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Wild Love Rea Garvey

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Wild Love Rea Garvey

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Wild Love Rea Garvey
  • Rea Garvey Wild Love
    "I take you top down slowly I I wanna see inside See what makes you wild See what drives me wild Come a little closer to the other side I love it when you go wild I love it when you go wild I said hey"
  • Brettell Roes R Res
    "Roses are red And so is my heart, I wanna be with you I hope we never part. I love your beautiful eyes They make me smile all the time, I know that I'm yours And I wish you were mine. You are always"
  • Burning Spear Marcus Garvey
    "Marcus Garvey's words come to pass,- Marcus Garvey's words come to pass, Can't get no food to eat, Can't get no money to spend, Wo-oo-oo Can't get no food to eat, Can't get no money to spend,"
  • Sinead O'Connor Marcus Garvey
    "Marcus garvey's words come to pass, Marcus garvey's words come to pass, Can't get no food to eat, Can't get no money to spend, wo-oo-oo Can't get no food to eat, Can't get no money to spend, woo-oo-oo Come,"
  • Thompson Twins Wild
    "God's on the T.V. disguised as a candyman Could be the other way 'round, I really don't understand He says it's a sin to ever lose control But if I send him all my money he'll save my soul A little voodoo Oh"
  • Atomic Kitten Wild
    "Baby come on... Wild, oh wild don't you say what you want to say. Tell me why, oh why don't you say what you want to say. Hands going round and round. Motions going up and down. You've been seeing all"
  • Lonestar Wild
    "She got a pair of pink and purple high-heel shoesAnd a baby doll t-shirt that says I got issuesShe got holes in her jeans in all the right placesLet's just say she's downright curvaceous(Chorus)She's wildwildwild"
  • Rachel Farris Wild
    "I get to do just what I want And God is always doos to me My family loves me very much But nobody's in love with me And I think about life without someone To share it all with and just have fun And it"
  • Seal Wild
    "With you on a clear day yeah If tried I don't think I could end it better this way All I have is a photograph And if loneliness can hurt as much as being cold Come over here woman and touch me you look"
  • Poe Wild
    "Standing in the doorway Of my life in this house Trying to find a way to get out Looking for a sign That I should open the door This craziness is getting me down But today is the day We break free Walking"
  • Bonnie Tyler Wild Love
    "Darlin', every night I keep wondering What I'm not doing right Fire, burning bright And you look so Oh, so good tonight (chorus) And I've been trying to make you happy for such a long time Working hard"
  • Chris Isaak Wild Love
    "I told you romance, this is you last chance. Why stand and whisper, go up and take her love. Why stand and tell her, how much you love her. You know you want her, there be no other love. Love......Wild"
  • Herman's Hermits Wild Love
    "(Karger / Weisman / Wayne) Why are these teardrops still falling from my eyes? You'd think by now I'd be wise Those words you whispered just won't leave me yet I still can hear you sighing, All love will"
  • Elle King Wild Love
    "Love is a kiss Love is a risk Love might be our redemption, oo! Love is on time Love is my blind Love might be our addiction Let's make some noise Give it away You call me crazy That’s why you stay Take"
  • Elton John Wild Love
    "It makes a lot of difference It takes a lot of time To call it quits, and let it slide And leave someone behind It's hard not to think of her In terms of causing pain I see her now for what she's worth She"
  • E-Rotic Wild love
    "I'm in the mood to love so warm and tender If you want me, I'll make sure heart surrender Killing you gently, kiss with such a thrill deep inside Stay here tonight You make my heart a temple of desire"
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd Wild Love
    "Lightning in a bottle Held it in my hand Pushing down the throttle I drink and try again Baby I'm addicted I just can't get enough Build a wall around me I will rise above No one makes me feel"
  • Frank Zappa Wild Love
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Adrian Belew (rhythm guitar, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards, vocals) Peter Wolf (keyboards) Patrick O'Hearn (bass, vocals) Terry Bozzio (drums, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion,"
  • James Bay WILD LOVE
    "Premiera piosenki planowana jest na 8 lutego 2018 roku."
  • Red Flag Heaven in Medias Res
    "My love has died and they have lied There is no heaven My lover sleeps and no one weeps Cause there's no heaven Set the table, try to dine But I'm unable to pour the wine Only one glass still remains Sadly"

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