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Wild Belle IT

  • Belle - Al Green
    "Belle... The Lord and I have been friends for a mighty long time Belle... Leaving him has never ever really crossed my mind Let me say just one thing... I'd never go so far cause it's Him no matter who"
  • Belle & Sebastian - Belle & Sebastian
    "I left the school i left my job You saw me looking like a slob When i was young you were the only fun in town Everyone thought it was a shame For belle and the boy sebastian Belle was ok but oh"
  • Belle & Sebastian - Belle And Sebastian
    "I left the school I left my job You saw me looking like a slob When I was young you were the only fun in town Everyone thought it was a shame For Belle and the boy Sebastian Belle was ok but oh Sebastian Went"
  • Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) - Major Lazer
    "Let me escape in your arms Baby I'm yours /2x Love don't come easy at all I miss you so much /2x Tell me, is this freedom, baby? Chasing after danger, making my heart race, Maybe if the stars align,"
  • Wild, wild, wild - Lyfe Jennings
    "Everybody wants a mansion and a yachtBillboard charts they want that number one spotEven if it means rap, im gon get shotTru entertainment storyEverybody wants to be a superstarTo be a superstar, I've"
  • Wild - Thompson Twins
    "God's on the T.V. disguised as a candyman Could be the other way 'round, I really don't understand He says it's a sin to ever lose control But if I send him all my money he'll save my soul A little voodoo Oh"
  • WILD - Troye Sivan
    "Trying hard not to fall On the way home You were trying to wear me down Kissing up on fences And up on walls On the way home I guess it’s all working out, now ‘Cause there’s still too long to the weekend Too"
  • Wild - Lonestar
    "She got a pair of pink and purple high-heel shoesAnd a baby doll t-shirt that says I got issuesShe got holes in her jeans in all the right placesLet's just say she's downright curvaceous(Chorus)She's wildwildwild"
  • WILD - Heartsdales
    "(Rum) I'm gonna get wild tonight wild tonight, when the DJ drops the needle on the , I gets busy dressed to kill, I'm , rushin' the set, Center stage , I'm like, "Move over!" or fly female No touchy"
  • Wild - FIVER, Monika Lewczuk
    "Every day, Every day, I used to wake up sadly in fear Looking back, Looking back, It wasn’t me You did make me feel save No failure, no more chance And I’m becoming wild Something I’m gonna try, try I’m"
  • Wild - Rachel Farris
    "I get to do just what I want And God is always doos to me My family loves me very much But nobody's in love with me And I think about life without someone To share it all with and just have fun And it"
  • Wild - Royal Teeth
    "Don’t you think it’s time for you and me to make some history Tell me now what you say cause we can take anything Just because we’re growing up, it doesn’t mean we’ve had enough When times are hard we’ll"
  • Wild - Seal
    "With you on a clear day yeah If tried I don't think I could end it better this way All I have is a photograph And if loneliness can hurt as much as being cold Come over here woman and touch me you look"
  • Acony Bell - Gillian Welch
    "The fairest bloom the mountain know Is not an iris or a wild rose But the little flower of which i'll tell Known as the brave acony bell Just a simple flower so small and plain With a pearly hue and a"
  • Forever Wild - E-Type
    "We are forever wild Come follow me now....... Hear how....this bell tolls just for you Don't fight what this will bring you This is what to do We're starting out from low Time to go insane Take a step"
  • Belle And Sebastian - Belle & Sebastian
    "I left my school, I left my job You saw me looking like a slob When I was young You were the only fun in town Everyone thought it was a shame For Belle and the boy Sebastian Belle was okay but, oh Sebastian Went"
  • Wild Animal - Running Wild
    "You say I'm boisterous and evil There's a demon in my eyes You say I'm praying to the dark prince The Lord of the Flies Try hard to defame me, cos your power doesn't work on me Your self-created blindness"
  • Bell - Avail
    "The Birmingham sun It burned me through I thought of you And with every step I've made mistakes You've seen me though You've seen me true All these towns are lonesome All their streets the same"
  • Bella - Ricky Martin
    "The bells are ringing in my mind Sadly they ring for me Throughout this empty house They remind me so much, so much of you This horrible loneliness Comes with me, and with me it goes With your picture"
  • Bella - Angus & Julia Stone
    "There goes the gal, In the pretty skirt with the Golden smile that made you feel new. Like when the marching band strolls the street, You know another years come too soon. So you took her hand and she"

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