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Why i am

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Why i am

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Why i am
  • Tatu Why am i
    "Say why am I waiting for the phone call. Why mute clouds. Sailing to me from afar, and melt. Why did love touched us. Why am I crying for the first time. Why do I want you now, I don't know. I am star,"
  • Byeka Why I Am?
    "I dare you To see where it all began I dare you To look inside my soul And you will be Disgusted by what you see And you will Run far away All because of Who I am And you Don't know anything Until you Read"
  • De Heideroosjes Why Am I?
    "Intense aggressions, I'm burning inside Want to speak out my emotions, end up my fight I know I can't put them away any longer My sense says no but my emotions are stronger (Chorus) Why am I? Who"
  • Heideroosjes Why Am I?
    "Intense aggressions, I'm burning inside Want to speak out my emotions, end up my fight I know I can't put them away any longer My sense says no but my emotions are stronger (CHORUS) Why am I? Who"
  • Xysma Why Am I I?
    "So many religions making me ponder About heaven & hell or if I'll be born again Is nature the creator or is there a heavenly father god Are we born and do we die? That's all Have you thought about the"
  • Merle Haggard Why Am I Drinkin'
    "Hey why am I drinkin' there's no really reason to quit And why am I thinkin' God know I'm trying to forget And why does that woman who stay on my mind night and day And why am I drinkin' why am I hurtin'"
  • Eternal Why am i waiting
    "(I sit here watching the clock tick) (Why am I waiting) Sitting on my bed now, waiting for you to come home Counting all the minutes, anticipating It's about time now, you know our love is so real Stronger"
  • Randy Bachman Why Am I Lonely
    "Tell me now what do you say Do you love me baby Don't you think it's kinda late To ever try to save me (chorus) Why am I lonely? Why am I lonely? 'Cause I'm shyin' away from you Trying to see it through And"
  • The Tiger Lillies Why Am I Alone
    "Well I split the guts of babies so I could see what was inside Well all those babies' guts came out those babies all did die Then I stamped on little babies heads you could hear the cracking bones Then"
  • Circus Maximus Why Am I Here
    "Falling through the oceans of life... I sense the sorrow I picture the pain from the stream of life that I'm in Feel the fire burning through the sphere tonight What is this thing that I see? Someone wake"
  • Far Too Jones Nervous (Why Am I Shaking)
    "It loves to keep you on your knees Begging baby, baby please I reek of the scent of a sinner I breathe the ache to be in you again And it's just not enough There's a kliller in the court tonight But,"
  • Fool's Garden Why Am I Sad Today
    "(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) The waitress is cleaning the bar It's two in the morning She offers some coffee to me Turns the radio on The caster is selling his voice to the night The coffee gets cold in a"
  • Fun. Why Am I The One
    "I got enough on my mind That when she pulls me by the hair She hasn't much to hold on to She keeping count on her hand One, two, three Days that I've been sleeping on my side I finished kissing my death So"
  • Berman Why Am I Still Here?
    "The wind still reminds What's behind me catches up When I find myself residing In the same place I woke up Walking gives me wisdom And standing never finds the words The deaf man heard So why am"
  • Nightmare Of You Why Am I Always Right?
    "You were sickened with the vowing of silence I was taken by your permanent high Two lovers; are you turned on? How romantic! "Now I need a guillotine to get you off my mind" You were swept up in the buzz"
  • Treaty Of Paris Why Am I Still Broke?
    "Never wanted to be rich or famous Only wanted to move out of my parents' basement Make my living doing something that makes people happy. Seems so easy, Seems so easty, oh. Where did all my money go? If"
  • Dani Why
    "Why.? Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this to you? Tell me why and all my problems will go away Why does the world go round? Why do cats go meow? Why are boys so violent? Why is why a question?"
  • Kisha Why
    "everytime I look at you got a feeling deep and true uh--- I can't stand it any longer I wonder if you feel the same this feeling in my heart is gettin' stronger how can I get close to you it's hard for"
  • Infectious Grooves Why?
    "Why? Why does it have? Have to be...this way When? When will I know? What I should...and why I didn't Why? Why. Does it keep coming back? Back Straight in my face. Face. Yet I can't see it. How? How."
  • Tom Eeckhout Why
    "Why Chorus: Please, Please tell me why, Please tell me why are you always mad I, I don't know why, I don't know what I am doing wrong Strophe1: If I say a word to you, Your eyes are looking evil, I can't"

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