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Wild throughst

  • Wild, wild, wild - Lyfe Jennings
    "Everybody wants a mansion and a yachtBillboard charts they want that number one spotEven if it means rap, im gon get shotTru entertainment storyEverybody wants to be a superstarTo be a superstar, I've"
  • Wild - Thompson Twins
    "God's on the T.V. disguised as a candyman Could be the other way 'round, I really don't understand He says it's a sin to ever lose control But if I send him all my money he'll save my soul A little voodoo Oh"
  • WILD - Troye Sivan
    "Trying hard not to fall On the way home You were trying to wear me down Kissing up on fences And up on walls On the way home I guess it’s all working out, now ‘Cause there’s still too long to the weekend Too"
  • Wild - Namie Amuro
    "Work the middle, work the middle, work the middle like I do Oh boy, look at me, oh boy, look at me Aise sureba ii, legs, arms, shoulders, knees, fingers, toes, hips and belly Haruba kara koto naku let's"
  • Wild - Grand Funk Railroad
    "I don't know why, feel quite like a natural guy.But, ever since I was a baby, people calling me crazy.You know I ain't crazy.For, I oh I, I got my finger in the pie.Until I took a step back, and looked"
  • Wild - Atomic Kitten
    "Baby come on... Wild, oh wild don't you say what you want to say. Tell me why, oh why don't you say what you want to say. Hands going round and round. Motions going up and down. You've been seeing all"
  • Wild - Lonestar
    "She got a pair of pink and purple high-heel shoesAnd a baby doll t-shirt that says I got issuesShe got holes in her jeans in all the right placesLet's just say she's downright curvaceous(Chorus)She's wildwildwild"
  • WILD - Heartsdales
    "(Rum) I'm gonna get wild tonight wild tonight, when the DJ drops the needle on the , I gets busy dressed to kill, I'm , rushin' the set, Center stage , I'm like, "Move over!" or fly female No touchy"
  • Wild - FIVER, Monika Lewczuk
    "Every day, Every day, I used to wake up sadly in fear Looking back, Looking back, It wasn’t me You did make me feel save No failure, no more chance And I’m becoming wild Something I’m gonna try, try I’m"
  • Wild - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "Child of darknessChild of lightnessChild so bright that you dazzle weary cynical menChild of brilliance, wisdom, wildnessWe would thrill as our souls ignite when you are near usWild! Wild! Passion plays"

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