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Whysky in

  • In Flames - In Flames
    "Behold the heart of mine in flames A top the highest mountain Below the darkest depths In the valley of hate I wander My frost bitten heart is set ablaze, set ablaze Ravage my soul Plunder my mind Branded"
  • In Extremo - In Extremo
    "Du bist die Sonne die auf mich scheint Du bist die Trne die fr mich weint Du bist der Tropfen der mich trnkt Du bist das Feuer das mich lenkt Du bist die Sonne die auf mich scheint Du bist die Trne die"
  • In tango - In Grid
    "Na, na, na Donez-moi ton coeur na na na Chaque, moi je suis dans la rue Avec tu le bien sur resister Chaque, moi je danse avec toi Dans perfums me sa mere en je pache Chaque, dans que dans moi me"
  • Cave-in - Cave In
    "Last night I dreamt your faceThe skin was falling offThe flesh was turning greyThis is a cave-inI said I'd stayCave-inSaid I'd stayLast night I had a dreamYour eyes were lit by fireThe way you tried to"
  • In tango - In-grid
    "Na, na, naDonez-moi ton coeurna na naChaque, moi je suis dans la rueAvec tu le bien sur resisterChaque, moi je danse avec toiDans perfums me sa mere en je pacheChaque, dans que dans moi me moiEt j'a poin"
  • In Sacrilege - Death In June
    "Solitude is not given It is Earned In this Conspiracy Of Destiny Empty Vessels Of Spermless Love Made of Mud and Mist I was Possessed We Develop, We Delight, We Define and We Decay From within A sacred"
  • In The Dark - In Flames
    "Utwór 'In The Dark' z albumu 'Foregone' In Flames (premiera 10 lutego 2022r.)"
  • In Diesem Licht - In Extremo
    "Wenn ich deinen Herzschlag hr' Geht es Hand in Hand Und werf die Fesseln In den weien Sand Schlag an die Trommel Tanz zum hellen Mond Fr Ewigkeiten Hat es sich gelohnt Niemand hat in dir einen Gott gesehen Niemand"
  • In Taberna Gloria - In Extremo
    "Magis quam ecclesiam diligo tabernam, Loqui facit socios optimum Latinum Meum est propositum in taberna mori Vinum sit appositum sitientis oris In taberna gloria Vinum super omnia bonum diligamus, Nam"
  • PUT Kreska IN - PUT-IN
    "To nowa fala To z pierd bit DJ nakur* To jets największy hit Sasiad wyjebał okno Bo usłyszeć chciał Potem pierd* w tango Zniknął o nim ślad Taka kur* sytuacja Jest impreza jest libacja Takie czasy teraz"
  • Clad in shadows - In Flames
    "Reach for your razor Cut through the dawn See through your inner wrath Keys shan't open the doors Behold my heart has stopped My lungs are laid in the final rest And still I see and do I feel Yes, but"
  • Drenched in fear - In Flames
    "You won'tFind a friendly face in the crowd,It's quite amusing to see how you sufferI refuse, to let you steal my delight,Barely awake - but it strengthens my night rageI've seen you kill many dreams,But"
  • Screaming In Your Sleep - Cave In
    "In his heart he's so serene Will it show, what's it mean? In real life he's still in bed Unaware of the scene Hey, open up your eyes and awake Someone then gave up the ghost Was it you, was it me? I'll"
  • Evil In A Closet - In Flames
    "We were one in wordsYou finished my sentencesI can never attract tomorrowIt pushes me asideI sink in waters deepYour presence kept me floatingFar from depths where secrets lieMaybe in another lifetimeI"
  • Tension In The Ranks - Cave In
    "Tension in the ranks is what I feel Another 'please' and 'thanks' for you, my dear So nice to meet you I'm so sad to see you go Tension in the ranks is what I see Trickle through the banks into the sea"
  • Lost In The Air - Cave In
    "Radar, you lost me An impossible disguise Men all around are searching hard Nevermind, he's so long and gone Boy, he's really hard to find! And by design you know he won't be found Lifted away What a day"
  • Another day in quicksand - In Flames
    "The other side of the platinum door another day in quicksand Still feel close to nowhere I hope this is the right way How come you see me as an enemy? We just think in different words I see beuty in dead"
  • In Search For I - In Flames
    "It hurts to thinkCan't get the sums togetherWould you draw my bitternessMake the pictures fadeCould it be that I seeWhat's beneath when we fallThe truth in everI'm scared that I'll beWill time open my"
  • Dead god in me - In Flames
    "To slit the grinning wounds from childhood's Seven Moons the palette stained with the ejaculated passions (of forbidden, hedonistic colours...) Strike from omnipotence, all-seer, all-deemer, and haunt"
  • In - The Muffs
    "Why love everybody when you Won't be back again Are you only ever happy When you're only ever in? And completely arrogantly Look into the mirror making muscles by yourself And stop when they come nearer In"

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