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Wild Ones txt

  • Txt - Natural Dread Killaz
    "Jeden mowi, ze go to buja Drugi mowi to popkultura trzeci pyta gdzie są słowa Dzis taka tendencja, taka muzyka Dzis tekst piosenki to drugorzedna sprawa Najwazniejsza w zyciu przeciez jest zabawa"
  • The Wild Ones - Robert Earl Keen
    "I'm looking for somebody who might have come this-a-way Could have been an hour ago, or maybe yesterday She's pretty as a flower and shining as a star I never thought she'd ever come so far I'm tryin'"
  • The Wild Ones - Status Quo
    "(Lancaster) Easy riders in the morning sun Are you coming here to have your fun? Ev'rybody wants to know your game How could you ever explain When ev'rybody's given you the name Of the wild ones And"
  • The Wild Ones - Suede
    "THE WILD ONES anderson / butler there's a song playing on the radio sky high in the airwaves on the morning show and there's a lifeline slipping as the record plays and as i open the blinds in my mind"
  • Wild Ones (feat. Sia) - Flo Rida
    "Hey I heard you were a wild one Oooh If I took you home It'd be a home run Show me how you do I want to shut down the club With you Hey I heard you like the wild ones Oooh I like crazy, foolish, stupid Party"
  • Finest Ones - Rakim
    "Where the ladies at? Clarkworld baby Uh, uh (4x) It's the R baby It's the god baby (1st verse) I got rhymes I love to bust looking for a club to rush It's like thugs will rush the illustrious"
  • Quiet Ones - Tears For Fears
    "It's always the quiet ones Who are stranger than fiction They hide under tables like a child What kind of chemistry is it? Leaden or golden? Nobody sees them driving us wild It's your life Don't"
  • Thug Ones - Half-A-Mill
    "(Noreaga)-Intro ??? swing about it Nigga bounce quick, nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, what Nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, what Nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, huh Yo, I said fuck"
  • Drnk Txt Rmeo - Gym Class Heroes
    "(Gym Class Heroes:) I usually avoid any type'o'confrontation Conversation, in moderation Lips sealed but my fingers are flying As the hours pass they grow more impatient My phone is mad lettered, especially"
  • Txt Msg Brkup - Kelly
    "You couldn't do it in person You had to text message break up You fuck up Oh my god i wanna throw up You couldn't even spell break right! B-r-a-k-e? That's in your car dummy! And i'm not gonna take"
  • The Restless Ones - Bad English
    "On the streets of this town, there is no surrender They've got a number for every name Buildings and shopping malls seem like a stage, for pretenders Criticize the clothes you wear They try and make you"
  • Wild Wild Woman - The Other Ones
    "Hey pretty baby with the golden hair You got shoes on and they're walking But they're in the air Don't think baby 'bout another way There's a cold wind blowin', say it You're a queen pretty baby With"
  • Wild World - Joan Osborne
    "How will we stay on the sidewalk When there is no gravity Piece of paper floating upward But no one stops to see And you think that I'm the right one 'Cause I know just what to say And you ask me"
  • Get Wild - Prince
    "Get wild! Ah! Get wild! Ooh, ooh, baby! Get wild! {x4} When U're sick of that 9 2 5 And U're ready 2 come alive When U look both high and low And U can't find a trumpet that blows Come on baby (Aw shucks!),"
  • Get Wild - New Power Generation (N.P.G.)
    "Get wild! Ah! Get wild! Ooh, ooh, baby! Get wild! {x4} When U're sick of that 9 2 5 And U're ready 2 come alive When U look both high and low And U can't find a trumpet that blows Come on, baby"
  • Joker's Wild - Sick Shift
    "Your manifest when you step on the rest Leaves no doubt in my mind the hate you possess Yeah, you talk with your fists, regression persists Your ignorance is bliss So often I've tried but so often you've"
  • Ones - Devendra Banhart
    "Ones the most calming tune the others the giving Ones the softest calming lagoon The others he's dancing Ones the I's the O's and the rings While the others the movement Ones the sway it slips and sings The"
  • Childlike Wild - Jason Mraz
    "Words by Jason Mraz & Ariel Quirolo Music by Jason Mraz Well I guess I'll treat her right, I guess I'll treat her right more this time. I'll try not to rely, try not to rely on the perfect line and I"
  • Ones - Mariah Carey
    "Whitney:Many nights we prayWith no proof anyone could hearAnd our hearts a hopeful songWe barely understandNow we are not afraidAlthough we know there's much to fearWe were moving mountains longBefore"
  • My Wild Child - Cowboy Junkies
    "Betrayed? It's the question That I am asking. Or just a lucky one deceived by too much love. Confused. Is the issue. I'm in need of high rescue. Another lucky one stunned by too much love. My wild child She's"

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