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Whyt you to goe

  • Let It Goe - Sergio Mendes
    "(by Srgio Mendes, David Amaro, Sebastian Neto, Raymond Pounds, Nate Wats, Marietta Waters, Bonnie Amaro & Carole Rogers) If you want to boogie, Baby, come along Let the rhythm move you, Now you can't"
  • Coin Operated Goi - Voltaire
    "Coin operated goi, Scary but it's true, He is not a Jew. He won't dance the horah, Won't light the menorah, And it's not a lie, He ain't even circumcised. Oi! Coin operated goi. I'm not so sure that he's"
  • Nah Goa Jail - Peter Tosh
    "''Chorus:'' Nah Goa Jail Said me Nah Goa Jail Fe ganja no more I'm a Nah Goa Jail This here smoke That you see me with sir I just got it from an officer And this here little bit of green sensimilla I"
  • Ain't Goin' to Goa - A3
    "Larry Love, do you remember When I came upon you in that place of suffering In the valley of darkness? I took away all you pain And put love in your cold, cold heart And from that day forward Told you"
  • Ain't Goin' To Goa - Alabama 3
    "I believe I'm gonna Shut down my chakras, shift Shiva off-a my shelf Take down my tie dyes, my Tibetan bells Cool down my karma with a can of O.P.T Ain't no call for Castaneda in my frontline library There's"
  • Niech się w nas goi - Zbigniew Wodecki
    "Cieniutką strugą w nas, obok nas - sączy się czas Nic nie trwa długo, wszystko jest jeden raz Więc pozwól Boże, wśród zwykłych spraw, wśród ziemskich męk Rozgryźć ten orzech bez narażania szczęk. Lecz"
  • Ik Zen Ni Goe - Katastroof
    "ik zenni goe, ik zen ziek, ik zen zat ik hem een heel klein bitje veel teveel gehad veel te veel van't goe en veel te veel van't nat ik zen ni goe, ik zen ziek, ik zen zat me bloeddoorlopen ogen hang"
  • Rana, która się nie goi (ft. O.S.T.R.) - Kafar Dixon37
    "Zbieram się do tego tekstu już dobrych kilka lat Mijał czas, leciał świat Nie mogłem nic napisać Bo jak płacz tylu osób umieścić w linijkach By zbyt prosty i nienaturalny się nie wydał? Bo co pomyśli rodzina,"
  • Down To You - Abingdon Boys School
    "You were my sweet, you were my only And you were my everything You never trick me, you never leave me But you run away Tell me why I lost my mind Tell me why I keep closing my eyes Tell me why I missed"
  • You Do Something To Me - You Do Something To Me
    "You do something to me, something deep inside I'm hanging on the wire for a love I'll never find You do something wonderful then chase it all away Mixing my emotions that throws me back again Hanging on"
  • Good To You - Fly To The Sky
    "Even if I tell myself that right now, its not like before Even if you forget me completely, Even if I am just a person that just went by Tonight is just one night Just like before I lost you My heart wants"
  • Home To You - Michael Learns To Rock
    "I stayed up late last night I thought of the days gone by The picture of you and me Is not what it used to be Something happened along the way Little changes in our game Somehow everything's brighter"
  • Dare You To Move - Walk To Remember
    "Welcome to the planet Welcome to existence Everyone's here Everyone's here Everybody's watching you now Everybody waits for you now What happens next What happens next I dare you to move I dare you to"
  • To Guard And To Guide You - Lift To Experience
    "Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o'er the plains. And the mountains in reply echo back their joyous strains. Marching on toward Zion, marching on toward Zion. Under the X in Texas is where"
  • Missing You - Double You
    "Oh yeah I never needed anyone To throw me on the floor Everytime you walked away I wouls always say Remember all the times we had But you would run away Remember all our yesterdays And all that"
  • For You - Enemy You
    "And will there come a day when you're standing in my door Will you reach out your hand and pick me off the floor Will you talk to me for hours when I can't sleep at night And I look at the faces, I wonder"
  • Run To Me - Double You
    "You gotta run to me Uuh can't you see You gotta run to me I always thought you were my friend I never knew that this could end I'm still thinking about you Now and it's hard to find your way I"
  • Got To Love - Double You
    "You make me feel Love, love is danger when it is like a stranger beware of what you do before you're hearts broken in two Fight, beware you're swallowed get rid all your sorrow go back on the attack or"
  • To You - Wings
    "TO YOU Well if the same thing happened to you Would you still put me through what you put me through? If it happened to you. What if it happened to you? What if it happened a man kept shaking"
  • To You - The Manhattan Transfer
    "To you my very heart and soul Everyday my very heart Very heart and soul ---- I give to you You never know of giving Until you give yourself I do - To you To you the very life I live I give to you Very"

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