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Wide open, Alberto and Kimberly Rivera

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Wide open, Alberto and Kimberly Rivera

  • Kimberly - Marques Houston
    "Kimberly, I'm So Glad You Made It You're Finally Here If These Walls Could Talk They'll Tell You Secrets Of How I've Been Anticipating You I Know You Want Me To Satisfy Ya And To Gratify Your Desires Your"
  • Kimberly - Angelfish
    "The wall is high The black bomb The babe in my arms in the swaddling clothes And under the sun And the sky will split And the planets will shift Balls of chain will drop And existence will stop Little"
  • Kimberly - Patti Smith
    "The wall is high, the black barn, The babe in my arms in her swaddling clothes And I know soon that the sky will split And the planets will shift, Balls of jade will drop and existence will stop. Little"
  • Rivers - New Model Army
    "And so I came to this dream-like place But I can't remember how Our lives just break open in front of us Like pack ice before the bow I followed rivers, I followed orders I followed prophets, I followed"
  • Rivers - Riot
    "Spreading wings across the water Through the oceans that i fly Hearing sounds of sistant laughter Oh my people fall and die I set sail on seas of sorrow I cry fifteen rivers wide I look towards tomorrow"
  • Wide Open - The Crystal Method
    "I have been informed that it's totally wide open (x2) Open like what? That's you question and your answer That's your swallow and your spit Open like what? Open like like sky? Well, even the clouds got"
  • Wide open - SOiL
    "Swirling sea of emptiness Your world has made me a broken mess How are we supposed to see The pain that brings us to our knees Feel the motion of the ocean Just to see how the hate will flow It is...Simple"
  • Wide Open - Graham Colton Band
    "i kick back. you could be hurt standing this close, then react. i don't say anything, 'cause no one really knows how it ends or begins or who wrote this story, and i don't mind anymore what you said"
  • Wide Open - Cyndi Lauper
    "I used to stand in my doorstep I used to dance in the rain I used to cast out wishes That never came back again I used to sit in my garden With pretty maids in a row Silver bells and cockle shells Waiting"
  • Wide Open - Newsong
    "Heaven's gates were closed and there seemed to be no hope for fallen man We were prisoners of our sin With no way to enter in but God had a plan The Father knew there had to be a perfect sacrifice So Jesus"
  • Open Wide - Tina Dickow
    "Come and take my hand It's been so long Since tender words last fell From our hard tongues Tell me, tell me now Where we go wrong Tell me there's a way if we press on And keep our arms open wide Don't"
  • Wide Open - Jason Aldean
    "The corner cafe, She scrapes some quarters off the table, Says thanks yeah now maybe I'll be able, To get that black Mercedes, I've been saving for, The other girls say, You outta undue a couple buttons, Start"
  • Open Wide - Bubba Sparxxx
    "(feat. Sebastian) Yes sirree (uhh uhh uhh) no he didn't (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) Yeah they did (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) yeah they did.. (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh"
  • Wide Open - Twista
    "(feat. Erika Kane) ugh I open up wide open and leave those niggas wide open hoping for the next supreme stroking dream soaking Coat in my choking, poking till I'm choking Niggas croaking never welcome"
  • Wide Open - Reset
    "Open Open up your mind Stand up straight And everything will be fine I know you've been alone For a while and you Thought that it would last You've got to concentrate And forget about the past I know the"
  • Open Wide - Meat Puppets
    "Ice on the wings and we were flying Sand in our eyes but we were seeing Below us a crowd that wasn't buying Watching us pass and not believing No one else has seen the sights that crossed our eyes Everything"
  • Kimberly Glide - Robert Downey Jr.
    "Vacation,holiday, starange way to save a family I sat beside this brothers pride for the last ride Nosedive Hellfire My lifeline didnt survive blind rage set the stage to say I'll never love again Kimberly"
  • Kimberly Austin - PORNO FOR PYROS
    "Ain't been twelve a couple of hours I'm on the freeway Rain's so hard the sky's one color The wettest coldest grey Then she takes a look at me I tell her it's o.k. Driving around with her She's taking"
  • Open - The Cure
    "I really don't know what I'm doing here I really think I should've gone to bed tonight but... "Just one drink And there're some people to meet you I think that you'll like them I have to say we do And"
  • Eyes wide open - Goo Goo Dolls
    "I'm a fortunate son of a fortunate sonLiving large on the wrong side of townToo many friends and the fun never endsDrinkin' and hangin' aroundI wanna rule the world, wanna swallow it wholeAt least I could"

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