like a lover Home went way out left field Left his base"
  • Why - 3T
    "Chorus: Why does Monday come before tuesday? Why do summers start in June? Why do winters come too soon? Why do people fall in love When they're always breaking up? Oh why? Why do we love if love will"
  • Why - Lena Philipsson
    "Somebody said - That you were getting married And somebody said - Today It couldent be you, I claimed it must be a mistake But sitting in the Church I suddenly gaze into your face A second of no - Control How"
  • Why - Average White Band
    "Why did love bring us together I wonder if it was real or Whether it was something out of time A situation we could not explain Could it be your love was just like sunshine turned to rain Try as hard"
  • Why - Billy Crawford
    "Ooohh.. whoa.. Why I thought I had everything It's killing me to know that this had changed, oh babe I never hurt inside until I've seen you cry I ask myself why do I do the things I do When my heart"
  • Why? - Kj-52
    "(feat. Mars Ill) Why is it more that things change the more they stay the same? Why do old people drive slow in the fast lane? Why is it when I grab the mic you stare at me strange? Why's every time"
  • Why - DJ Sammy
    "Why Why How many times do I have to try to tell you That I'm sorry for the things I've done But when I start to try to tell you That's when you have to tell me Hey... this kind of trouble's only"
  • Why - Jamie Foxx
    "You are my favorite girl, I was your favorite guy And somehow I thought that wed always be down (down) We went through crazy times, Inside this crazy mind, Somehow I thought that you would always"
  • Why - Diffuser
    "Noone could ever just take a chance in thier lives Noone could ever just say the words on their minds Breakdown the bulletproof lonely stare You give whatver your dreaming Angels are tired of living life"
  • Why - Mario
    "What is going on Everytime i try to talk You screamin baby (Runnin' your mouth Tellin our business, I got witness') I cant be wrong Cause I gave you my heart And you played me (Accusing me of doing things"
  • Why ? - Des'ree
    "You can always win me over, with your cool vibes and logical point of view. For you I'd go babe, the extra mile, But you confuse me, so I'm gonna ask you, Why are you making me blue? Is it because baby,"
  • Why - Garden Variety
    "You walked into my life And I gave you half a chance I gave you everything because I liked To watch you dance You did not treat me right No you did not treat me fair You were my only vice I guess we made"
  • Why - Avant
    "I'm sitting here reading the book of lifeconstantly asking myself whywhy do babies have to dieand a mother gives up a pricecan you see the man on the streetsdoesn't even have enough to eatand tell me when"
  • Why? - Steps
    "And now I know that I was wrong You never really cared for me all along And with you Every dream I had Was all it ever was, ain't that the fact? So I hold my head deep in my hands I'm lost at sea no sign"

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